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Athena De Santi. Lawyer, Single mother, At least to the outside world that's what she is. To the underworld she's La Regina Perduta (Hade's Queen) deadly, beautiful, an assassin who has never missed a target in her life, and Giovanni's Queen. And not a second too soon for him. Because a second with her has the potential of shattering him to a million tiny fragments. However, he's about to find out she's not the easiest target to hit, or the type of woman who is easy to kill. Especially not when she has secrets, and vengeance, of her own to redeem and a daughter to save. She's all they fear. And that is why he must tread very, very lightly. Time is running out. Fate holds all the cards now. May God save those who dare to hurt her little girl. All Rights Reserved

Romance / Action
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I hugged myself as tears streamed down my face, reality set in,Regret, pain,sorrow everything hit me like a truck at once, not giving me a moment to breathe.

“Athena can you hear me? Breathe okay? Athena!” I opened my eyes and my sister Selene was screaming in my face.

“Thena! Oh my God you scared me.” she sighed “What are you doing? Are you trying to drown yourself?”

“No of course not” I answered camly thinking of how he had pushed me to this point,

“Thena you need to see someone, get some help, he is not coming back you need to get over him the right way, I hate seeing you like this.”

She’s right, she’s always right, I need to get myself together if I want to finish law school, I should not spend my time crying over a man,” Okay Sel, I will look for a therapist tomorrow, and I’ll move on I promise” I wiped my tear ridden face and got out of the bathtub. I felt a bile rise up my throat, I rushed to the toilet and Selena held up my hair throwing up everything I had ate which is not a lot.

“Thena what’s wrong,I don’t want to assume anything but do you think you could be pregnant?” she asked me

“What? No we used protection, no I’m not pregnant end of discussion.” I said as I threw up again

“Whatever you say Thena but I think you should take a test just in case, you never know and if it’s negative we can move on”

“Okay, okay I’ll take the test” I sighed and stood up to brush my teeth, I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror, the broken and useless girl I miss the strong Thena, the one who would not cry over a man the one who survived hell the one who fought for her sister,

“Here you go” she handed me the test

“Why do you have a pregnancy test lying around?” I asked her

’You never know what could happen these days” she chuckled

“Okay lil sis thanks, let’s see if I’m becoming a mom or not.” little did she know I was scared as shit.

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