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Chapter 21


We were all piled into Vito’s laying serious waste to some serious pizza. It seemed to taste extra good today but maybe that was because I was so fucking happy right now. Don’t know, don’t care. I was still on cloud nine from today’s events. I finally had the woman of my dreams, the dreams I didn’t know I had. Watching Amber laugh and talk with our friends, seeing the sheer joy on her beautiful face made my heart soar. I could watch her for hours.

“So, what are your intentions with my girl?” I choked on my pizza a bit while Amber froze. Miranda didn’t pull any punches, did she? She looked me dead in the face with a serious expression. “You know if you hurt her I will publicly castrate you, don’t you?” Ouch. I gulped and put a hand over my dick.

“I would rather die than hurt her, Miranda,” I said. “She’s the light I didn’t know I was missing in my life.” I looked at Amber with a smile, tucking her hair behind her ear and cupping her cheek. “She’s way too precious to me.” That seemed to satisfy Miranda as she retracted her claws, her lips splitting into a wide grin. She squealed and clapped her hands.

“Yay! I’ve been dying for you to grow balls, boy and snatch her up!” Amber laughed, her cheeks flushing pink. I loved that she still blushed. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Aaron’s smug smile as he watched us. I knew he was patting himself on the back for calling it. He knew I was head over heels for this girl before I did, way before I was ever willing to admit it.

My mind went back to our time spent in each other’s arms. The way she responded to my touch was something else. She gave in to me willingly, gave herself to me and took my heart all over again when she whispered my name. I don’t know how she did it and I no longer care. I’m just glad she did. I couldn’t imagine having my heart in anyone else’s care. I knew Amber would cherish it and give my love back to me many times over. Yep, I was one lucky bastard.

Competition Day…


Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! I’m going to throw up, I just know it! I’m so freaking nervous! I can’t stop pacing! Where is my dang center?! Ok, girl breathe like JuJu taught you. In, out. In, out. In, out. All right, I think I got it now. Oh yeah, here comes the calm. Large hands were running up and down my arms bringing soothing sensations to my frazzled psyche. Brock. That wonderfully sweet, sexy man of mine. Slowly he pulled me back against his warm chest, resting his chin on the top of my head.

“Relax, baby girl,” he whispered. “I got you.” I let myself melt in his arms, laying my head back and breathing in his amazing scent. I loved the smell of his cologne. Something about it was always so calming when I was stressed. But it sure could wind up my libido when I was horny. We haven’t had sex again since that first time. I’ve been so busy preparing for this competition that all my focus has been on this one thing. But Brock hasn’t complained, not once. He’s taken care of me instead, making sure I’m eating and sleeping like I should be. I’ve never met a more caring man than this one cradling me in his arms right now. I was one lucky girl that he fell in love with little ol’ me.

“Thank you, honey,” I said, sighing in contentment. “You always know just what I need.” He chuckled, giving me a gentle squeeze.

“That’s because you’re a queen, angel, and you deserve to be treated like royalty.” I think I just melted a little. Literally.

“What good is a queen without her king?” I said, rubbing his corded forearms and lacing my fingers through his. It was just about time for me to take the stage. He turned me slowly, looking deep in my eyes with love and pride.

“This king is useless without his queen. Now go out there and show them the incredibly gorgeous and talented badass you are.” He kissed me softly. This was not our normal passionate kiss meant to take our breath away. This one was intimate, precious, tender and meant to pour all the love he felt for me in his heart into me. It worked. The performer before me was finished and the applause was deafening. It was go time. Stroking his cheek, I winked and sauntered out to the stage as the emcee called my name. I was going to kill it!

This was it. All contestants were lined up on the stage behind the emcee. The venue was silent, so silent you could have heard a pin drop. We were holding hands as is tradition amongst performers in such a setting, waiting with bated breath to hear the results.

“This year’s third place winner hails from beautiful Northern California. Let’s hear it for Mt. Carmel High School’s own Connor McMahan!” Wow! He was amazing! If he was third then…

“Our second place winner comes from sunny San Diego. Give it up for Beachmont High School’s Aurora Raines!” Ok now I’m getting nervous. Aurora was the performer before me and she was dang good. Oh crap…

“And now ladies and gentlemen, judges, it is my pleasure to announce our first place winner. She’s a petite powerhouse with the voice of an angel. I give you East Point High’s…AMBER STONE!” Wait what?! I stood there in shock. “Come on Amber!” the emcee encouraged, taking my hand and leading me to the center of the stage. The crowd roared and clapped but I didn’t hear any of it. I couldn’t believe I won! The dean of Berkeley College came across the stage with what looked like a large check in his hand.

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