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Unexpected sugar

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The story is about 12 year old girl name Barbora Lilith Rose whose marriage was decided by her mother, but only Barbora and her father didn't want the marriage to happen. After convincing her mother to delay the marriage the mother agreed and desided that they will marry on her 18th birthday.

Romance / Erotica
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Meeting the prince

This all took a place when I was 12 years old. I came from an Arabic family, but I wasn't living were I was born, my mom wanted me to marry a boy, to connect the two loving families, but I said no. The first reason I said no because I would only meet him at the wedding ceremony, the second reason, she didn't say anything about him, the third reason is that I was only 12. My dad argued with my mom for hours, but I cannot hear what they were arguing about, because I was in my room upstairs. The next day I understood what they were talking aggressively about.
It was about my father not wanting the marriage to happen or to make the marriage when I will be 18. So they agreed both of our families agreed that we were too young for marriage and understandable life.

The time goes by so quickly I didn't even realize that my 18th birthday will be on October 6th and that was only 2 months away and we will get married on my birthday day as my present. I convinced my parents to let me meet him for the first time to see how he looks like and if I feel the contention with him or the marriage would last longer than 2 months or more than a year. They quickly arranged the meetup and I asked if we could be without the parents. The day comes and I have to meet him, I got very nervous and shaky, but then I saw him. I was dressed in a dress that was perfect for me and did not look too fancy for a meetup. My jaw dropped, I was shaking more than before, my hand was sweating and I could say a word of the surprise meant that it was how handsome and beautiful he was. We were at a nice restaurant I was the first to come and I sat down ordered water thinking that it would calm me down, but surprisingly it didn't. Then at that moment when I looked up handsome boy, actually a tall and hot boy came in. He was about 6'4 feet tall, brown curly hair, blue like ocean eyes, perfect nose and perfect lips for kissing, face shape was amazingly well sculpted, nice jaw and what I liked that he was so tanned that made him look even hotter, the smell of his perfume was enchanting and amazing.
He sat down and smiled I thought they were kidding, that it was a joke that I have to marry this guy who was my dream boy, the smile melted my heart as with weak words coming from my mouth I said:
" Hi, " my words and voice were super shaky.
He looked at my eyes like I was the only didn't even saw another woman like I was his dream girl and replied:
"Hello beautiful, " said as he was smiling and looking directly into.
The time was passing we had so much to talk about, but the one thing we didn't know about each other was our names and he politely asked:
"Hey beautiful, what is your name, " as always he said with a perfect smile on his face and looking into my eyes like he was attached to them or amazed by them.
I replied:
" Barbora Lilith Rose, " for the first time I said my full name.
Then he proceeded to tell his name, he said:
" Well dear, I am Nicolas Ambrose Nicklaus, " he said in a really sweet and soft voice. I thought about the fact that I have to marry this beautiful and handsome boy.
He acted nice, he was cultured and respectful, he did not treat me like trash, he was admiring me and my looks. I thought he was the one, my only one. I was super excited to marry him.

We had a long conversation about each other likings and what we do in our free time, what kind of ice cream we like and ect. The time passed quickly and we didn't realise that it was past your curfew. It was almost 10 pm and I was shocked that we talked all this time since 1 pm, I waited on him and I was really happy to marry him.
I got home, my mom was super mad, but didn't yell at me or grounded me, I asked my mom to meet me at the kitchen table to talk about the marriage and I said:
" Mom, I have one question is does he like me or does he want to marry me, ' I said worrying about our relationship.
My mom replied:
'' Baby, don't worry about if he wants you he wants you he will show up on the wedding day and wish you a happy birthday and after that, he will be ready to marry you, '' my mom said with a really strong voice.
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