Those Twinkling Eyes

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Once upon a time there lived a village off the coast of Ireland; the land was ruled by King Henry he was a powerful man that had loads of money but this ain’t the story about king henry, this story is about his daughter Princess Rose of Maryland,Ireland and she will be Queen one day but a terrible fate made her make a rash decision.

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Chapter 1/May You Take My Hand

Off the coast of Ireland sat a castle that looked towards the village and this is where are story begins; Princess Rose was sitting in her luxury bed, reading away Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.Rose is sixteen years old going on seventeen next year, What if I was like Elizabeth Bennet would someone ever love me like Mr.Darcy does? I was wondering in my brain;but nobody would never love me like that.While Princess Rose was reading away somebody knocked at the door,”Miss? Pardon me your food is ready may I come in?” I yelled toward the door Yes'm! Then she came in with her blond hair in a bun and really skinny;she was around her 30’s and her name is Grace been here for only three months,and by the looks of it she looks stressed out.She took my plate and filled it with eggs,bacon,and toast I couldn’t stand it anymore my mouth was watering from the beautiful,tasty food.”Thank you Gracie you are so gracious,where’s mother and father?” Grace was looking directly into her eyes while staring at my book she was reading with her food at her side,”Miss Pride and Prejudice is a great book ma’am I love Mr.Darcy such a fine gentleman don’t you think?’’

“Grace I’m not talking about Pride and Prejudice even though it’s a good book and Mr.Darcy I would love to have someone like that to love me and cuddle my chest…” I was going to far,when I stopped talking Grace was looking into my eyes with amusement.She sat right next to me on my luxury bed,”you are lonely miss? I’m sorry for you my dear,I wish I could help; but I think your mother and father found a suitor for your liking” Grace paused then started again,” their in the ballroom along with the suitor and don’t tell the Queen or she will put a hand to my face,so ran along my dear and find your true love!” I ran out the door of my bedroom and heard the last words from my servant Gracie.What if she’s right? If I do find my true love and will never be alone again, I finally made it towards the ballroom when I spot a young man climbing a tree outside of the window; then he stared at me, we were looking into each others twinkling eyes.Then I heard the clock strike twelve and headed straight to my destiny, when I finally arrived at the ballroom, I say my mother and father talking to a rather older gentleman maybe in his 20’s,”Mother I heard the good news,is this man my suitor?” I really did awoken my parents through their dreams,”yes daughter this is your fiance Prince Charlie of England,he is 25;I think you should acquaint yourselves.”I made my way toward Prince Charlie,he was super tall and had dark brown hair that faded into the sun.I walked towards my fiance rather slowly like,when I heard my father shut the door,my heart fell out of my chest because I was now imprisoned,when I finally made my way to Charlie he bowed,”My lady would you make my acquaintance?” I nodded my head while we went outside of the castle shoulder to shoulder and then I smiled at the beautiful sunset.
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