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Chapter 15

“An old French love song JuJu used to sing to Grandpapa. La vie en rose. I don’t know why I did it, just seemed like you needed it.” He lifted his head and let me wipe the last traces of his tears from his face.

“What does it mean?”

Des yeux qui font baisser les miens. Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche. Voila le portrait sans retouches de l’homme auquel j’appartiens.” I spoke the lyrics in French then translated into English with a shy smile. “A gaze that makes me lower my own. A laugh that is lost on his lips. That is the un-retouched portrait of the man to whom I belong.” Brock’s breath caught in his throat. His hazel eyes bore into my green ones as if seeing me for the first time.


“How in the hell did I ever get so lucky as to have you come into my life,” I whispered. Taking my thumb, I caressed her cheek. “I’m in love with you, Amber Jewel Stone.” She closed her eyes and leaned into my touch.

“I’m glad because I’m in love with you too, Brock Andrew Landry.” She kissed me tenderly as she sifted her fingers through my hair. I kissed her back with the same tenderness. Pulling back, I stared deeply in her eyes with a soft smile.

“I tried so hard not to fall in love with you. I fought my feelings for you because you deserve so much better than me. I don’t want to fight anymore. You have my heart, beautiful and I gladly give it to you.” I crushed my lips to hers, taking her in a deep passionate kiss that conveyed my love for her. She answered me with equal passion, opening up her mouth like a flower. When our tongues met, the desire for each other swept over us like a tsunami. I broke the kiss, breathing heavily, laying my forehead against hers.

“I want you in all ways, Amber. I am dying to make love to you. But I want to do this right. I want to woo you, show you how a girl should be treated. We will take this at your pace, baby.”

“You know, Tristan was right about what he said the day he apologized in the hall. He didn’t stand a chance because my heart already belonged to you. I didn’t want to be with anyone else because all I could ever think about was you. I wanted my first boyfriend to be you, you already got my first kiss and I wanted my first time to be with you.” She laced her fingers around my neck. “I know you have a reputation, Brock. I’ve seen the girls throw themselves at you, beautiful girls I can’t compete with. I didn’t want to be just another girl you slept with. I wanted to be someone special but I was so scared I wouldn’t be.”

“Hey, baby girl, listen to me. You are the most beautiful, amazing girl I’ve ever met. There’s not a woman on this planet who could ever measure up to you. Since you put those gorgeous lips on me in my car that day, I haven’t looked at another girl since. I can’t. They only remind me of what they aren’t…you.”

“Do you really mean that?” she asked hesitantly. “Gosh Brock if you broke my heart I think you would break my soul too. I don’t think I could ever recover from that.”

“Is that why you never said anything, why you held yourself back?” I asked quietly. When she nodded her head, I buried my face in her neck again. “Oh sweetheart, if you only knew. I had full intentions of seducing you when I invited you to see my house. When I finally had you in my room, I couldn’t go through with it. Not because I didn’t want you but because I wanted you so much the thought of hurting you made me sick.”

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth. I used my thumb to pull her lip from her teeth. “I talked to my sisters about us,” I chuckled. “They basically told me to stop being stupid and go after you.” She smiled.

“I think I’m going to like your sisters,” she giggled. “Now that we have all that settled and the ‘I love yous’ have been said, can we go back to the kissing?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” I mumbled, claiming her lips again. This kiss was not tender by any means. It was filled with the hunger and want we’ve been struggling with since we met. Amber could feel the growing evidence of my desire pressing against her core but I kept still. Instead of sending a shuttle of fear through her, it was shivers of lust down her spine with my gentle caresses. I figured she would be scared after everything with Tristan but I knew I made her feel safe. She knew all she had to do was say no and I would stop. I would never force anything on her.

My lips left hers to trail across her jaw and down her neck. “You turned me on so bad when you spoke French to me.” I licked the pulse raging at her nape, letting my hands slide down the sides of her ribcage. “Can you feel what you do to me?” I pulled her hips down against my erection, grinding against her mound. She melted in my embrace with a throaty moan. “Tell me now if you want me to stop, angel. I’m losing control pretty quick, you’re so damn sexy.”

“Don’t stop, Brock. Show me why all these girls want you so bad.” Holy hell! I groaned as she swiveled her hips on my lap.

“God Amber, are you sure?” I could barely breathe. She leaned forward, pressing her supple breasts against my hard chest. Her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth, catching the lobe of my ear and drawing it between her teeth. “Damn woman!”

“Mhm,” she hummed. “I’m sure.” I swept her up in my arms and took off up the stairs, causing her effervescent giggles to bounce off the walls.

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