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Chapter 25

She massaged my thighs as she sucked my dick, her tongue doing crazy things when she got to the head of it. Long slow licks as she slid her mouth up and down, fast kitten licks under the head and fluttering over my slit. I entwined my fingers in her hair but she didn’t need any guidance from me. This was turning into the best blowjob I’d ever had. I don’t know what got into my gorgeous girlfriend but damn! I was sure glad of it. Then she gently cupped my balls and began stroking them in time with the movement of her mouth.

“Amber baby you have to stop,” I could barely get the words out. The pleasure racing up and down my spine, gathering in my balls told me I was so close. I didn’t think she’d want me to come in her mouth. I tried to gently pry her off my pulsing cock but she was relentless. She simply winked at me and deepthroated me with a sexy moan of her own. That was all it took. “Ah FUCK!” I shouted my release as I spilled down the back of her throat. She took it all, sucking me dry, licking me clean until my body stopped convulsing. I take back what I just said. This was the best blowjob I’d ever had.

“Mmm you taste good,” she giggled. I was breathless, my chest heaving as I tried to calm down. I leaned back against the shower wall. She rose up and kissed me then stepped back out of the shower. “Hurry up handsome! Your sisters will be here shortly!” I couldn’t move. I just closed my eyes and smiled as my heartbeat slowed. When I was finally able to turn off the water, I exited the shower and toweled of quickly, hoping to catch her in my room so I could return the favor. But she was nowhere to be found. I dressed as fast as I could and bounded down the stairs in search of my fire haired fairy turned devious sex kitten.


Tonight was going to be special. I was going to finally meet Brock’s sisters and spend the night for the first time. Mama was away on business for the weekend and I was going to spend two days wrapped up in the arms of my amazingly sexy boyfriend. I couldn’t wait. I was so excited that I got there early and I’m so glad I did! I had the intentions of helping him with dinner but my baby had everything done. When I didn’t find him downstairs, I took my bags upstairs to his room. Hearing the water running in the shower gave me a brilliant idea, something I’d been wanting to try but Brock would always stop me. He said my pleasure was always first and as much as I loved him for that, I wanted to pleasure him. I wanted to watch his eyes roll back and lose control. Brock didn’t know that I’d been doing some research on how to give a blowjob. I read so many articles and even watched some instructional videos I found. I was ready to blow his mind, literally.

After I finished, I was rather proud of myself. I made him speechless! I left him to finish his shower and get ready for dinner. I hummed my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. Watching my man lose control because I was touching him was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I would definitely be repeating that! I couldn’t help but smile and giggle at my boldness and knowing Brock had enjoyed the heck out of it made me very happy. I wanted to spend the rest of my life making him happy. He was my person, the one meant for me. I believed that with every fiber of my being.

“Hello hello!” A woman’s voice called out as the front door flew open. Two beautiful women walked through and I could tell right away they were Brock’s sisters. The family resemblance was strong. “Oh my God, you must be Amber!” Both of them squealed and drew me into a big hug. Giggling, I hugged them back. I learned I was talking with Calista and Raven. We chatted as we waited for the other two sisters and for Brock. Speak of my boyfriend and he appears bounding down the stairs with a big smile on his face. He scooped me up and planted a heated kiss on my lips, taking my breath away.

“Awww!” came the collective response. All four sisters were here now and watched as Brock laid the liplock on me. His eyes burned into me, the fire of his lust searing my core with need, silently promising me a night filled with untold pleasure.

“Come on, baby bro!” Harlow slapped his shoulder, giggling as he set me back on my feet. “Dinner smells delicious and I’m starving!” We made our way to the dining room. Harlow was not wrong. Dinner did smell fabulous but I was unprepared for the mouthful of flavorful delight bursting on my tongue. The lasagna was amazing!

“You like?” I could see the hesitance in his eyes as he asked me.

“It’s incredible!” I said around my mouthful. “Did you make this?” He beamed and nodded, shoveling a bite in his mouth.

“Oh yeah, our baby brother is a man of many talents,” Calista giggled. “He’s an excellent cook but he doesn’t get much time to practice.”

“He probably would if we didn’t feed him,” Raven said. The rest of the dinner was filled with great conversation, the girls giving away all Brock’s childhood secrets as they regaled tales of a mischievous little boy who lived to cause trouble and tease his older sisters. I could picture a pint sized Brock with messy hair and sparkling hazel eyes, a smile as wide as the state of Texas. They asked me several questions that I didn’t mind one bit answering. Until they asked about my father.

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