Ranch Love

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She's heading back to the ranch after her mom passes away and reunited with her family. She runs into her ex and his new girlfriend. What will happen?

Brianna Breckenridge
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Chapter 1

Amy drove down the long driveway to her family ranch home in Casper, Wyoming. She hasn’t been back for three years due to her job in Seattle. Her mother had just passed away from a tragic accident on the ranch. She was nervous about returning home since her ex-boyfriend still worked for her father on the ranch. She had gotten her dream job in Seattle and wanted to move there but he didn’t want to leave his family as he had to help take care of them since his father died of cancer. Their breakup was mutual and stayed friends and she went to Seattle. She came back for Christmas and found out he had a new girlfriend and she was upset that he had moved on so quickly after their breakup when it had only been two months. She left after Christmas and never returned until now. She dated occasionally but never found that right guy. She heard from her brothers that her ex had broken up with that girl and was now dating a new girl. She wondered if he ever really loved her. She pulled up in front of the house and sat there looking at it. She grabbed her purse and got out of the car.

“Sis!” her brother, Paul said.

“Sis!” her brother, Brent said.

“Sis!” her sister, Ally said.

“Sis!” her brother, Steve said.

“Sis!” her brother, Alex said.

“Sis!” Paul’s wife, Jessica said.

“Sis!” Alex’s wife, Heather said.

“Sis!” Brent’s wife, Lacey said.

“Sis!” Steve’s wife, Katie said.

“Sis!” her brother, Ben said.

“Sis,” Ben’s wife, Faith said.

“Buttercup!” her grandpa Albert said.

“My baby girl,” her father, Alan said.

“Hey bros, sisters, Gramps, Daddy!” Amy said. She ran into her father’s arms. He held her close as she cried.

“I’m so glad you are home, honey,” Alan said.

“I wish I could have been here sooner,” Amy said.

“Honey you had your job and no one could have known this would have happened to her,” Alan said.

“I just can’t believe she’s gone,” Amy said.

“I know honey, none of us can,” Alan said. She hugged her brothers and their wives and her sister. She pulled back and saw her ex and his family.

“Amy?” her ex said.

“Hello Adam,” Amy said.

“Hey Amy,” his brother Aaron said.

“Hey Amy!” Aaron’s wife, Mallory said. She hugged Aaron and his wife Mallory.

“Amy!” his sister Audrey said.

“Hey Audrey,” Amy said. They hugged. She saw Alice who came over and hugged her.

“Welcome home sweet girl,” Alice said.

“It’s good to be home, how are you feeling Alice?” Amy asked.

“I’m doing very well, I’m so sorry about your mother, if you need anything, you have my number,” Alice said.

“Thank you,” Amy said.

“You will always be a daughter to me,” Alice said.

“You will always be another mom to me,” Amy said.

“Amy, this is Wendy my girlfriend, Wendy, this is Amy,” Adam said.

“Your ex?” Wendy asked.

“Yes I’m his ex but don’t worry, I’m not here to get him back, I can see he’s with you now and I’m not the kind of person that destroys relationships or anything so you are safe and I hope you both are very happy, now if you all will excuse me, I just had a very long drive and I want to go rest,” Amy said. She got her stuff and went inside and went to her room there and put her stuff in there and closed the door and locked it and sat on the bed.

“How was he able to move on so fast, I guess he really didn’t love me like he said he did,” Amy said. She got out pictures and looked at the one of her mom.

“I love you Mama, I miss you already, I can’t believe you are gone,” Amy said crying. She laid down on the bed and curled up and cried herself to sleep.

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