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In this story it’s going to follow our main character Elizabeth whom is a high school student that has no time for dating or being in a relationship at all I mean period! But in the beginning she loathes her teacher Dimitri Johnson then falls in love with him..........you’ll understand when you read the story! Teacher/Student relationship

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Chapter 1/A New Beginning or Not?!

My name is Elizabeth Taylor I’m 17 and starting my senior year and I’m so very sad to say goodbye to the most amazing high school years I’ve ever experienced but overall it was such a great experience making new friends,and just discovering who I am as a person,so I’m getting ready for the first day of senior year very excited and melancholy at the same time. I put the final touches to my hair when I walked downstairs to greet my best friend Kathrine whom I’ve know since childhood,” Hey Elizabeth are you ready to go?” I nodded my head and before I knew it, Katherine and I were heading to school and I was thinking to myself was this a new beginning or not?!

(Dimitri POV)
My name is Dimitri Johnson I’m 30 years old and the new teacher at Hill Valley High School I’ll be teaching AP Literature to the senior class. I was really excited I love teaching to a group of teenagers it truly makes me happy.I was sitting in my classroom waiting for the bell to ring while drinking a cup of delicious coffee.
(Elizabeth POV)
Katherine finally pulled up to the parking lot I officially made it inside and every girl were going crazy over stupid things,”What the heck is going on what are you guys even freaking out about?”I proclaimed, that’s when Amber whom is tall,blond, very popular,and could date literally anyone answered my question,”Umm...for your information we’re talking about the hot new teacher like he’s seriously hot and I’m going to have him and you’re not you understand me Elizabeth?” I nodded my head,but why would you freak out over a hot new teacher like seriously?! You’re all nuts and insane!! That’s when I heard the bell ring and went to my first class AP Literature I was so excited!!

When I made it into the class I’ve noticed the “hot” new teacher everyone was talking about and I gotta admit he wasn’t that good looking at all he was tall,had curly dark hair,and looked in his late 20s or early 30s,he was wearing a tie with a blazer,and I sat in a random desk and I thought that this might go meh.
(Dimitri POV)
“Good morning AP Literature! You may not know me but my name is Dimitri Johnson but please call me Mr.Johnson I’ve graduated from Yale University with a Bachelors degree and now I’m teaching the seniors,but I would love to get to know everyone so I’ll call your name off my roll sheet and you say two things about yourself.”Well this is going well I suppose,” Amber Fairchild you may go first,”Amber spoke rather childish if you ask me,”Hello Dimitri oh I’m so sorry for calling you that well I ain’t sorry so...Mr.Johnson I’m in cheerleading and the most popular girl in school just FYI,and I love dating older men,”Amber winked and it made me super terrified like seriously then I called on the next student,”Elizabeth Taylor.”
(Elizabeth POV)
I’ve heard Mr.Johnson call my name so I answered him respectfully,”I love reading classic literature such as Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice is my most favorite book of all time,and I’m very happy to be apart of this class so thank you for having me.”I said rather loudly but didn’t scare my new teacher,that’s when we got started talking about English and so on and so forth.
(Dimitri POV)
When Elizabeth wrapped up her response I really enjoyed it so much but Amber’s kinda scared me to be honest,”So welcome to AP Literature so in this class we’re mainly going to discuss poems,read classic literature such as Huckleberry Finn,The Great Gatsby and many more any questions?” That’s when I saw Elizabeth’s hand was raised I then called on her,”I have a question about the books we’re going to read in this class what if I already read Huckleberry Berry Finn?” She said with no fear in her voice,”Well Ms.Taylor yes you would have to because we’re going to read it as a whole class so that’s-,” She interrupted me and that was very rude did she know anything about being respectful towards an adult. “Mr.Johnson I don’t really believe you okay?! I’ve already read those books-“ I literally couldn’t put up with this anymore,” Ms.Taylor see me after class we have some talking to do.”That’s when I saw her not smile at all well this isn’t going as planned.
(Elizabeth POV)
Everyone left AP Literature and I was all by myself with Mr.Johnson whom I grown to loathe with a deep and fiery passion he told me to stay after class and that’s what I’m doing what is he even going to do? Suspend me? Well that ain’t going to happen at all! When I was all alone with Mr.Johnson I walked right up to him rather slowly,”You wanted to speak to me Mr. Johnson?” I said calmly,he walked right up towards me and started to discuss that I was being disrespectful interrupting him and that I still had to read the books,” Okay then Mr.Johnson is that all?” I said with passion,”Elizabeth I don’t want anymore attitude in my classroom you understand me?” I nodded my head,when I was about to leave he put his hand on my arm and we both stared into each other’s eyes I then pulled away and left the classroom that was truly odd I must admit it must never happen ever again this was just the beginning!
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