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My arrogant Superstar

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Updated on every Monday, 1 pm. Ist. (If every reader liking this work will support it by commenting, voting and following me, then I will upload bonus chapters on every Tuesdays. ) "Psycho..." I yelled at him, adjusting my clothes protectively. "You were so sweet the first time I met you and now you have become a demon??" The first time I met him, he was the light to my darkness. But the second time I met him, he was the darkness himself? What the hell? Read the love story of an arrogant superstar and his cute personal assistant just on Inkitt. This story is will make you experience emotions just like a roller-coaster ride. So be prepared... Don't steal my work. I will kill you if you do. This book will solely be on Wattpad and Inkitt so if you see this book on any other platform then do inform me by writing it in comments.

Romance / Humor
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It is said that when you want something from your heart and do your best to achieve it, not even God can stop you.

Going by this saying, I also worked to achieve one thing I had always dreamed of.

But failed miserably...

After trying for the umpteenth time I lost my will to achieve that dream anymore and started doing something else.

That dream was lost into eternal darkness...

I had forgotten about it and started moving in my life.

Till one day that same dream was thrown at me again.

Now it was up to me to either try to achieve it or leave it.

And of course, I was not that naïve to go through every trouble that I had faced in the past to achieve that dream again.


I was alone.

All alone in this world...

My life had lost its meaning and I wandered here and there not finding even a single ray of hope from anywhere.

I just became a living corpse till I saw him.

My inspiration...

He became my reason to live. I respected him and wanted to meet him in real life to thank him for everything.

But when the time came, I got to know his real side. It was dark. He was someone else from what I imagined.

I got scared of him and the willingness in me to live again started disappearing.

I was forced to be with him. That was when we both unlocked each other’s heavy guarded heart doors.

I was living in pain and so was he. We both were fighting alone to overcome our pain from childhood...

But now that we were together, we fought together with everything that came in our way.

Defeating everything...

But as the saying goes, you will get a new experience at every point of life.

We were also realizing the value of our existence.

But it was not that easy...

Nothing was easy...

We kept entangling our self in new things and that thing seemed to be infinite.

Will we be able to have a happy ending?

That’s hard to say.

Follow us on our life journey and you will get an answer to everything...

Believe in yourself and everything is possible...

Our love story starts from here.

My arrogant Superstar


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