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While waiting for Kiki, Sintia went into the airport and decided a quick wardrobe change and onboard baggage would look less suspicious to praying eyes, she just hoped Jarred wouldn’t think she would take such drastic measures as to leave the city and would be rather looking for her in all her normal favorite hideouts. Still, it didn’t stop her rubbernecking through the airport to terminal eight where all the shops she needed were.

There she found a white top, jeans a dark leather suede long double-breasted waterfall coat she just had to have, halfway out the store she spotted a pair of gorgeous Gucci hiking boots she knew might come in handy, well ok she couldn’t resist. From there she had to stop at Victoria’s secret, my oh my, the secrets were getting more seductive by the day. After a few basic essentials she couldn’t resist again a few new arrival lacy numbers, she smiled to herself a little. It didn’t matter what age or type of woman you were, if you had a lot of cash and did some retail therapy, it healed a lot of heartaches, something about pretty things, and owning them just did something positive to a person.

From there she got a few toiletries, a handbag and boarding bag, a new cell phone, and finally it was time to meet Kiki.

“Can you believe a man can turn your whole world upside down in a blink of an eye! It's bloody outrageous.” Sintia said walking up to Kiki with full arms, Kiki grabbed a trolly assisting in the offload while Sintia blew all steam.

“I need coffee and a gun.”

Kiki did a double-take, “A gun?” She looked around them, “you can’t say gun at an airport.” Thankfully no one was walking close by. Sintia gave her a flat look, she knew that she didn’t need to be read the rules act now.

“Kiki, I need coffee and I need a plane ticket now.”

“Where to?” Despite her million and one questions concerning her disgruntled boss and even more bizarre behavior, she had taken one look at her still in yesterday clothing and had known something was very wrong, she knew now was not the time, her boss needed out and out she would get her.

They made their way to the flight check-ins and Kiki handed Sintia her folder with all her documentation in to run off and find Sintia a double shot espresso.

“Welcome to Emirates how may I be of assistance?” A young blond smiled.

“Uhm, I would like to be on your very next flight out of here please.”

“To where ma’am?”

“Well, what do you have leaving now?” Sintia asked checking behind her again watching the corners for any hidden shadows, the lady in front of her dropped the plastered smile and seemed to be thrown off her axel a bit, she looked down at her screen and worked her fingers through the schedules quickly.

“I, have a flight leaving for London in one hour?”

“Too close to home, what else?”

The lady, watched Sintia carefully realizing something was wrong, the way she kept looking over her shoulder, the tapping of nails on the counter, messy hair, she was running.

“I have a flight doing final boarding calls to Moscow?”

“Moscow? As in Russia?” Sintia asked stunned

“Russia?” Kiki asked coming up behind her even more shocked.

“Yes, one and the same.”

“I’ll take it.”

“You can’t go to Russia.”

“Kiki!” Sintia snapped appalled by her turning back to the lady.

“No, it’s too far, I don’t know anything about Russia how will you get a hold of us, we have so much to do and, and,”

“Kiki! Pull yourself together I can’t have you panicking on me, now it's not the time for a lot in my life but here we are 2am at an airport.”

“Sorry ma’am its 3am.” The lady interrupted, Sintia shot her a look then turned back to Kiki.

“The time difference can’t be that great besides,”

“Sorry ma’am they eight hours ahead.”

She gave the woman another warning shot. “if anything, drastic goes wrong I’m one flight away.”

“Actually, you have two layovers.”

“Will you shut up?” Sintia snapped at her “I’m trying to calm down my assistant who out of all of us should be the calmest!” She said raising her voice slightly at the end. Taking a deep breath, she eyed the lady one last time then turned back to her assistant.

“Kiki, I bought a phone here,” she handed it to her, “Put your number on it, once onboard I will rely instructions on what is to happen going forward ok?”

Kiki nodded taking a deep breath handing over the espresso.

“Now, can I have my ticket please.” Sintia sighed turning back to the not smiling anymore blonde

“Like I said Moscow,”

“YES, book it.”

The lady worked her fingers through the computer clicking her tongue.

“I’m sorry ma’am but economy is full.”

Kiki bit back a laugh, but couldn’t resist a small snort, Sintia peeked over her shoulder at her, Kiki plastered an expressionless mask on till she turned around again, Sintia in economy what a laugh.

“Business or first dear.”

“There is nothing but one first-class left I’m afraid.”

“book it damnit.” Sintia snapped looking around again, this was taking too long, Jarred was going to run out of places to look for her soon.

Flight booked, all checked they raced for the gate.

“Kiki I need you to take tomorrow, ag I mean today off, do what you need to do to move shit around, once I’m on board and set up, you and I need to have a long talk, I can't have you working a full shift after no sleep and all I’m about to give you, got it?”

“Yes, anything else before you board?” Kiki stopped by the gate handing the attendant the ticket.

“Yes, whatever you do, do not mention where I am, got it? You know my local flight schedules for meetings, work it got it? Oh, and if you see Jarred, you have not seen me since the office yesterday ok?”

“Yes, yes & yes.” Kiki nodded, with that Sintia grabbed her onboard bag Kiki had somehow found the time to stuff all her purchases in and boarded the plane.

* * * * *

Flying had always been like a happy pill to her, especially take off, the feeling of all that power just lifting off the ground, feeling weightless for a few seconds was amazing.

She had been on many planes but first-class international was a whole other level, she had her own little mini-suite with a sliding locking door for total privacy. Once airborne she had a long showered, disposed of her ruined clothes, and ate her way through half the starter menu not being able to recall her last full meal. After a second glass of Dom Pérignon 2008, she sighed leaning back, it was time to get to work.

Accessing the Wi-Fi and calling Kiki she had her new diary ready; the flight was scheduled to be 12 hours in total, more than enough time to get her ducks in a row.

The first thing on her agender was to call her lawyer, see what legal action could be taken against Jarred what good was it having one of the best cutthroat lawyers in her pocket if she couldn’t use him. Secondly, a restraining order, which she knew was just a stupid piece of paper, that wouldn’t stop a bullet, speaking of which it was time for guns.

She had sent Kiki on a mission to find personal bodyguards, not through some bloody agency but private, don’t take no crap from anyone bodyguards, she wanted a list emailed to her soonest to shortlist and interview. She wanted two at her office two at home and two undercovers to follow her. Speaking of home, she needed kiki to send a cleaning service there as well as a guard with Kiki to collect her personals, pack a proper case of things she needed including her laptop and send it to Moscow with haste, on top of all of that she needed a place to stay once in Moscow.

“I want a lodge or something that is quiet and away from all the noise.”

“Like a game lodge?” Kiki enquired running out of places to make notes.

“No, I need space, something secluded.” Sintia sighed looking at stressed-out poor kiki on the video chat. “I know this isn’t the greatest of timing for you but I think you need an assistant so you can be of more use to me. Make it happen ok?”

Kiki tried to hide it but her face did light up ever so slightly, good, a happy employee was a loyal employee, she just wished a few dick head bosses out there would realize that too.

Then getting back to business she had moved her meetings up from physically being there to video calls, thankfully none had questioned her, in her position none would, she assumed Kiki had informed them all something urgent had come up hence the sudden departure. The second last call of the day was with her lawyer who she had spent two hours on the phone with running through her options and legal affairs. Lastly, it was back to kiki who she was sure had never worked so hard, but she had one last request of her.

“I need you to find me a list of private investigators, no not little independent ones, the top shelf kind, I need that just as urgent as the rest.”

“Sure thing, will get right on it and send them through to you soonest.”

“Thanks doll, any update on accommodation?”

“Yes, I sent you the four best I could find, let me know, and ill book.”

“No worries ill skim through and book, once you are done with the rest go home and sleep, your eyes look almost as red as mine.” With that, she finally logged off, ordered the dessert menu, and skimmed through the lodges.

“Oh shit,” she whispered to herself, reading the lodge names, she might as well have been reading alien “The only thing I know in Russian is vodka.”

Her head was a mess, apart from knowing where she was going, she had somehow magically forgotten the language barrier. Thankfully after some digging, she found a nifty app sure to help her translate, with that she booked her place of rest and switched off.

Listening to the humming of the plane her thoughts started to wonder, a million problems, she couldn’t deal with them now.

The last thing she needed was silence, she needed a distraction.

“Time for a movie.” She switched a random one on until she fell asleep dimly aware, she had been up for more than 24 hours.

She had found that once life spiraled out of control the worst thing to do was to try to reverse it, the damage coursed by resisting was sometimes worse, sometimes you just had to spiral with till you hit the ground, her mom had always said, that once you hit bottom you can only go up.

She was beginning to wonder if Jarred had ever hit bottom, once she had a private investigator he would, because if he hadn’t, she wanted him to see him hit it so hard he went straight through to hell.

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