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"you are fired!!!" "what!!" i screamed "ma, you can't fire me, this is my first day at work * * * Julia is awarded a scholarship to study in carlifornia what happens when she meets her clebrity crush and they fall in love?.... ther's only one way to find out

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“Julia! Julia!!” my mom yelled my name making me wake up just when i was enjoying my sleep

you know that particular moment you started dreaming of yourself in a flower garden and your crush takes your hands, just as his lips is about connecting to your knuckles bam! you wake.

that’s exactly what i felt.

i came out with a frown

“mum you called”

“its time for farm, its 4pm” she said

“farm again!!!”

i’ve really started hating this village....we should soon go back to lagos

“mom when are we returning to lagos?” i voiced out

“once we finish weeding our farms” my mom replied sweetly clearly trying to provoke me.

i started murmuring to myself as mom picked a hoe and cutlass’, i carried the basket and followed her.



“lets hire labourers, i’ll pay for the work” i offered

“you this girl, are you trying to tell me that you’ve started working and earning chicken change? or that me that want to weed the farm myself don’t have sense?”


“julia shut up!! don’t make me squeeze your mouth” my mom warned

i kept quiet

we entered a bushy path that led to our cassava farm... walking a little we arrived

i dropped the basket and stood straight

“mom, they accept transfer right? i mean the labourers”

“Julia kilode? what is it”

“nothing ma” i replied and she continued murmuring as she started weeding

“children of nowadays! in my own time we used to farm from 6 to 6 yet we’ll still fetch firewood, water and even cook”

“but this is not your generation” i said

“chineke me!!! osi gini? {what did you say}” my mom shouted

“nothing ooo” i quickly bent down and started pulling grass.

After about 15mns of weeding, i got a call on my button phone that i came to farm with.... i cleaned my hands and brought out the phone from my short pocket

“30 seconds for that call” mom yelled from her part of the farm

“its dad” i yelled back before pressing the recieve button

for over one hour, i and dad talked about nothing in particular.

mom finished working and came over

“Dad, mumsy wants to speak with you” i said and handed the phone over to my mom.

“Honey, you decided not to le Nkasi work today abi!”

dad said something and mom laughed loudly

Once we got home, we freshened up and i cooked dinner for two..... we ate before i retired to my room

i was busy chatting with ny friends and classmates when my phone got down to 10%... i quickly brought out my power bank and connected it to my phone before putting it on.

it signaled low battery and went off with a beep.

I just ignored and continued chatting.

i finished typing a message and was about to send it to my bestie when my phone tripped off.


i put on my headset and scrolled to TATIANA MANAOIS{thats my best music artist and you can check out her songs} i started playing “be there”

my feet is where my head goes

my head is where my feet lays

wake me up

playing on replay

i don’t really know how to go about my day....

i felt like someone was knocking so i removed the headset and opened the door

Mom stood there glaring at me angrily. i smiled innocently


“Nkasi do i need to break the door before you wake up” she complained

“the door is still intact though” i commented shaking the door to prove a point

My mom hissed bringing out a one thousand naira note

“Mom, you and i know that i don’t know anywhere around this village” i whined

“ok, i thought you know where they sell fuel...”

i snatched the money from her quickly

“I remember where they sell fuel” i said making mom laugh

“Headmaster was once a student... my friend go and buy fuel joor”

Once my phone reached 50% i started it and got three messages

one was MTN

one was my bestie {why you go offline? come online jare}

the last one was a notification from my email... i quickly log on my email.

what i saw made me stop breathing...

Congrats Julia,

You’ve been awarded scholarship to study literature at HARLENE UNIVERSITY, CARLIFORNIA.

registeration starts 5th march, kindly visit the school website for more information


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