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Good! And...?

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Romance / Erotica
The Pink Duckie
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On a Saturday, subby and his mistress had gone on their very first shopping spree, where she made him pay for everything. He had to pay for her ticket, her mask, their breakfast, lipstick, a shirt, a new pair of glasses and drinks afterwards. Pay, pay, pay!

And she never stopped to thank him. No, not once did she thank him. She didn’t even took his hand outside the store to say how much she liked it. No, she just went to the next shop. And the next. And the next. He hated that. He would enjoy it much more if she would stop from time to time, take his hand and said things like “You’re such a good subby” or even “I like having you around as my wallet, subby”. But she didn’t, she just went on to the next stop.

Anyway. During the final drinks, after he spend 100s of euros on her, she humiliated him even further. She played on her phone, not thanking him, not saying how much she liked it... she just sat there, basically ignoring him.

At least, that is what he taught she did: humiliating him. But she never said out loud that she was doing those things specifically to humiliate him. Maybe he imagined it? Maybe he imagined that she did all those things on purpose. Maybe it was all in his head. Maybe she just didn’t care, didn’t enjoy the humiliation. He wasn’t really sure.

When their shopping spree was over, they both went home.


A couple of days after their weekend-shopping spree, she texted him.


“Yes, Miss”, he answered after a while.

“We need to talk about your behaviour last Saturday, subby”. He knew that this was going to be painful. It always was when she called him subby. Other times she was less demanding, but when she called him subby, he knew there would be pain.

“We do? About what?” he answered, not knowing what she was talking about. Would she finally tell him how much fun she had? Would she tell him he was a good boy? Would she show him that she cared about his feelings?

No, clearly that wasn’t it. She said “Yes, we need to talk, subby! About what happened in the lipstick store”.

“What do you mean?“, he answered, although he started to realise what this was about. A sinking feeling slowly grew in his stomach.

“You know what I mean, don’t you, subby?”

“Don’t you, loser???” She grew impatient. He could tell because she changed from “subby” to “loser”. Not a good sign!

“Yes”, he typed sheepish.

“Say it. Say what this is about, loser.”

“This is about the fact that I touched your back in the store.“, he answered.

“Good! And... ?“, she insisted.

“And... that is was without permission?”

“Good! And...? What else, loser?“, she repeated.

He started sobbing. “I didn’t mean it, I wasn’t thinking. It was just a reflex”.

“Shut up.”





“I don’t want to hear excuses, loser.” She continued calling him a loser every time he needed to answer, because she knew that that would keep him in his submissive state of mind. “Tell me. WHAT ELSE LOSER???”

“I am very sorry, Miss. It won’t happen again.”

“Good! And...?”

He sobbed.

“And...?“, she insisted.

“And... can you please punish me, Miss”?

“Hahaha. Good boy.“, she typed. She loved laughing at him, it made her feel so powerful!

“Good boy. You need to be punished for touching me, don’t you, loser?”

“Yes, Miss”.

“We can’t have you touching me whenever you want, do we, loser?”

“No, Miss”.

“Hahaha. Good. I am glad we agree! Hahaha.”

“Now for your punishment... Let me think. Hmmm... How much was the lipstick, loser?”

“21€, Miss”.

“Ah, yes. 21€. I made you pay 21€ for that lipstick, just so I look pretty for other men. Hahaha”.

He sobbed.

“That was so funny, lol. Making you pay so other men like me. You’re such a loser. Hahaha. But... back to the punishment“, she typed. “21... hmmm... What can we do with 21...“.

“The number is not THAT high, is it? It is not like my new pair of glasses. Do you remember how you felt when I made you pay those, loser?”

“Yes”, he answered sheepishly.

“Good, good. I want you to remember, hahaha.”

“21...“, she continued. “21... not that high...”

He waited in silence in front of his screen. He was crushing so hard on her now. So hard.

“21... Well... here is what we are going to do... The next 21 days, you are not allowed to cum! Hahaha”.

“You’re not allowed to cum alone. You’re not allowed to cum with other dominatrices. You’re not allowed to cum online. You’re not allowed to cum with conventional women. You’re not allowed to cum. Not. At. All. Hahaha.”

“Except... when you ask me for permission. You’re allowed to ask me for permission to masturbate and cum. Only me. And only two times per week are you allowed to ask. On two different days per week. Is that understood, loser?”

“For three whole weeks? Only twice a week?“, he asked.

“Yes. Hahaha. 21 days. Only twice a week. And only masturbate and cum, no other women. Do you understand, loser?”

He didn’t answered immediately.

“Do. You. Understand. LOSER.”.

“Yes, Miss”.

“And...“, she continued, “I will not give permission every time, hahaha”.

“What?“, he said in disbelief.

“You heard me. You will ask permission to masturbate and I will sometimes deny it, hahaha.

“That is so mean. Only twice a week and even then not always!”, he answered.

“I know, hahaha.”

“That is so mean”, he repeated. And he meant it. It WAS mean. But this is why he loved her so much, because she could be so mean. It made him afraid of her. Which made him even like her more.

“And... there is more. Can you take more, loser?“, she said.


“Yes, more! There is always MORE!!! Hahaha. Can you take more, loser?”

“This is already so hard”, he tried. “Does there has to be more?”

“I didn’t ask if it was hard. I asked if you can take more. Answer, loser!“.


“Yes, Miss”.

“Yes, Miss, what?”

“Yes, Miss, I can take more”.

“Hahaha. Good boy. I knew you could take more. You’re so strong!”

He smiled a bit. “Thank you, Miss.” He loved it when she gave him those little compliments. At moments like this, when he was in such a submissive state, he was so dependent on her for approval.

“So here is what more you’re going do more for me. Every time I give you permission... you pay me 21€. Hahaha.”

“What? No!”

“21€. As extra punishment.”


“No”, he answered sobbingly.

“Yes! Hahaha. Hahaha.”

He sobbed.

“Does that punishment sound fair, loser?”, she asked.

“No”, he sobbed, “It is not fair.”

“I know, hahaha”, she said. “But you’ll accept it. Because you’re such a loser! Say it. Say you accept it, loser.”

He sobbed.

“Say it, loser! Hahaha”.






“I accept”, he typed, totally humiliated.

“Hahaha. Now go lay on your bed and think about this, loser. Go! Hahaha. Bye!“. She logged off.

She smiled to herself. She loved this power. She loved making him do things. Cruel things. Things that hurt!

He went to lay on his bed. Sobbing out loud. Humiliated to the core.

But happy as a puppy.

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