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The Four Horsemen: The Path of War

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It has been a few months now that Wade left Cassandra's pack lands and has been working undercover for Sirius.. He liked it because there was so much action and yet... He longed for the same happiness that Cassandra and Desmond had. The Lycan of War wanted a family of his own. Ciara had it rough all her life. Her Warrior parents died when she was young and her mate who was her Alpha rejected her because she was too soft. Her whole pack was now lashing at her and making her the laughing stock. Would she be able to escape her life and maybe find true love with a 1000+ year old Lycan?

Romance / Fantasy
M. Syrah
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1000 years ago

Wade watched powerless as Death took off into the night. What did he feel to react so strongly? Why did he seem so scared? He had never seen the pale Lycan be so afraid in his entire life, nothing usually fazed him. What would happen to him now?

"Wade." The Moon Goddess said. "Since you enjoyed fighting the werewolves so much, you will now be known as War. All the relationships you will ever touch, will turn into endless fighting until they kill each other. This is your curse."

War felt his body disconnect from him as he shifted into his russet wolf. Now he knew what Death had felt and it scared him too.

He started running in a different direction than his brother. He took off as far as he could go, trying to stay away from anyone. If the Moon Goddess had said the truth, he should be fine as long as he stayed away from society.

He was in a forest and he believed that he was safe until he heard voices. Male voices.

He took a look in their direction and noticed a village. He tried to get away but it was too late, angry voices started to rise and then the unmistakable sound of battles resounded. When he turned around, the whole village had slaughtered each other. Because of him. Because he was there.

Everywhere he went was the same, people started killing each other as soon as he would be too close. He wanted it all to stop. He found a cave and rolled himself like a giant fur ball. There he could almost not hear them. The battle cries. The sounds of swords going into the flesh. Almost. Almost.


Present day

I woke up with a jolt. Fuck. I did not have those nightmares in a while. Since I have been living on Cassandra's lands, the nightmares had stopped. Now that I was away on a mission and alone, it seemed that they wanted to make a comeback. Just my luck. I sighed.

Someone grunted next to me and I looked quizzically. Oh yeah, I did pick up a she-wolf last night. I nudged her out of my bed and she glared at me.

"You fell asleep. You can go now." I said.

"Fucking rude those Lycans." She growled.

Whatever. She was not my mate so I did not fucking care if she was pissed. I could not have sex with the she-wolves of Desmond's pack or he would beat the crap out of me and even though I hated to admit, he would win. Here though, in the pack I was currently staying in to spy on the traitor, I helped myself to all the she-wolves I wanted.

"You're not my mate so fuck off." I said before standing up.

"I could be." She purred. "You just have to choose me."

"I can't." I sighed and we don't want to. My wolf added. She was a bit too dull for my taste. "I can only mark my true mate. That's how we work."

"Must suck if you never meet her." She said, standing up and putting her clothes back on.

Maybe you should mind your own fucking business. My wolf growled.

Let it go, dude. I sighed. She isn't worth the hassle.

I put my clothes back on and got ready to meet with her Alpha. I would still need to go spy on his neighbour that we knew, was a traitor. I still did not figure out how I was going to bring him back to Sirius but I would stay as long as it took to manage.

I checked my phone and noticed that Desmond had sent an update. It was a list of several new names. Fuck. That was a lot more than we thought. He was supposed to have his mating ceremony yesterday and he already had that many names... Death worked so fast.

Me: Thanks, brother. Do send a picture of Cassandra in her mating dress. That's better than your list of names.

I knew that it was dangerous to tease the Lycan of Death but I was far enough so he could not hurt me. Fabian pushed his buttons a lot more than me but I could not resist. Who would have thought that bastard would lend a hot chick like Cassandra as a mate? That almost made my blood boil.

Desmond: I'm going to skin you slowly when you come home. Take care, brother.

I chuckled. He was so passive-aggressive where Cassandra was concerned. It was almost too funny.

Me: Now seriously, do send me pics of your pups if they're born before I could come home.

Desmond: Will do. See you soon.

Cassandra must be two months pregnant by now. Desmond told us that she was expecting a boy and a girl and I could not be happier for them. We want that too. My wolf sighed. Yeah buddy, I know... If Death could have that, then we could too.

I remembered what the Moon Goddess told me when she freed me from my curse. She said that I would need to be patient and persuasive. Whatever the fuck that meant. I was never patient, that was Payne's thing or even Fabian's. I was like Desmond, we lived for the action. Persuasive though... That was totally my shit. We would see what she meant.

"Too bad you can't make me your mate." She said and I had totally forgot she was still here. What was her name again? Could not remember. "I would love to have a bite of that every night. You Lycans are something else."

Well, I did not think that she was exceptional but I nodded. She had been good enough so I could find release so I would not be too rude to her. Fabian would be proud.

"I need to go." I said as I walked to the door. I opened it for her and she left trying to sway her hips to make me change my mind. Nope, not gonna happen. I needed to focus on my mission now.

Alpha Harold had given me a room in the pack house when I came knocking at his door a month and so ago. I told him that Sirius had sent me here because we suspected that his neighbour was working with the vampires and he had been really generous. He treated me like a member of the Royal Pack but I knew that Casey also told him that I was her Gamma so he better treat me right. Desmond's mate was a fierce Alpha and I would not like to cross her. I liked that girl.

I went straight to his office on the ground level of the pack house and knocked on the door. He told me to enter so I did, I found the old wolf behind his desk. When I say old, he just looked old. He looked over sixty and was actually 350. He had grey hair mixed with white and a mustache so long... I had never seen that in my life, he looked like a walruss. His small black eyes were rived on me as I made my way to his desk.

"I need to go to the border again." I said. "I'll be probably gone all day and maybe even a bit of the night."

"Sure, I see no problem with that." The old Alpha said.

He had no heir because he never even took a chosen. This pack would probably have a fight to determin who the Alpha was, not my problem. I would go home way before Harold would die. He was a good Alpha so I hoped the next one would be as good.

"Thanks. I'll be off." I nodded.

"Take care, pup." He said, looking down at his papers.

That made me laugh and he offered me a quizzical look. Werewolves were funny. They just assumed we were young because we looked young. I just stopped aging at thirty but I was immortal, I would live long after he was gone sadly.

"You know, I'm actually over a thousand years old." I said amused. "You're the puppy here."

"How?" He asked surprised.

"Lycans are immortal." I shrugged. "See you."

I left the office and went through the village to reach the forest. It was smaller than Casey's pack, my pack, so I was quick to be in the forest. I took off my clothes and shifted into my russet wolf. That would be better to run to the border.

Now only one question remained, how would I manage to get the traitor Alpha to come out? Time for a little sabotage.

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