Midnight Mercy (wlw)

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a week or two had passed and i was just only now getting used to my class schedule, great. it wasn't much since i was a senior but damn the classes were spaced out..jeez. i loved this school nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and im glad my parents sent me here.

i loved those idiots, unconditionally and i missed them, dearly but as this year came to a close, i knew id be able to see them again.

sitting off in my dorm room, i sat off in the chair that resided next to my bathroom. my eyes on Kat and Andrea as they both sat on my bed, i couldn't help but laughed as i watched the two.

"what's funny?" Kat questioned, a confused expression washing over her face as her eyes landed into mine. "oh gosh, tell me you're not laughing at the air..again. Andrea, you know that thing she does.."

Andrea scoffs softly, a slight nod of the head as she covers her mouth with her hand. "yes, it's not a bad thing, it's just weird sometimes. especially when we're in public."

"well," i start with, tilting my head just a bit as my eyes stayed firm on them. "it's not my fault that shit is funny. you two laugh at the dumbest shit, honestly."

"right," Kat says sarcastically, rolling her eyes playful. "anyway, when do you guys have classes again? same time?"

"i believe so, yeah," Andrea says, reaching down as she grabs her back from the bedside. "uh, i have chemistry, english, and the basic math, you know."

"the new chemistry teacher?" i asked, a slight raise of my brow.

"yes," Kat nods as she begins flipping through papers. "uh i have her for my last hour, how about you two?"

"same," Andrea and i say in sync.

"well let's get—" interrupted, the bell rang indicating that we needed to report to classes. "well shit, the bell beat me to it. let's go."

shaking my head, Andrea and i shared a laugh as well gathered our belongings, heading out of the dorm room and done the halls. walking through heavy crowds of kids, we eventually made our way to our second class of the day. English.

entering the classroom, we took our usual seating as we pulled out the assignment from the day before. making a few quick fixes to my paper, i soon sat it off to the side as i pulled a book from my bag.

yes, i love to read. it's very therapeutic, if you ask me.

as time passed, i spent the time to myself with reading as class passed fairly slow. to be honest, i read slower. pulling the book to my face a bit, i inhaled sharply as i took in that fresh book smell, letting it take over my senses. heavenly.

Kat hit her desk, her bracelets smacking up against the table which instantly grabbed my attention. her head shifting in my direction, she spoke, "smelling the book? really, May?"

"what?" i hissed in a somewhat defensive manner, a slight tilt of my head as i watched her. "books smell good! you and Andrea need to quite judging me. rude."

she chuckles, shaking her head, "we're not judging you, we're just concerned, you know?"

"whatever," was about all i could say as i rolled my eyes playful.

"girls!" Mrs. Hill shouted, a slight raise of her brow as she watched us closely. "please, if you wish you to have conversation, take it in the halls or back to your dorms."

"sorry," i held up my hand, grinning awkwardly as embarrassment hit me. "look what you did, do your work, Kat."

"sorry," she mocked me playful, laughing as she shook her head. "look at you, all respectful."

"shut up," i whispered, stuffing my face back into my book as i continued my reading. time ticking away, i soon finished a few chapters as the class came to a close.

as i began bothering my belongings, i felt Kat arm nudge mine which caused me to look up, "what exactly do you want now, ma'am?"

"ready for chemistry?" she asked, her tone held seductiveness as her brow lifted.

"no," i scoff, playful shoving her as i walk past her. exiting the classroom, i made my way down the hall as i went over to my locker.

"oh come on," Kat whines, her hands a bit in the air as she makes her way down the halls. "what do you think, Andrea? Miss. Garcia is good looking!"

"oh come on dude," Andrea hisses, tilting her head as she shot Kat a look of disgust. "she's our chemistry teacher for crying out loud, what's with the fuss?"

"she's good looking but dude, that's gross," i say blankly, giving Kat a look. slamming my locked closed, i tucked my books into my arms as i looked between Andrea and Kat. "are you idiots ready?"

"as always." Andrea spoke, a grin forming upon her lips as she held her books upright against her chest.

"yes, totally. i shall be staring Miss. Garcia down this whole hour and a half," Kat presses on, pointing a finger.

"uh, i heard she was married," Andrea points out.

"engaged," i correct her, shrugging just a bit. "but totally still gross either way you look at it."

"whatever," Kat utters, sliding down into her seat. "May, i don't understand how you're not falling head over heels for her, you're gay!"

"she—she's our teacher..?" i frown my brows, chuckling a bit as i throw Kat a confused expression. "why would i ever do that..?"

"you will soon," she says simply, tilting her head as she eyes me flirtatiously before pulling her attention to the front of the classroom.

"whatever," i shake my head.

as the chatter soon calmed down, Miss. Garcia made her way into the classroom, shutting the door behind her.

"good morning, class," Miss. Garcia voice echoed though the room, her head high and her arms crossed, she keep her eyes sharp on us all as she spoke. "today will be a simple day, nothing much to do as we're slowly getting into the school year. what id like you all to do is open your chemistry books and turn to page 211. once you're all there, read the small paragraph that is on your left hand side and answer the questions on the following page. okay?"

"yes ma'am," we all spoke in sync as we nodded our heads just slightly.

"good, good," she pressed on, putting her hands together as she nodded slightly. making her way behind her desk, i kept an eye sharp on her as i watched her hips sway, her skirt hugging her just right. gulping down hard, i shut my eyes for a brief moment as i took air into my lungs..shit.

"having trouble breathing?" i heard Andrea ask which caused me to look her way. i watched her brows rose and a smirk appeared on her face.

"oh shut up," i hissed, rolling my eyes playful. "i took a deep breathe, something you should do more offer since you're the one who's always choking around here."

"i seen that," Kat whispers my way, nudging my arm as i eyed her coldly. cutting my eyes at her, she shot me a smirk, "don't be like that," she mouthed.

"whatever," was about all i could say before pulling my attention away from her and down into my book. quickly, i shifted my eyes up, taking in Miss. Garcia as her eyes landed in mine. gulping down hard again, i felt my heart begin to race as nervousness filled my body.

shoving my attention back into my book, i felt an unwanted shive rush down my spine as i grew nervous. fuck, that did not just happen..shit.

that was embarrassing.


crashing in the dorm room, Kat and i laughed as we practically watched Andrea struggle. watching her from a distance, i watched as her face went from puzzled to slightly angered.

"okay, what are you two laughing at? i just know you guys aren't laughing at me, you can't be!" she shouts, folding her arms across her chest as she faces us.

"watching you struggle? top tier," Kat presses on, blowing a kiss at Andrea. "right May? am i wrong?"

i scoff, shaking my head as i cover my mouth with my right hand. "you're not wrong. what are you struggling with Anyways..?"

"im not struggling, if you two would like to know. i was looking over the homework and i, i will say this, if it doesn't get done, i don't see how it'll be complete."

"uh, isn't that how it works?" i asked, confusion written on my face as i watched her. i knew what she meant but testing her limits was pleasing.

"you know what, May," she rolls her eyes, turning in her seat with her back now facing me. "you can go to hell."

"as long as you go with," i teased once more. dragging myself out of my chair, i made my way over to my bed, slipping down into it. "when are you idiots going back to your room?"

"if you don't want me here, just say that." Kat scoffs, throwing her hands up as she stands.

"Kat sit your dramatic ass down, Geez," Andrea eyes her suspiciously, shoving her lightly. "anyway, i was going back after dinner. are we having dinner together or what?"

i shrug, sitting up in bed, "that's fine with me. what's on the menu?"

"i was thinking...pizza?" raising her brow, Andrea stood up from her chair while putting her things.

"pasta, i wanted pasta." Kat whines like a two year old child, folding her arms across her child which made Andrea and i give her a look. "what? can i not have pasta??"

"uh, no one said that, you just uh—whats the word for it, Andrea? you look childish.." i say jokingly, shoving Kat to the side as i make my way over to the door. "let's go, shall we?"

grabbing a small sweater, i slid on my shoes before yanking the door open as i held it open.

"thank you, gentlemen," Kat jokes, giggling as she exits the room. raising my foot a bit from the ground, i kicked her in her calf. "ouch. you fucking whale!"

"watch your mouth," Andrea cocks her brow, patting Kat on the shoulder.

chuckling, i made my way out of the room as i shut it behind me. walking up the hall and down the stairs, beside both Kat and Andrea. walking through the short hall, we eventually made our way to the cafeteria and instantly the sound of laughter rang through my ears.

"loud ass kids," Andrea mumbled, looking over her shoulder Kat and i. sharing a laugh, Kat and i shook our heads

"oh shut up, just come on so we can grab dinner," i spoke, scoffing softly. following behind Andrea, i fixed my plate as i moved along, grabbing a beverage. "would you mind handing me a water, Andrea?"

"i would actually," she peeks at me from over her shoulder, smirking my way. "ugh, big baby. here you go, here's your water."

"whore," i say jokingly as i take the water from her. stepping away, i made my way over to a table where Kat sat. "out of all people you leave me with, why her?"

"...there's only three of us, including me..who else would i leave you with? satan?" taking a small bite from her sandwich, she cocked her brow as she watched me.

"she is satan," i scoff, biting down into my burger.

"i heard you, jackass," taking a soft blow to the back of my head, i quickly kicked her in the knee as she sat down. "ouch, fuck, your kicks hurt!"

"watch your mouth," Kat playful mimicked Andrea from earlier as she stuffs her face with food. "im done eating with you dumbasses, next time ill be eating in my room."

"sure you will, just shut up and eat your food," i eye her, giving her a sarcastic look.

munching on my salad, i allowed my eyes to wonder as i took in my surroundings, taking in each student. the cafeteria was a bit quieter than usual but it was my cup of tea. i loved quiet. i lived for it.

continuing to scan the room, i watched the teachers, watching as they all made conversation, laughing amongst themselves. pulling my attention away from them, i sat and finished off the remaining food that sat on my plate.

"did you enjoy your little moment?" Kat asked, her brow arched as she watched me.

"im sorry, come again?" confusion across my face, i stared her down. "what exactly are you talking about?"

"you stared the teachers down pretty hard, was it fun?"

rolling my eyes, i slid from my chair as i stood up. grabbing my tray, i ignored her comment as i made my way over to the front. placing my tray down, i went off to towards the front door.

"oh come on! you totally were though, May!" Kat shouts, trailing behind me. "i mean, they're all stunning as fuck, shit."

"oh grow up, Kat," Andrea hisses which caused me to giggle. "her staring at our teachers meant nothing, just as you stare, what's so wrong with her doing it?"

exiting the cafeteria, i quickly bumped into someone, feeling the burning sensation of a hot liquid as it stained my shirt.

"fuck, fuck, fuck. oh my goodness, that's hot." panting, i pulled my shirt from off of my chest, practically wanting to yank it off entirely. "damnit."

"i..im—im so..so sorry.." i heard finally from a familiar voice. looking up with my eyes, i took in my chemistry teacher..Miss. Garcia. "are you alright..?"

i nod, "yes ma'am, im fine."

"again..im so sorry, i..i was—i was trying not to drop the drinks as it is. i should've paid more attention, im so sorry."

grinning a bit, i shook my head. "it's totally okay, Miss. Garcia, don't worry about it."
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