Rise of the Phoenix

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Disclaimer: Rise of the Phoenix is the spin-off/sequel of Dragon's mate. It can be read as a stand-alone book. Sarah Johnson is a girl whose life is anything but ordinary. At a young age, she was adopted by an extraordinary couple of dragon shifters. Living with them and learning about the supernatural world gave her perfect insight into how a relationship between two people should look like, and she knew she won't ever be able to settle for anything less than true love. That's why she secretly dreamed of finding her own prince from a fairytale… the one that will love her just as much as she would love him. But what will happen when Sarah's sweet and bubbly nature clashes with an always frowned and gloomy prince that was anything but what she had imagined? What will happen when the one that was meant for her refuses to accept her? With an unknown danger looming over Sarah's head, worries, and troubles from the past, will they be able to set their differences aside and be what they are supposed to be… soulmates… or will they drift apart so that nothing can hold them together?

Romance / Fantasy
Ocean Wide
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He was the fire. He was the flame. He was immortal, and he could not die.

Not that he did not try to. Oh, but he did. He did so many times but failed each time. He tried for the first few hundred years of his existence, but then he gave up and kept living his empty life without her.

At first, he wanted her. Oh, he wanted her more than the air he needed to breathe. He looked for her everywhere, all around the world. Twice! But he never found her. She wasn’t there…

After a few long centuries of not having what he was promised, what he needed to keep him sane, he believed he was lied to, that she doesn’t exist, and that fated mates for all the supernatural creatures don’t exist. Or at least for him. But his parents promised him she will be there, his Gods promised him… yet, she wasn’t…

When his suicide attempts failed each time, he gave up and kept living his life like an empty shell he was.

As time passed by, he started hating her, hating her for not being there for him, for not giving him the love she was supposed to give him, for not being there to love her like he needed to, for not existing. Oh, he hated her so much.

So he kept on living his life, working and building his empire, enjoying all the pleasantries of both the human and supernatural world.

He thought he was over it, that he will never find her and that he didn’t need her anymore until… until he felt her.

He felt her coming to life; he felt her taking her first breath… this discovery shook him; it shook him to the core and threatened to destroy everything that he had built in the past centuries, in his past life and a half. It threatened to destroy the hate that he built…

So he ignored her. He decided not to care; he decided not to look for her. The hatred that he grew inside him over time won.

But the connection he shared with her never died as he wanted it to. It was alive, pushed in some deep corner of his soul, but alive. Just like the fire that coursed through his veins. It was alive, and it could not be denied. Not anymore.

Now, over two decades later, he felt her moving. He felt her coming closer to him.

Will he be able to resist the call of nature now that she was getting close?

His name is Luke Brant, and he is one of the rarest supernatural beings that walk the earth. He is a phoenix.

Dear readers, the new adventure is starting. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

You can join me on social media if you’d like... I always answer :)

Instagram: @author.oceanwide

Facebook page: @author.ocean.wide

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