Sunset Scar. [A werewolf novel.]

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The story of Myla, a strong stubborn woman, and her mate, Lukas. When Lukas finds out that his mate is a human and has strong wills with the stubbornness that of a mule, he decides to throw her away after being with her for a few days. But Myla being the strong woman she is, decides to go against all norms and proves Lukas that he cannot hurt her no matter what. Will this two mates accept each other irrespective of their difference or will they separate like how he wanted? Watch as the story unfolds into something more than just mates and when witches enter the game along with vampires and other mystical creatures that the world thought didn’t exist, the fire only gets fueled. Watch when these two mates overcome these hurdles. But will they eventually accept each other or walk away? Will Lukas realize that Myla isn’t just a normal human? Will he get her back when he wants her? As the sun sets in front of them, will it leave a scar or will they see a sunrise in each other’s eyes instead? The book is of original work and if there is any similarities between other authors’ work then its a mere act of coincidence. This book is only available on Inkitt. ©

Romance / Adventure
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Mother sat on her throne, underneath a humongous tree. Her green skin and dark green 4c hair cascading around the throne. A crown of flowers and emeralds sat on her head.

The throne was made of Banyan roots, flowers growing around it, fairies flying all around her in the air, smaller animals running about the field in front of her and her mermaids swiming in the streams.

"Evie, make sure my daughter has all the qualities needed to survive the scrutiny of the humans. Call Selene and tell her about my creation.

My daughter deserves a werewolf as her mate. Call upon Artemis and Aphrodite too. I want them to bless my daughter.", she said as she took the bean pod and placed it in front of her throne on a small table made of roots and flowers growing on it.

"Mother, I have summoned them.", Evie replied.

From across the field, the three Goddesses descended from the sky. Selene taking the lead.

"Mother, you have summoned us?", Selene asked.

"Yes, dear. I want all of you to bless my child. This small bean pod not only contains my blood but the life I wanted to have. Humans have been hunting down animals and burning my forests.

She is needed to bring about a change. Even though, I don't think she would make it far. I still want to see a decent human on Earth, my home. She can restore my powers and I need it to restore Earth."

"Mother, we will bless her but when are you exactly going to put her on Earth? Who will give birth to her?", Artemis interrogated.

"A thousand years from now. I, Mother Nature, shall place my own seedling on Earth. She will restore my powers and soon yours. Let the Gods, Goddesses and Monsters know that the Mother has made her seedling!", Mother bellowed making sure every single creature in her nest attended her and bowed down.

The Goddesses blessed the seedling in her bean pod. Selene gifted her one of her wolves, Aphrodite blessed her with true love and Artemis blessed her with strength. The Goddesses soon left the nest.


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A/N: The chapters have been rearranged. That’s why you will find the comments not aligning with the first few chapters. I apologize.
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