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Chapter 17

Soft hands traced up my back along my shoulders as she laid tender kisses along my collarbone. “So that’s what I been missin’,” she giggled. I laid my forehead against hers, grinning from ear to ear. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed her feathery touches and the feel of her skin slick with sweat against mine. I was overcome with emotion, unable to speak so I just laid with her breathing in her scent and feeling the love she had for me coming through her gentle strokes.

“That was….perfect. Just like you, angel.” I kissed her with tenderness, wonder and love. Pulling out, I disposed of the condom and scooped her into my arms. “I’ve never felt anything close to that before, Amber.” I pulled her close, burying my face in her hair. “I love you,” I said kissing her temple. “Thank you.”

“For what, sweetheart?”

“For giving me your luscious body,” I kissed her again, “and for giving me your extraordinary heart.” She smiled warmly, her love shining brightly in her eyes. Drawing her bottom lip between her teeth, she ran her hands over my chest scraping her nails against his abs.

“Well handsome why don’t you show me just how thankful you are?” I rolled her on top of me, grasping her hips and grinding against her with a wicked gleam in my eyes. She moaned at the sensations, squeezing my well defined pecs. She dipped down to my waist, trailing her tongue from my naval to the divet in my neck between my collarbones.


“Fuck, woman what are you doing?” With another giggle, she inched down my lap letting her fingernails scrape along my muscular thighs. “Oh honey you don’t have…..oh fuck!” She lapped at the head of my cock with tiny little kitten licks. Her small hands stroked my semi hard shaft, letting her tongue circle under the ridge with the same tiny licks.

“Oh this gone be all kinds of fun,” she said before taking me in her mouth.

I knew Amber was a virgin and I wondered if she had ever been this close to a cock before because mine fascinated her. Every touch, every breath made me groan and grow harder and longer in her hands. My hands fisted her hair gently, guiding her as she explored me.

“Ah fuck, Amber!” She rolled her lips down the length of me until I felt the back of her throat against the head. She had taken all of me. No girl had ever taken all of me. Her lips seemed to kiss the base of my dick as she slowly dragged her head back up. A few more of those strokes in her hot mouth made me pull her off before I came in her mouth. I didn’t think she was ready for that.

“Aw what happened, baby?” she pouted. “Was I doin’ it wrong?”

“No, angel,” I breathed heavily. “That was incredible but I didn’t want to come in your mouth. Besides, I need to taste that sweet pussy again.” I pulled her up until her pussy was perfectly lined with my mouth. My tongue slid along her slit, making her moan loudly. She was already soaking wet again, anticipating another mind blowing session of lovemaking. My hands kneaded the globes of her ass, spreading her apart for my mouth to ravage her.

“Oh my God, Brock!” She pitched forward, grabbing fistfuls of the sheets to steady herself. “You are so wicked!” Chuckling, I inserted two fingers into her forming a fishhook to stroke that one spot deep inside. The sensation of my fingers pumping in and out of her was maddening, especially as I massaged her sweet spot. Hell she probably didn’t even know she had a sweet spot that far inside her. The pressure of me rubbing and scissoring against her walls made strings of French pour out of her mouth. I was going to make this beautiful girl, with my face shoved between her legs, come again. And come hard.

Drawing her clit into my mouth, I gave it one hard suck as I pressed on her sweet spot. That French was driving me absolutely mad, making me so hard it hurt. She screamed my name, coming all over my face. I didn’t care. I would never get enough of her ambrosia, my fire haired fairy. Dragging her down my body, I claimed her lips, letting her taste herself on my tongue. I quickly sheathed my dick in a condom and pounded deep into her quivering flesh.

“You feel so fucking good, angel! So fucking tight!” I groaned. She pushed herself hard down on my thick cock, rocking her hips. “That’s it, baby. Ride me. Let that wild girl out.” I palmed her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers. The sight of her, with her red hair flowing around her like fire and her eyes filled with lust was incredible. I grabbed her hips and took over, sliding her up and down on my cock. I knew she was getting close because the walls of her pussy started to contract.

We climaxed together in what felt like fireworks. Collapsing against my heaving chest, she purred “Je veux faire des galipettes tous les jour avec toi” giving me a kiss on my shoulder. Rolling gently, I pulled out of her to dispose of the condom. As I laid back down in a heap, she snuggled into my side.

“What did you say, angel?” I asked. She giggled.

“I said I wanna make love with you every day.” Holy shit even after two rounds of amazing sex, her Southern accent mixed with French turned me on. Giving her a sexy smirk, I pulled her close and kissed her.

“Sweetheart, you keep talking to me with your sexy accent and in French, I’ll do whatever you want.” She threw her head back and laughed.

“Well if I’d known it would be that easy to get you to do my bidding, I’d a done that a long time ago.”

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