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Chapter 24

“I love you too, baby girl,” he rasped out, still trying to catch his breath. We laid in each other’s arms, unable and unwilling to move. He finally moved long enough to dispose of the condom and to scoop me up to carry me into the bathroom. We sunk into the steaming water, his front to my back and contented ourselves with a good soak.

“Will it always be like that?” I asked him softly, snuggling tight in his arms.

“No. It will only get better,” he said, kissing my bare shoulder. I was hoping he’d say that but good grief! Just thinking about the sex being more explosive between us had my heartrate speeding up. “There is so much I want to do to you, angel. So many, many dirty things,” he chuckled.

Giggling I laid my head back on his chest. “I’ll let you do them all,” I responded. I could feel him getting hard again. His cock was pressing into my back, getting harder by the second. “Before we go for round two I have something to tell you first.” He tensed immediately and I felt the frown rather than saw it. I turned around so I was straddling his hips and looking into his beautiful hazel eyes.

“What is it?” he asked, the tension clear in his voice. I could see the fear in his eyes. Silly boy was overthinking again and thinking bad thoughts, like I was leaving him or something crazy like that. I kissed him long and deep until I felt the tension begin to loosen up.

“Brock, honey this is good news,” I said as I stroked his cheek, running my thumb over his cheekbone. He took a deep breath and relaxed completely. I told him about the appearance on WKLA and how excited I was to not only perform on live TV with my new friends but to be given the opportunity to share JuJu’s song with the world. Well, at least with East Point.

“Oh my God babe! That’s amazing!” He was so happy he crushed me to his chest, laughing and planting kisses all over my face and neck. I giggled and squirmed in his lap. “This is only the beginning for you, Amber.” His eyes softened and a sweet smile graced his lips. He reached up and stroked his long fingers down my cheek. “I am the luckiest guy in the universe, angel,” he whispered, his voice catching. “I never thought I’d ever meet someone like you much less have you love me the way you do. I don’t deserve you, you know that?”

“Oh no sugar. It’s me who doesn’t deserve you,” I said. “I always think I’ll never be enough for you. You’ve been so wonderful that I find myself thinking this is all a dream and I’m gonna wake up to find that you were only in my imagination.”

“Believe me, angel, I’m as real as it gets,” he whispered, kissing me again. I sighed in contentment. If nothing else great happened in my life, I would be satisfied as long as I was wrapped in Brock’s arms.


My sisters were coming over tonight for dinner. Amber was spending the night for the first time. We were just a few weeks away from graduation. I’m a hot mess, people. I’ve been getting threatening texts from that same unknown number. Detective Frazier says it must be a burner phone because he can’t trace where they’re coming from. I think it’s time I pay a little visit to Tristan. I’m absolutely sure that’s where the threats are coming from. I also haven’t told Amber about them. I don’t want her regressing. She’s in a really good place and I will not let that asshole pull her back down into her darkness. I’ll kill him first.

I’ve made my signature lasagna for tonight’s dinner. Surprised I can cook? Chicks dig a guy who can cook so I made sure to learn over the years. Instead of using it as a seduction tool, I’m using it…well it’s still a seduction tool but I’ll be using it on my girlfriend instead of some random hook up. Oh yeah. Once she’s tasted my specialty, she’ll be putty in my hands, ready to let me do whatever dirty things I want to do. Believe me, when it comes to that sexy little pixie, there’s plenty of dirty things I want to do to her.

The table was set, the wine poured, the candles lit and the lasagna was cooling. I still had plenty of time to get ready. Running up the stairs to my bedroom, I stripped and climbed into the shower. I couldn’t wait for tonight, to hold my girl all night and make love to her in as many ways as I could imagine. I was already hard in anticipation when I felt a pair of tiny hands trail up the sides of my thighs. “Let me take care of that for you, sugar,” her sultry voice sounded from behind me. The little vixen had snuck in on me. I turned around, grinning like an idiot and pulled her in for a blistering kiss. She pressed her incredible breasts against my chest and took my cock in her smooth hands.

“Fuck, woman!” I groaned into her mouth. She pulled away from the kiss, smiling wickedly at me, the corner of her plump bottom lip caught between her teeth. Before I could say anything, she went down on her knees and took me in her mouth all the way to the hilt. I was too shocked to stop her and I really didn’t want to. She hollowed her cheeks and pulled her mouth away slowly, those big green eyes of hers watching me. This was the fulfillment of a big fantasy of mine and she didn’t even know it.

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