Celestia’s Secret

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Celestia is a hybrid vampire/beast, daughter of a King and Queen, and she’s gay. She keeps her secret from her parents, not wanting to disappoint them. On top of the worry she will be found out, at the worst possible time she finds her mate…..And she’s a human!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Shipment

Chapter One: Shipment Day.

“After centuries of poaching, beasts, vampires, and fairies changed their form so they could hide amongst the humans that hunted them down. The fairies decided that the best plan for them was to mix unknowingly with the human race to continue their bloodlines. Beasts and vampires had different plans. They formed an alliance and integrated with the humans, learning their weaknesses and plotting their revenge. After decades of preparing, the beasts and vampires attacked. All over the world they had infiltrated militaries, and built up their armies to take down each country from within and then help out the other struggling countries until they defeated the humans and took over. After the war on humanity ended, splitting up the land was easy. Beasts and Vampires already had royal bloodlines, so countries were erased and land was split into kingdoms.
Most of the pure humans were executed and some were kept to serve the castles and estates built for royals and wealthy beasts and vampires. The humans that had fairy bloodlines were spared because they had once been hunted, but they did not get as much freedom because they were cowards, and did not fight along with the others. These humans were made into workers and are now the citizens of the kingdoms ruled by the beasts and vampires. They are to obey laws provided by the Kings and Queens, and are to be executed if they do not follow the laws, or they become servants to the kingdom with no freedoms. The humans in the castle, depending on the rules of the King and Queen, typically work until the age of 30. When they hit their 30th birthday, they are retir-”

“Celestia!” I hear my mother shout.
“I told you that Finn’s ship would be unloading at noon. It’s 11:30! Go get ready!”
With a loud groan, I close the book I was reading and stand up. I must have been sitting in the chair reading for hours because I hear my back pop as I stretch. When I turn towards the entrance of the castle’s library, I notice my mom standing there, arms crossed, foot tapping, and…. Dressed really nice?
“What's the occasion?” motioning up and down her red, sparkling dress. Her hair is also done up. Her usual straight hair is in bouncy blonde curls. Her eyes light up and she flips her hair over her shoulder.
“You like?” She asks in a childlike manner.
“Well you look beautiful, but you’re really dressed up, like you’re going to a wedding.”
She looks at me in a suspicious manner, and my eyes start to glare…
“Well…” she starts “I just thought since Finn would be here I’d..” I cut her off by putting my hand up, knowing exactly what she’s about to say.
“Mom… I don’t want to marry Finn.”
“What’s wrong with Finn!?” She questions. I let out a big sigh and push pass her, making my way through the castle halls. What’s wrong with Finn?
“Well?” She prys.
I suddenly stop and whip around, almost causing a collision between my mom and I.
“Mom. I am three months away from graduation. Three months! I have finals, I have projects, and I need to study. I am too busy for ANYONE.” I snap. My mother looks down, and I can feel the guilt practically radiating off of her. I take in a deep breath to calm myself and close my eyes for a second.
“Look, just give me three months. I just want to graduate in peace, and then you can be on my ass about dating Finn or whoever else you pick.” My mothers looks up at me eyes so bright, I can basically see stars in them.
“Okay, deal! Three months.” She turns and skips down the hall a couple feet, then looks at me again. “But you still have to go meet Finn at the port to inspect the shipment.” She says with a wink, and then disappears down the hall.
Great. I huff. Ever since Finn learned that my mom wants me to marry him he has been really weird and awkward towards me. I really hate it, because we used to be really great friends, but now he’s kind of an asshole.
I continue down the halls until I reach the front doors of the castle. Once I do reach the doors, I stand there and stare for a moment. Guards on each side look at me confused as I take a deep breath before opening the door. When I step outside, to my pleasant surprise I see my brother Roman and his girlfriend Piper standing in front of a limo.
“Fiiiinaaaallly” Roman dramatically draws out. “We’ve been waiting forever.”
I ran up to Roman, arms spread and basically tackled him. I don’t get to see him as much anymore because he is learning how to be “a proper king”, since he will be taking my mom and dad’s place once he is married.
“Mom didn’t tell me you were going to go with me!” I exclaim.
“Well.. Mom doesn’t know.” He nudges.
I wrap my arms around him again and whisper “Thank you” in his ear. Roman understands my struggles with Finn and realizes how uncomfortable I am now that mom ruined our friendship. Roman is also the only person that knows my secret.

I’m gay.

I was planning on keeping it a secret too, but being the nosey big brother he is, Roman barged in on one of my friends and I having a “sleepover” when I was 17. He has kept it to himself for the past 6 years, and we hardly talk about it, but he is very supportive. He tells me I need to tell our parents, but I told him I was just going to keep it a secret like most royals do. Beasts and vampires have no laws against people that are gay like the humans did, because we know that we do not choose it, it’s just something we feel. Since I am a mix between a beast and vampire, I have the beast’s intuition in me telling me that my mate will be a woman, but I have yet to actually meet her. It doesn’t help that I’ve been up to my ears in homework trying to finish my doctorates early. Since I am apart of a royal family, being gay is a little bit harder since I can’t pass my genes on.

Either way, I’m only 23, I’ll figure it out eventually..

My mind is still wandering when we hop into the limo. We got rid of most of the vehicles the humans made when we took back over, but I am glad we kept these. It’s nice not having to run everywhere we want to go, or ride the horses. We wanted to make the earth clean again, so we got rid of a lot of human tech that used gas and oil. Anything we have now is either solar or wind powered, and I prefer it. Most of the ships we use now for trading are manual and rely on the wind, or they have some sort of water turbines that make motors move them in the direction they need to go. We have come a long way with clean energy, and the Earth has been pretty well restored to its natural state, aside from the areas we live and use.
I jerk when the limo comes to a stop and I realise we have made it to the ports. When I look out the window I notice the trade is already in motion. Guards on the ramps have already unloaded the female servants and started loading up the males. Their kingdom has been short on males, making it hard for the servants to reproduce, causing a decline in servants. I could care less if Finn lost every last servant because he treats them like animals. We have a reputation at our castle. Apparently we have a “soft spot” for humans because we provide our servants with a wage, giving them the opportunity to get out of the castle. Granted they almost never do, but it’s at least an option.
I feel my anger bubbling up when suddenly I see Finn’s face blocking my view of the servants, right in the window of the limo. He is wearing a toothy smile. I stare at him blankly for a couple seconds before I decide to open the door, forcing him to back up. I ignore his hand he is holding out to help me get out of the limo, and step out. Awkwardly, he pulls his hand back and runs it through his messy brown hair shuffling towards me.
Breaking the tension he clears his throat and says “Well, what do you think of the inventory?” Inventory… Gross. I look at the girls again. They are dressed poorly for the cold weather and they don’t have any shoes on. I roll my eyes at him.
“You could have given them shoes. They’ll get sick in this weather.” I mumble as I walk towards the new servants. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn to see my brother. He is looking at me with a face that’s telling me to “calm down”. I click my tongue and cross my arms. He can feel how pissed I am over this through our bond. I keep my feelings open to him when I’m around Finn so he can help me when I need it.
“Oh, I forgot that Belladonna said that you were going to be doing the inspection. You want to be a doctor, right?” Finn questions.
Like he hasn’t known this. “Yes Finn.” I answer annoyed. “My mother is trying to get me to do things like this in hopes that I will change my mind, but if anything it makes me want to do it more…” I trail off, looking towards the girls and their bare feet. Some of them are shaking from the cold.
“Okay then!” Roman claps, breaking the tension. “Let's get this show on the road, it’s freezing! You’re on Celest!” He exclaims, pushing me forward towards our new servants.
I nod and make my way to the first girl, asking her some questions and taking in her scent to try and detect infection or illness. I go down the line one by one, repeating the process. They all smell dirty and musty, but otherwise healthy. They all seem to be young, ages ranging between 13 and 25. In my castle, servants are allowed to work until they are 30 before they are “retired” or made into mothers. Mothers are allowed to stay until they are 60, taking care of their children and helping other mothers. After about the 10th girl, I start to zone out while talking to one of the servants. I smell something different. I look next to the girl talking. Visibly shaking, and trying to catch her breath, the short girl text to me peeps through her curtain of brown hair, looking me in the eyes. She suddenly stiffens and looks forward when she notices I’m staring. Strange girl. I finish up with the servant I am talking with and move to the very skittish one next to her. She doesn’t look me in the face and nervously circles her thumbs around each other.
“There is no need to be so scared I will not hurt you” I state. “What is your name?” I say in a soothing tone, trying to get her to calm down.
She tenses up even more at my question.
“My… My name is H-Hazel” she stutters.
Why is she so scared, what have they done to her, I wonder. I bend down to smell her scent and I know what I was smelling before is coming from her. Through the dirt and grime, I smell a sweet floral scent. Confused, I bend down closer and take a deep breath, trying to pinpoint what this smell could be.
“How old are you?” I ask, wondering why she is so scared. She looks to be about my age, so she should be used to this kind of stuff by now. She glances at me for a second before looking at her intertwined hands again.
“She’s 20. She’s new.” Finn interrupts. That explains a lot.
“What happened?” I direct my question towards Finn, but don’t look away from Hazel.
“Well her dad was a drunk, and he didn’t pay his taxes. He was already behind and she paid them for him, but it wasn’t enough. So he sold her to us.” He bends down to eye level with the girl and cups his hand under her chin, making her look at him. “But that didn’t matter either” he smirks. “Did it?”
Tears start to fill her eyes.
“What do you mean? How was he even allowed to sell her, she’s an adult!?” I snap.
“Well she agreed to it” he says, starting to laugh. “But the piece of shit still didn’t pay his taxes and now he’s dead, and she’s a servant!” Finn was basically bent over laughing by the time he was finished speaking. Suddenly a growl rumbles deep within me and I feel myself getting hot. Everyone quiets and looks In my direction.
“Hey I was just jok-“ Finn starts, but is cut off by my brothers hand on his shoulder. He nods his head in the direction of the boat, signaling its time for him to leave. With a confused look, he agrees and starts to head that way, waving his guards to finish up.
“Alright!” Roman yells loud enough to get the attention away from me. “Time to go!”
The guards start to lead the line of women to a bus to transfer them back to the castle and I feel myself reach out, grabbing Hazel’s shoulder.

“Not you. You’re coming with me.”

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