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Nicholas Dragun was not the man you gave your heart to. Nicholas knew it, and writer Mackenzie Rose knew it too. It does nothing to dwindle the burning attraction between the two. What started out as a sex-only exchange to benefit both parties, quickly turned into something else neither of them were anticipating. Knowing that Nicholas was not the man to let down her walls for, Mackenzie will have to make what could be the best or worst decision of her life.

Romance / Erotica
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My back slumped into my office chair as I glared at the words on the screen. It just wasn't coming together. I had rewritten the chapter twice already and I was still right where I started.

I cleared the document once again. I couldn't remember the last time I struggled so badly with a chapter. The words seemed to come to me so easily that the sudden writers block was eating away at me. I was truly lacking motivation.

My eyes flew up at the knocking on my door before a soft smile took over my features. "Can I come in?"

I minimized my tabs pushing my computer to the side as I ushered him in. "Of course Zach. You're always welcomed."

He gave me a smile as he came and sat on the opposite side of my table. He looked nice. He wore a striped grey suit with a white shirt and matching tie. His brown hair was styled to the side, with not a hair out of place. I was used to that, seeing it was his regular style.

"So, I was wondering if you were free this weekend," he gave me a knowing smile at the roll of my eyes.

"It depends." Zach had been trying to take me out for the better part of a month. Of course I refused his advances trying to protect his pure little heart but it seemed nothing would change his mind.

"Depends on if I have a reservation for two?" He was persistent, I had to give him that.

I really had nothing to lose, other than my potential friendship I suppose. I hadn't been on a proper date in what seemed like forever and it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to go out with Zach. My eyes flashed back to my laptop. I needed to get back on schedule.

He seemed to read my mind. "Work will be here after our date."

I looked back at him really contemplating if I should agree. "One date?"

He gave me a beaming smile getting up. "One date until our next date." I opened my mouth to protest but ended up laughing as he stumbled back into the glass door. He gave me a lingering look as he left my office. I still had the smile on my face until I looked back at my laptop and realized I was at the same spot as before.

I groaned pulling it back towards me as I attempted to put words on the screen.

I typed until my brain felt as if it were about to explode from trying to produce too many words.

I needed a break.

I glanced at the clock, it was just about time for me to end my day and so I packed up my things and decided that's what I would do. Leave work early, then I could stop at the convenience store and grab something to soothe my mind. Preferably something above ten percent alcohol.

I walked out into the lobby, saying goodbye to a few coworkers before I moved to the elevators. I watched as the numbers climbed and waited paintently while I thought of what I was in the mood for.

Wine seemed like the perfect choice. Red wine, to be exact. I could dim the lights, and look out at the city while I forced my brain to produce ideas. Sounded like a plan if I ever heard one.

I step onto the elevator as it reached my floor and watched the numbers change as I made my way to the main lobby. I said a quick goodbye to my colleague and quickly found my car eager to just get home and unwind.

My ride was smooth, as the soft seductive voice of Lana Del Ray rang out into the car. I hummed along to the familiar tune as I pulled into the parking lot.

I glanced at the time on my phone as I entered the store. 5:37. That meant I would be home by six and in bed by eleven.

At least I'd have time to cure my potential hangover.

I gave the cashier a small smile as he welcomed me before I made my way to the back of the store where the alcohol was stored. I grabbed a bottle of my go-to wine but stopped in my tracks as the bottle of Hennessy seemed to stare at me from the shelf.

I sighed walking up to the shelf and grabbing it. Staring at the two bottles, I contemplated which one would do. The Hennessy was probably a bad choice for someone who had work the next day but it was sure to get those creative juices flowing - if I could remember why I started drinking.

"Henessey on a Wednesday? Rough day?" I looked over at the sound of the voice. It was a guy - scratch that - it was a man. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey and threw me a lazy smile. Seemed harmless enough.

"More like rough month. I feel as if I somehow deserve it though. Pay for my hard work and all." He glanced down at my outfit and I knew the knee length pencil skirt and my silk blouse could be misleading about my job.

"We all deserve to be rewarded from time to time," he walked over to where I stood grabbing a matching bottle as the one I held. "In one way or another."

My body froze at the almost contact with him and I stepped away to put a bit more space between us. The closeness gave me a better view of his face and man was he a sight. Jet black hair seeming soft as silk as it spilled messily over his moss green eyes. His nose was one I'd seen too many people pay money for and the small quirk of his lips had me looking at his Cupid's bow as it moved slightly.

He was quite the sight.

I blew out a slight breath as we fell in step on the walk back to the cash register. "It won't be much of a reward if I don't meet my deadline. Just more nagging about contracts and responsibilities and everything else in the world but what I want to hear."

"I'm sure you'll pull through. You seem like the kind of woman who can handle herself." I gave him a grateful smile. I hoped he was right.

I planted my bottles on the counter and the cashier rang them up and placed them in a bag. "That'll be 54.11." I give him a nod reaching into my pocket for my card holder.

I froze as I patted the pockets on my coat some more - nothing. An audible groan left me as I looked out through the window at my car, where my card was safely tucked away.

The cashier threw me a semi-interested look as I raised a finger ready to ask the for him to give me a second when a hand stretches over me, "just add them to my bill."

I looked up as the man from before moved to stand beside me. I instinctively took a deep breath as his scent lingered in the air and had to force myself to shift a bit to the side. He smelled really good.

"It's really fine. I could just run to the car really quick and grab my card." He shook his head fanning me of as if the idea was absurd, paying the cashier the full bill.

"Just think of this as my encouragement for you to finish up on time." His eyes met mine as he flashed me a smile and handed my bag to me. I grabbed the bag quickly looking away from him. He made my heart pound. It wasn't my fault he looked as good as he did.

"Well, thank you. You didn't have to."

"I wanted to." I looked up at him once more, my face hot from my sudden shyness. We walked to the exit and I gave him a small wave as I made my way back to my car.

I waved the bag slightly in the air bidding my final goodbye, "thanks again! Wish me luck."

He gave me a wave and I climbed into my car and continued home. I thought back to him as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. He was hot.

Suddenly the fact that I hadn't had sex for the better part of a few months was ringing in my head. I obviously needed to get laid and he was just my type - well the type I needed to steer clear of - but that was besides the point. That was probably the reason why I couldn't stop thinking about him. And all the more reason I should.

I grabbed my things as I locked my car and made my way up to my apartment. I threw my stuff on the counter and made my way directly to the shower. I needed to be clean and refreshed.

After my shower, I poured myself a large glass of wine as I sat in my living room with my laptop opened on the coffee table. The blank document stared back at me as if it was mocking me. I took a few sips of the wine and soon I was refilling my cup - for the 5th time.

I set the glass down on the coffee table and closed my laptop. I couldn't write. Not when the only thing in my mind was the man. I didn't even know his name. I laid myself across the couch as my hand skimmed over my satin dress.

I could feel my nipples poking through the fabric and a shiver ran through me as my hand skimmed over them.


My hand slipped under the dress and found my clit over my underwear. My hand lazily played with the bud as my head fell back against the armrest. I couldn't help imagining him over me. His hand instead of mine, and my hand slipped inside my panties at the thought.

I was wet. My fingers slipped easily between my folds as my juices coated them. His hands flashed in my mind. His long fingers that I imagined would reach the spot inside me that made me come undone.

My leg raised up over the back of the couch as I slipped two fingers inside myself easily. I brought my other hand to circle my clit and shivered at the thought of him touching me.

My body felt hot. Soft moans slipped pass my lips as I played with myself. I could feel the soft jolts of my orgasm building and I chased the feeling. I pulled my sticky fingers out spreading my lips as I used my other hand to circle the bundle of nerves.

My toes curled, my moans turned into pants and my back arched off the couch as my body jerked from my orgasm. I ran over my sensitive sex and enjoyed as my body jolted from the overstimulation.

I felt temporarily sated. It wouldn't be enough.
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