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Ranch Love

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Chapter 3

Amy sat there in her father’s arms after he gave her something her mom left for her.

“Daddy, what exactly happened to Mama, you said a tragic accident but didn’t say what exactly,” Amy said.

“Baby girl,” Alan said.

“Daddy please, how did she die?” Amy asked.

“We were in the hay field, she was driving the team with the sled while I was throwing the bales onto the sled, the horses got spooked and she fell off the sled and her feet got tangled up in the straps and she was dragged behind the sled and went across some rocks and her head hit the rocks and it was enough force to cause a head injury, by the time I got to her and got her to the hospital, she was gone,” Alan said.

“Daddy, you need to change things to where there is two people on the sled so it won’t happen again,” Amy said.

“I agree with you, baby girl,” Alan said.

“How come Adam is still working here?” Amy asked.

“Because he’s a hard worker, your brothers have been working with your grandpa at his ranch, Aaron has their ranch covered, I needed the help,” Alan said.

“Oh okay,” Amy said.

“Amy, if you have an issue, I’ll let him go,” Alan said.

“No, Dad, don’t do anything on the account of me, I’ll only be here for a couple of weeks before I have to get back to work,” Amy said. The back door opened and Adam came running in.

“Alan, fence is down on the south side and the cattle are out, I called the guys to meet there,” Adam said.

“All right,” Alan said.

“Be careful Daddy,” Amy said.

“Always am, honey,” Alan said. He went out the door with Adam. Amy went upstairs to her room and sat down on the bed and pulled out a box and opened it and saw all the stuff she had when she and Adam were together. All the pictures of them together.

“Amy?” Jessica asked.

“Sis?” Heather asked.

“You all right?” Lacey asked.

“I’m fine, just looking down memory lane,” Amy said. They saw the pictures of her and Adam.

“You still love him?” Jessica asked.

“I always will, but I am so angry with him,” Amy said.

“I would be too,” Heather said.

“But the truth is that Wendy is only the second girl he’s been with since you,” Lacey said.

“He dated that one girl that he was with when you came back for Christmas for four months before he broke things off, that was two months after you went back to Seattle,” Heather said.

“He just started dating Wendy a month ago,” Lacey said.

“So for almost three years, he’s been single?” Amy asked.

“Alex told me that Adam told him that he wanted you back, he actually went to Seattle to find you,” Heather said.

“He came back three days later,” Jessica said.

“He looked so broken-hearted,” Lacey said.

“I never saw him there,” Amy said.

“Unless he saw you and saw you with another guy,” Heather said.

“There were only two guys I was around constantly and that was Henry and James, they are both gay and married to each other and both are my best friends there,” Amy said.

“He may have saw you with them and thought you moved on as well,” Lacey said.

“He could have talked to me, he assumed I had moved on, he should have just talked to me,” Amy said.

“We told him that you were not in a relationship, we always made sure to say something to the guys in front of him,” Heather said.

“Yeah, we usually would casually say something about it in front of him,” Jessica said.

“Well I guess it didn’t matter to him,” Amy said.

“There is someone out there for you,” Lacey said.

“You will find him soon,” Heather said.

“I just want to focus on Mom’s memorial service and spending time with Dad and you guys and my brothers and then head back to Seattle, he can be happy with Wendy,” Amy said.

“Girls!” Katie said.

“What’s up?” Lacey asked.

“I just heard from Audrey, she told me that she saw Wendy at the store with some guy and they were kissing,” Katie said.

“What!” Heather said.

“Did she get pics?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah he will want proof,” Lacey said.

“Yes she did and she sent them to his phone just now,” Katie said.

“Oh boy,” Amy said.

“I think this may be a sign,” Lacey said.

“Maybe Mom is playing matchmaker,” Heather said.

“From Heaven,” Jessica said.

“Yeah she has always wanted you guys together, she’s the one who encouraged him to go to Seattle,” Katie said.

“And he saw me with my two best friends apparently and left without me knowing he was there,” Amy said.

“Hey sisters,” Faith said.

“Katie just told us some juicy news,” Jessica said.

“Audrey caught Wendy at the store with another buy but Wendy doesn’t know she was caught,” Katie said.

“She needs to be gone, I don’t like her at all,” Faith said.

“None of us do,” Lacey said.

“She always thought she was better than us,” Heather said.

“She will get hers,” Jessica said.

“I can’t wait for her downfall,” Heather said. They all smiled and went downstairs and began to cook dinner.

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