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The Flames

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Surviving a heartbreak is not easy. Not easy at all. It wasn’t for Laasya either. One single moment changed her life and made it unbearable……. But can there be one more moment that can change it for the good? Can there be a certain someone who can give her that moment or can she be that someone for someone else? Well for now let’s just say she got way more than a moment. . . . . . . The Twin Flames are said to be the closest things to “soulmates” in Hindu mythology and being one of the Flames is rare in itself, let alone finding the other Flame. Such supernatural bonds do not come without a price. The question is will The Flames be able to handle it? Can they grasp the magnitude of it all?? This is a story of love, lust, and of course a little drama!!

Romance / Humor
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It was 4 PM in Sayara city. Laasya was standing on the edge of her building’s roof, staring down at the ground, five floors below. Her face showed no expression at all and yet her eyes were teary. The pain she was suffering from was so immense that she couldn’t feel anything at all at this point.

“I’m sorry, Neil. I can’t take it anymore.”, she whispered looking at the sky, her voice shaking, and then suddenly she lets the tears fall as if she was letting all the pain out.

Crying only made it worse because now she could see his dead, lifeless face that she had seen 17 days ago.
“No!” she screamed and forcefully shut her eyes. She didn’t want to accept any of it. She couldn’t accept that the person she loved so much, that the person with whom she was supposed to spend the rest of her life was now dead.
For 17 days she tried her best to cope up with it and excepted but she couldn’t. It was as if something inside her was broken.
Laasya knew that nobody could understand what she was going through, not even her family, because even she, herself, couldn’t understand the hollowness that she felt after Neil’s death.

Neil’s face flashed in front of her one more time, this time he was smiling warmly at her, like he always did . With this she took a deep breath and without opening her eyes, jumped off the building.


Hello guys! So that was the prologue! I hope you liked it ! Also, this story, in no ways, glorifies or supports suicide.
Next update will be on coming Tuesday! ❤️
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