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Chapter 11

Pulling into the parking lot of the public beach, a tall woman with red streaks in her dark hair approached us. “Holy hell, little girl that was some show! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sitting so long at a red light! Lucy DeAngelo,” the woman said, pushing a business card into my hand. “How’s about you bring your cute adorable little self into the studio and let’s see how you sound on a recording?” Lady say what now?! My mouth dropped.

Mama took the card from her speechless daughter, aka me, giggling. “Hello Lucy, I am Adelaide Stone and this firecracker is my daughter Amber. We would love to take you up on your offer. How about I call you after the California State Vocal Solo and Ensemble competition next week? Amber is competing.” Lucy stepped back with her hand over her heart.

“With a voice like that she’s going to sweep that competition! Congratulations Amber!” Lucy spoke with Adelaide while I just stood there, too shocked to say anything. When it was time for Lucy to go, the women shook hands. “Oh my God, could you be any more ridiculously adorable!” she gushed and ran back to her car, her phone in her hand. As she pulled out she was already talking excitedly with someone on the other end.

“Amber!” a familiar voice shouted from the boardwalk. It was Miranda. She was running up to me at top speed. “Omigod you have to see this! Girl you are a Rockstar!”

“What are you talking about?” I was still dazed from my encounter with Lucy.

“Look!” Miranda shoved her phone in my face. Someone at the stoplight had recorded me and the video was blowing up all over the internet. “You are such a badass!” In her excitement, Miranda hadn’t noticed Mama standing there. “Sorry Mrs. Stone! I mean you are such a phenomenal singer!” Mama laughed.

“Miranda, I am not Mrs. Stone. I’m sure the fils de pute has already found another woman to bestow that title on. One I gladly relinquish,” she giggled. “You can call me Addie. I’ve only been telling you that for years now.”

Maman! No swearing! It’s not ladylike!” I chastised Mama for calling my father a son of a whore. Mama and Miranda threw their heads back in loud laughter.

“I’m sorry, darling. There are only so many words to describe your father and sadly none of them are nice.” Grinning mischievously, Mama grabbed us by the arms and led us down to the beach. “Now let’s go show off our glorious feminine assets, shall we?” We giggled and spent the rest of the day together lounging on the sand and playing in the surf.


I was spending the day with my rambunctious and rowdy sisters. They had descended upon me early that morning with breakfast.

“Wake up, baby brother!” Raven proclaimed loudly as she pounced on my slumbering back.

“Oof! Get off me, Rave! Geez! Let a guy get some sleep will ya?” I buried my head under my pillow.

“Nope!” said Allegra. “Get your ass up! We got plans today!” She joined Raven in her pouncing, snatching the pillow off my head. I grunted in profound displeasure.

“You know I hate when you all do that.” The girls giggled.

“Yeah we know. Why do you think we do it?” Calista grinned. “No but seriously, we made plans to spend the whole day with our adorable and much loved baby brother. So come on, grumpy. Up and in the shower with you!” I huffed and threw the covers back.

“Ok fine. I’ll meet you harpies downstairs in fifteen minutes.” The girls squealed and poured out the door. Sisters. Yeah, I loved them.

“Coffee will be waiting!” Harlow called back. I shook my head and chuckled. Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water cascade over me. My thoughts immediately went to Amber. I wondered what she was doing today. I had made it my personal mission to act as her bodyguard after Tristan pulled his stunt. I felt us growing closer each day and I had kept my word to myself that I wouldn’t touch her. But God did I want to! I wanted to hold her tight against me and kiss her into oblivion. I wanted to run my hands through her glorious hair and feel her body writhing beneath me. I wanted to hear her call my name in the throes of passion as I made love to her.

Bowing my head, I let the water flow down my back. I decided to woo her but I still hesitated. Amber was an open book when it came to her feelings and she wore her heart on her sleeve. I would never forgive myself for ever hurting her. And there is the whole love thing. I was afraid. I was afraid that I would only end up hurting her. I almost wished I could purge my want for her because I was fast losing my fear.

Turning off the water, I got out of the shower and dressed quickly. Tromping down the stairs, I met my sisters in the kitchen. Harlow handed me a hot cup of coffee, made just the way I liked it. “So dear sisters of mine, what mischief do you have planned for me today?” They looked at each other, then at me and grinned. Shit. That was never good.

“You will just have to wait and see,” Calista winked. The coffee mugs were put away and we left the house. Piling into Calista’s Suburban, we made our way to our destination. By the looks of the highway scenery, we were heading into Los Angeles.

“Please tell me we aren’t spending all day shopping!” I whined. The girls just laughed.

“No baby brother we are not,” Raven answered. “We thought a day together at the Santa Monica Pier would do us all some good. We haven’t done that since you were little.”

“You mean since Mom and Dad split,” I said. She nodded. I squeezed her hand gently and smiled. “I think that sounds like an awesome idea. Maybe I will throw up on Harlow again on the Ferris wheel.”

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