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Chapter 16

I slammed the door of my room with the heel of my foot, locking it behind me. Striding swiftly toward the bed, I laid her down. Her eyes were dark and filled with lust and all of it for me. Her lips plump and swollen from my kisses with her glorious hair spilled out around her, I was looking at heaven. Smiling, she reached for me. I met her with another feverish kiss. I nudged her legs apart with my knee and nestled between them. My hands roamed over her curves in an effort to memorize them. I’d be exploring every inch of them later.

She gasped when she felt my warm fingers travel under her shirt, resting on the underside of her breasts. She arched her back, giving me permission to proceed. When I covered them, she let out a low moan as my thumbs scraped across her nipples through the lace of her bra. She didn’t fight as I pushed her bra up so I could feel her bare skin beneath my palms. Her nipples became hard nubs under my touch and made her squirm.

“Lift your arms, baby girl.” She obeyed. Her rosy nipples pebbled harder as she felt the cool air caress them. Before she could think about covering herself, my lips latched onto her left nipple suckling gently. My fingers were rolling and tugging her right nipple, compounding the pleasure to seep directly between her legs. I continued to draw circles around her areola with my tongue, nipping gently at the bud and causing her to breathe heavily.

“Brock,” she whispered, fisting my hair to press my face closer to her breasts. While I worked her breasts, I slipped one hand down her waist to cup her mound. “Holy cow!” As I pressed the palm of my hand down, she moaned again. She felt the button and zipper of her jeans give way as my hand slid inside over the thin fabric of her panties.

“Damn baby you’re so wet already.” I slowly lowered her jeans, flinging them to the floor when I got them off. I gave her a wicked grin before taking a bite out of her panties and removing them with my teeth. She now lay on my bed completely naked. She was even more beautiful than I’d ever imagined. In a moment of self-consciousness, she tried to draw her knees up.

“No no, my angel,” I purred. “Please don’t hide this perfection from me. All these delicious curves just for me.” I felt her relax again as I pushed her legs apart. Her pussy was glistening and calling my name like a siren from the depths of the sea. I ran my hands up her legs, laying soft kisses along her inner thighs enjoying the quiver wherever my lips touched. My hot breath against her bare skin caused her breath to hitch in her throat. Capturing her gaze, I slid my tongue between her lips. She tasted sweeter than honey. “Mm, so fucking sweet,” I breathed against her clit, making her shiver in delight. A low groan escaped me as I began to feast on her.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. She threw her head back and lost herself in the sensation my tongue was wringing from her. When I latched onto her clit and drew it into my mouth, she about lost her mind. I flicked the little pleasure nub fast then slow, alternating speed and pressure.

“Feel good, baby?” She couldn’t speak. All she could do was nod her head. “I’m going to get you ready for me, ok? I’m going to make you come…hard.” She nodded again. Her mouth opened in a perfect ‘o’ when she felt my finger enter her channel. My tongue continued its wicked assault on her clit as I moved my finger in and out in a steady rhythm. By the time I inserted a second finger, her orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave.

“Brock!” she screamed. Her back bowed and her hands grabbed onto my head. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to pull my away or push me closer. I’d long ago made her lose her senses so all she had left were the incredible sensations rocketing through her that I caused. I didn’t move away until the violent tremors that consumed her began to subside.

I stripped off my clothes while she struggled to catch her breath. I laid my body between her quivering legs, kissing her again. “You ready, my love?” Just saying that made me smile.

“Hell yeah,” she said, crushing her lips to mine.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can, baby girl but it will hurt a little.”

“I know, dahlin’.” Her accent was so thick, I felt myself grow even harder. I penetrated her slowly, taking my time hoping to minimize the pain. Unable to take the torture of the slow entry, she wrapped her legs around my waist and thrust herself up. She yelped at the sting as I broke through her barrier. I lay still waiting for the pain to pass, laying light kisses on her cheeks and eyes.

“Are you ok, angel?” I stroked the hair away from her cheek.

“Neva betta, mon chéri,” she murmured. Her deep accent and words of love in French washed over me as I began to move. I thrust with even steady strokes, wanting to savor the feel of her tight wet channel against my shaft. The pain was swiftly replaced with ecstasy. “Mm that feels so good,” she purred. Something had been loosed inside her as I made love to her. She now had a desire to feel me with every inch of her body, to be as close to me as she could get, making her a little brazen.

“Shit Amber you feel fucking fantastic.” My pace picked up and my strokes became longer. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I watched her respond to me. God how I loved this girl. Now she was mine, completely mine just as I was hers.

“Harda, baby,” she said as she gripped my shoulders. How could I deny her? “Ah yes, Brock! Just like that!” I drew my cock almost completely out of her before plunging back in with a hard upward thrust. I wanted her to come one more time before I did but I wasn’t going to last much longer. I reached down between us and pressed my thumb against her clit.

“Come for me, angel,” I said as I continued to thrust long, hard and deep within her velvet heat. At my command, she shattered in my arms again as her orgasm rolled over her once more in violent shudders. Her walls constricted around me like a vice as I came with her. I came so hard I damn near roared while she screamed my name.

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