Arranged Aristocracy

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Excerpt: “Wait, before we do anything there is something that I must tell you,” she said. He looked at her with anticipation and she continued, “My first kiss was stolen two years ago, by a boy who I thought was my friend. He was the only person that spoke to me when I first moved into the palace when I was fourteen. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, as you should be my first in everything. And for that I am truly sorry but I thought that you should know.” He smirked at her and lifted his mask causing her to feel light-headed as a flood of emotions hit her hard. Author’s Note: Who is speaking? Why is he wearing a mask? What caused her light-headedness? Will he accept her still? All these questions and more would be answered in Arranged Aristocracy.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The Arrangement.

Aidinth's Calendar:
1. Arman- 31 days
2. Pendragon- 28 days
3. Ryoko- 31 days
4. Uroloki- 30 days
5. Tiamut- 31 days
6. Cadmus- 30 days
7. Archion- 31 days
8. Hydra- 31 days
9. Nithe- 30 days
10. Diaval- 31 days
11. Ladon- 30 days
12. Leviathan- 31 days

This is the story of Alaric and Ariadne as they embark on a journey of love and discovery after an arranged marriage. They will face numerous challenges and dangers as they progress on their journey to becoming the emperor and empress of Aidinth. Ensure that you are well hydrated and take your heart medication as we embark on this journey together, one where you never know what to expect.

Aidinth which means champion of the skies is a substantial empire comprising of four major countries Gradarth (the powerful one), Irrantorth (the brave), Netinenth (the bright) and Iradnia (empire dragon). Iradnia is the capital of Aidinth and it is where the Imperial palace is located. It is also where the rich and powerful of Aidinth reside.
In the Imperial palace Emperor Abe (father of a multitude) is having a discussion with his wife Empress Zariah (blooming flower) about the future of their prosperous empire.
Abe looks at his wife lovingly and says, “ Zariah honey, we need to talk.” “What is it my sweet?” Zariah replies expectantly. “It’s about the empire’s future, I know that our future son would make a fantastic emperor one day. But an emperor is nothing without a fantastic empress at his side. Of course I am speaking from experience,” he says kissing her. Zariah blushes and says, “But hubby we haven’t even had a son yet and you already want to plan his marriage?” Abe smirks saying, “The son can be arranged, we can start trying immediately.” This causes her face to become bright red with embarrassment and she swats his arm playfully. “But on a serious note Zari,” he said, “for whatever reason all the young ladies from the powerful families are rather snobbish and crude, they would make terrible empresses, if given the chance they would lead this empire to ruin and I can’t have that. These families are doing a horrific job I want a loving, compassionate, humble, charismatic, honest, intelligent, beautiful inside and out and down to earth young lady for my future son, just like you Zari. As a result I am going to town to see if I can discern the perfect family to become a part of the royal family.” Zariah rolled her eyes playfully and said, “If you are thinking about this son that we do not yet have so much, we better start working on making him so that your hard work will not be in vain.” “I thought that you would never ask,” Abe said pushing Zariah to the bed. In seconds their clothes were discarded to the floor in a heap and Abe began to ravish her. He kissed her from her neck down to her toes and then placed his mouth on her glistening mound and sucked on her bead causing Zariah to take a deep intake of breath. He took her to the clouds and then slammed himself into her fully causing her eyes to roll up in her head. “Oh, Bahamut!” Zariah exclaimed, “Yes A right there!” as she felt her body spasming as she neared another threshold. Abe changed positions and caused her to orgasm several more times until they finally climaxed together and collapsed onto each other spent. “Ok Zari, now I am off to have a bath and find our son a bride.” Abe uttered his voice filled with mischief. Zariah just shook her head too exhausted to respond.

In a casino in Netinenth:
Axel (father is peace) was on a winning streak playing poker. He felt like lady luck was on his side, but fate had other plans. Abe was quietly observing him in a corner until he decided to join in the fun. As soon as Abe joined Axel started to lose repeatedly until he was left with nothing. In a desperate attempt to win back his earnings he muttered, “One more game and if I lose you can get anything that you wish. If I win however I get back all my earnings.” “Deal,” was Abe's reply. The tension was running high but in the end Abe emerged victorious leaving Axel devastated. “Now for the collection of my winnings, May we speak outside?” Abe whispered. Axel nodded in response and followed Abe outside. Once outside and far from the earshot of other persons Abe informs Axel that he wants his first daughter as soon as she turned fourteen and that he would send someone to collect her on her fourteenth birthday. Axel was shocked but he agreed telling him that he doesn’t yet have any children. Abe just responded by saying that was excellent news and he should start trying immediately. That night Axel went to his wife Hayleigh (hay clearing) and told her what happened. She was extremely upset but after she calmed down they had a good angry rump in the sack.

Author’s Note: Are there new bundles of joy on the horizon? Will Axel really give his daughter up without knowing the circumstances surrounding this agreement? Will his wife ever forgive him? Will he be able to forgive himself? Tune in next time on Arranged Aristocracy.
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