A different red ridinghood story#1

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Carlin River was well Known in her village of vampires and witches and other magical creatures as the pretty girl with with the red hood,and she was happy living with her mother she never her new father. But she wanted something more nothing really interesting happened in the village. She wanted love and adventure and even a tiny bit of danger. One day on an average normal day just before her 17th birthday! She was getting bread for her mother when she hared a strange noise in the forest and decided to go to it. After walking for about little ways the most beautiful wolf she had ever seen walked out of the of the forest scaring her half to death she wanted to run away but she couldn't because the wolf just sat there looking at her with curiosity and wonder. And then the wolf transformed in front of her into a guy and there story began.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Carlin's POV. Carlin, Carlin ,a voice I didn't recognize was calling to me. I was in the dark forest runing away form the voice and I didn't know why. Suddenly I shot straight out of bed, breathing heavily. That was a weird dream. I then smelled my mother's biskects cooking and could hear her humming a tune I didn't know. I looked at the light from the crakes in the curten then the wooded clock on the wall. It was 8:30. I got out of bed and when I looked in the mirror I almost quit breathing. My blonde naturally curly hair was, a big mess and my very blue eyes poped back at me. It was like a rat's nest! Why couldn't I have soomth brown hair like my mother! After brushing my hair out for a good therity minutes my mother called. " Carlin come down staires breakfast is ready!" "Coming mom!" I threw my night gown on my already messy floor that I needed to clean later, and run to my closest and put on one of my favorite dresses that made my ivory skin pop then, walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked down stares to my wonderful mother, Maylin River. I didn't look like her because she had beautiful brown hair and eyes, but she had bleesed me with her pretty ivory skin. She always said I was absolutely beautiful, though I looked just like my father. I never knew him because he left me and my mom when I was a baby. So I didn't miss someone I didn't remember. "Good morning darling did you sleep well?" she asked me as she hugged me. "Yes I did breakfast smells good, biskets, eggs, and gravy?" I asked, she noded "Your favorite" I sat at the table and mom began humming a tune that I now recognized as she got out the biscuits from the oven and put them on plates."You will be seventean tomorrow darling and I need bread and eggs because I will bake you a big cake." she said as she set our berckfests down on the table. "Mom you don't have to do that for me." "Carlin yes I do you are only seventeen once." She said."your growing so fast we don't do the things we use to, how about we go back to that one lake where we would fish when you where little?" I laughed "Mom the last time we went there I was five and I fell in mud." she laughed to."Carlin you have always been brave but you where so clumsily when you were little" We laughed togther. Soon after we finished our breakfast and I headed to town after we said our good bys and I put on my beautiful red long hood that my mother recently sowed. Town was quit a ways away from my house but I like the walk it give me time to think before I got to town. I thought about what I wanted in my life because to me it was kinda boring. I want adventures and someone to go on them with and I want someone love to me and know me better than I know myself. That thought crossed my mind again when I looked up at the trees and listened to the birds sing. But my mother said I'v always been more stubborn than anyone she has ever met in her 38 years of life but then she also said because of that I was the strongest teenage girl she knew. But I think she over reacts a bit because I don't think I was that strong at all because I was slim and pale with boney knees and elbows. I suddenly stoped my train of thought when I heared the leaves russell and a twig snapped. What the hell was that? I thought I could dismiss it and start walking again, but I heard another twig snap. This time curiosity got the best of me and eventually I walked in the forest after thinking about it for a few seconds. I walked a few feet and heared something big running so I ran after it and went quite a ways before suddenly stopping dead in my tracks. I almost screamed because a big wolf stared back at me with glowing green eyes. My heart was beating out of my chest so hard it almost hurt. He was huge with big broad muscles and beautiful gray furr. I want to run as far away as possible because every fiber in my body told me to, but I couldn't because he sat there looking at me with wander and curiosity and he looked as shocked as I was. Then the most unexpected thing happened!, he transformed into a very good looking guy. He then said "Hi".
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