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Chapter 30

“No. It’s not.” Aksel sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his long hair. “I think I’m already too late anyway. She’s been pretty much glued to Roman since all that happened. And don’t get me started on my cousins. You know they share their women, right?” Wait..what?? Oh damn. “I don’t want Dani caught up in that shit but what can I do? She hates me and it’s my fault.”

“Yeah it is, man. But it’s big of you to admit that. Now are you going to let your cousins make her their latest plaything or are you going to strap on some balls and get your girl?” He chuckled and pulled me into a bro hug.

“I love you man. I’m going to miss your crazy ass.” Laughing, I hugged him back.

“Same here, bro.”


The party at Aaron’s lake house was in full swing. We were all having the time of our lives! Mama finally agreed to date Dr. Carraway. Oops! I mean Stephen. Apparently she was waiting until I was no longer a student at his high school before she would agree to go out with him. They are so stinking cute!

“There my girl is! Come love on your ol’ JuJu, ma petit sirène!” I laughed as I wrapped my arms around my grandmother. “Oh my angel baby I have missed you somethin’ awful!” I hugged her tight.

“I’ve missed you too, JuJu,” I whispered, trying my hardest not to cry.

“Now where is that handsome boyfriend of yours?” she giggled, her eyes twinkling with mirth. “I see how you fell for that one, Amber baby. He’s hot!”

“Back off, JuJu! He’s mine!” I laughed, kissing her cheek as she giggled like a little girl.

“Oh honey he’s pretty but he’ll never be your Grandpapa. That old man still has my heart and will until the day I die. And I’m perfectly fine with that.”

“Oh my God you weren’t kidding, Amber!” Lucy DeAngelo was grinning from ear to ear as she approached us. She extended a hand to JuJu. “You have to be Amber’s JuJu. I’m Lucy DeAngelo.” JuJu smiled and pulled Lucy into a hug.

“You’d be right, Lucy,” she giggled. “This angel here is my precious granddaughter.” The two women began talking music and JuJu regaled her with some of her tales from her USO days. Lucy was laughing so hard she was crying when JuJu told her to story of how she met Grandpapa.

“Mama!” Uncle’s voice boomed across the yard. It caught everyone’s attention, especially Lucy’s. Her eyes about popped out of her head when she caught sight of him. He was smiling and sauntering toward us, speaking in French.

“Woah,” was all she could get out. I giggled and stepped closer to her.

“That’s my uncle Etienne,” I said softly. “My mama’s little brother.”

“Oh honey,” she breathed out. “There is nothing little about that man. The only word that comes to mind is…delicious.” I threw back my head and laughed as Lucy winked at me, giggling in return. Uncle picked JuJu up and kissed her on the cheek.

“Etienne, put me down now,” she chuckled, playfully swatting his broad chest. “I’m a go find Addie. Behave yourself now, boy.” She giggled like a teenager as she headed off to find Mama.


Holy sweet baby Jesus, to coin a phrase from Amber. This man was beautiful and sexy as hell. Even his name was sexy. Etienne. Damn. That black hair waving over his forehead, those vivid blue eyes that looked like he was staring straight through my clothes. The way he slid his gaze over me I was sure he could see me naked under my dress. And I was perfectly fine with that.

“Uncle, this is Lucy DeAngelo, one of the owners of Olympus Records.” Amber hugged the big man and slipped her arm through his as he kissed the top of her head.

“I know right exactly who she is, ma petite papillon.” My God, that accent! “Lucid Angels was my battalion’s favorite band.” He turned those intense blue eyes on me and I thought I was going to melt right there. “We rolled into battle many times to Toxic Encounter. Those fucking desert rats didn’t know what hit ’em.” I was shocked! He extended his hand, taking mine and placing those full lush lips on my knuckles. “Retired Master Sergeant Etienne LeBoeuf, US Marine Corp and most definitely at your service.” Oh dear Lord I was so in trouble.

“That’s a hell of a name there, Master Sergeant,” I said with a slow sultry smile. “I’m glad my girls and I helped you save the day.” I’d like to help him all right. Right into my arms and into my bed. I’d never felt such a strong attraction to a man before, not even my ex-husband. I took in his sculpted body, no doubt made by years in the Marines. That white tee shirt was giving me some very unclean thoughts as it strained over his chest and biceps. Good heavens those thighs! Flexing against his dark jeans and leading to the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen. It was the tattoos that pulled the whole bad boy soldier persona together and set my blood on fire. Two full sleeves. Hot damn!

“I’m going to find Brock,” Amber said, giggling as she left the two of us alone. Oh hell. Alone. Why yes, you delicious hunk of sex god, I’d love to be alone with you.


“What are you giggling about, gorgeous?” His deep voice whispered in my ear as he lazily ran his lips over the shell, making me shiver with need.

“Uncle has the hots for Lucy,” I breathed out, tilting my head to the side to give him better access to my neck. He took me up on my invitation to nibble and lick the sensitive skin.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “I have the hots for you. Think we can leave yet? I’m dying to fuck your brains out, baby girl.” I sighed and ground my ass against his growing erection, his words getting me soaking wet.

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