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Ranch Love

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Chapter 2

She got up and changed and went downstairs and found her father and brothers in the kitchen along with her sister and sisters-in-law.

“Hey sis,” Ally said.

“How was your nap, sis?” Paul asked.

“It was good, I forgot how quiet it is here,” Amy said.

“Well it’s not Seattle sis, I’m glad you are home,” Brent said. He hugged her tight. They knew out of all the brothers, she was closest to Brent.

“It’s good to be home, despite the reason for coming home,” Amy said.

“Now that you are here, I can share with you all what your mother’s final wishes were in the event of her death,” Alan said.

“Wait, she knew she would die?” Alex said.

“No Alex, remember my accident before Amy left?” Alan asked.

“Yeah,” Alex said.

“As I recovered, we talked about what we wanted in the event we passed away before the other, I thought it would be me,” Alan said.

“Dad?” Steve asked.

“Your mother wanted to be cremated and her ashes to be spread on the lookout that looks over our ranch,” Alan said.

“I can plan a memorial service for her and spread them,” Jessica said.

“Thank you Jess, I’ve called Sam to deliver her eulogy,” Alan said.

“Daddy?” Ally asked.

“Yes sweetie?” Alan said.

“Are we inviting the Tuckers?” Ally asked.

“We will invite who wants to come, sweetie,” Alan said.

“I just don’t want it to be uncomfortable for Amy,” Ally said.

“I’m fine, Ally,” Amy said.

“Are you sure?” Ally asked.

“Yeah I’m doing just fine, it’s been three years and he’s moved on and so have I, maybe not like he has but I’m a strong woman who doesn’t need a man to make me happy, I have my family, that’s all I need,” Amy said.

“We love you sis,” Paul said.

“I’m going to go for a ride,” Amy said.

“Want company?” Brent asked.

“I’ll be fine,” Amy said. She went out the door after getting her boots and went to the barn and found her horse, Spartan. He was happy to see her.

“Hey buddy, looks like you are happy to see me, how about a ride?” Amy asked. She got him out of his stall and saddled up and she got on him and they headed out. She went through the pasture and along the fence line. She saw a horse up ahead. She saw Adam working on some fence. He looked up and saw her.

“Amy,” Adam said.

“Adam,” Amy said.

“Is this how it’s going to be?” Adam asked.

“What do you mean,” Amy said.

“You hardly speak to me,” Adam said.

“What’s there to say,” Amy said.

“I thought we agreed to be friends,” Adam said.

“Yeah I thought so too,” Amy said.

“What happened to that,” Adam said.

“I don’t know, maybe you having a girlfriend two months after our breakup, to find out you started dating two weeks after I left,” Amy said.

“Amy,” Adam said.

“You have no idea, do you, how it looked or felt to me, that you could move on that fast, I guess you lied about loving me, it proved you never really did,” Amy said.

“Amy, I did, okay, a part of me still does,” Adam said.

“But you have Wendy now to keep you happy and satisfied, is she good in bed? Is she better than I was?” Amy asked.

“I have not gone that far with her yet,” Adam said.

“Wow, taking it slow huh, that’s a first,” Amy said.

“Amy, that’s not fair, how long was it before you started dating,” Adam said.

“A year after I left here, I waited a year before I started dating,” Amy said.

“I’m sorry Amy,” Adam said.

“Yeah sure you are, have a good evening,” Amy said. She took off with Spartan. She went back to the barn and took off his saddle and put it up and brushed Spartan and put him in his stall and went to the house.

“Amy, baby girl,” Alan said.

“Yes Daddy,” Amy said.

“I have something for you from your mom, she got it done before she died,” Alan said. He handed her the present and she felt tears roll down her cheeks.

“It’s me and Spartan,” Amy said.

“Yeah, she did it from a picture she took when you were still here,” Alan said.

“Oh god it’s so beautiful,” Amy said crying.

“Oh baby girl,” Alan said. He took her in his arms and held her as she sobbed against him.

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