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| Dominic | Captive Rewritten - WillRight 101 Copyrighted 2021 Note : Explicit scenes Violence 18+ Daphne was just a simple student with just one friend when she met him. It was like a dream come true of meeting new people and falling in love, until later year. She found herself bound in chains that were created in their relationship. Emotionally and physically. She belonged to him and only him. He wouldn't have it any other way. " Remember when you listened to me? Loved me !" She yelled as he pushed her against the wall, fingers around her neck pressed tight. Her eyes filled with tears. "I still love you, Daphne, I just can't be the soft guy, I was before. Don't expect shit like that from me. I'll do anything to remind you that You belong to me. even if that means forcing you" She let the tears fall down her cheeks as he kissed her roughly. Knowing well her feelings for him still stayed as they were the first time they kissed.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

[An year Ago, August 2017]

My college started out pretty much average. I remember the first week of meeting him. It was a good memory. But it was like a rose, The steam soon rotting from below and moving up to the petals. I was the bud, I didn’t see it coming.

Being a Junior can be a bit nerve-racking, You don’t know anything about the people around you, You can’t remember the name of your teacher, you don’t know who to ask for help when you are basically a loner, but without a choice.

The first day wasn’t bad, nor was the first week. I hate starting a conversation. Therefore It’s hard for me to make new friends. The only person I have talked to was a girl who sat with me.

My days go by fast, I hardly remember anything by the end of it. As if I daydream the entire day. I chuckle as I see some guys act stupid on the ground, then I wished I had some friends from my high school over here.

“Hey” I look behind me and wave at a classmate. “Our class has to fill in our details for club activities ” I take the writing pad from her hands and see a paper with everyone’s number and names over it.

“Are you gonna attend the next two lectures ?” She asked and I shrugged. “We are bunking. You wanna come with us ?” I chuckle. “No- I think I should sit.” She nodded taking the writing pad from me and waving a bye. She was Mia, the girl who talked to me sometimes. She was pretty social. It made me wonder how can she know people from another class within a week of meeting them.

I waited for a while and decided to just skip the lectures. I had assignments to complete which were due tomorrow. I hate doing it back home. So I sat on the benches outside the cafeteria writing my work. The place fell silent as the break ended and everyone went back to their respective classes. Some staying back but I wasn’t bothered.

It just made me uncomfortable. I hated sitting alone. I absolutely hated it, I felt like people were watching me. Even with my earphones on and my eyes straight in my writeups I still get distracted every time I heard someone talk near me.

I jumped startled as I heard the doors slam open. “Holy shit, you almost broke it, dude.” A guy said while the other smirked. “As if I care?” I looked back down as soon as my eyes meet his.

“Hey excuse me?” I took off my earphones looking up at the guy. His dark posture looming over me. I bite my tongue to snap myself out from my bubble. “Ya?” I asked, “Have you seen a set of keys over here somewhere?” I looked behind him to the guy searching under the table and then look back at him.

“No I haven’t ” I answer and he nodded walking behind me. I look back to see him searching for the keys while the guy groans. “I should’ve kept them in my bag,” He said.

“Ya no shit.” Said the other one.

I go back to work until I see him approaching me again. “Are you a junior?” I nodded, “Dominic,” He said stretching his hand and I take it shaking it, “Oh- I am Daphne” I introduce myself.

“Nice to meet you.” He said and I smile slightly. “Common James. We gotta go” He said walking out and the guy waved at me. I waved back as he turned and ran towards the other guy.

That night I thought of him. He was really good-looking. I bite my lip and slapped myself having dinner.

It wasn’t long until I met him every morning either in the hallway or in a class. Or just during break. He would always say hello making me smile. I found it weird at first that he was in my class for no reason but then again, Why should it bother me where they sit?

I walked into class early as always and smile at Mia. She was one of the people who came to class early since she lives far away.

We had a good amount of time till our class starts. So I sipped on my coffee while reading a book. I was engrossed in the pages of the book but I was soon brought out of it through a tap on the desk.

“Hey” I greet him as he sat next to me. “Morning,” He said, “What are you doing here?” I asked and he shrugged, “Just wanted to see you” I nodded biting my lip, “Let’s go out ” He said and I watch him walk to the door and wait for me while his eyes were on his phone.

I could see the couple of faces from my classmates who just stared at me. I guess it was weird that I had a friend from the seniors.

I always felt nervous around Dominic. He was kinda well known. Even his friends made me feel nervous. They were all cool and would talk so freely, on the other hand, there was me, Who stood at my locker doing my thing, and then suddenly I was surrounded by his friends because he came up to me.

He was the type of guy who wasn’t questioned.

“You wanna join us? We are going for some drinks” I bite my lip shrugging. “I mean. I have actually had homework to do” He chuckles. “Okay, then you are coming for lunch with me this weekend” I opened my mouth to deny but he beat me to it.

“No exceptions” I smiled nodding.

I was bored with attending three lectures, by the end of it, my eyes were drooping down. But suddenly the sleep was gone once the break started. I take my bag walking to the canteen and immediately see Dominic and his friends sitting at the huge table at the end.

" Daphne, come sit with me.” I hummed in question.

“You know we have to submit a small project right, Can we both and Tyler do it together ?“, ” Of course. I’ll get the theory done then ” I said and she gave a happy sigh. “Thank god, Then I will search for pictures and Tyler will make a journal.” I agreed.

My phone started ringing catching my attention. I look up at Dominic holding his phone to his ear looking straight at me.

“Come over here,” He said over the phone and I rose my eyebrows, “Why?” I asked and he gave a sigh, “What do you mean why? I am asking you to come and sit next to me” I bite my lip hanging up and grab my bag.

“Is it okay if I go sit there?” I asked her, “What? Of course, why are you asking me?” She said and I chuckled walking over to the group of guys. “Hey” I wave at Dominic He pulled out a chair next to him for me to sit and I take a seat.

“Hey Daphne, How’s it going?” James asked and I smiled giving a sigh. “Mr. Jackson won’t stop giving us tests every Monday” Three of them laugh. “Ya, we had him during our year, That man is tough. He failed Dominic for his writing” Dominic laugh nodding.

“Asshole” turn to him with wide eyes, “Don’t call him that” I whispered. “Why not?” He asked only this time his mouth was right next to my ear. Making me clench my hands into fists.

That night I kept thinking about how good I felt when he came closer. I love the way he made me feel. Surely he wouldn’t like me like that right? Because I was already starting to like him within two weeks of meeting each other.

And that was probably the start of me getting attached to his ways of flattering me.

And never regretted it, but I wished I never met him in the first place.

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