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Chapter 35

“That’s not gonna work for me, Emil. You see, I already have a manager and a deal with a record label. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me like nobody’s business and I’m getting one hell of a college education for free.” I pinned him with my gaze, my eyes flaming in determination. “You see, daddy, I don’t need you. I’m truly sorry you came all this way from…well wherever you came from but my life is already pretty great. There’s nothing you have that I want or need. Give my love to my brothers but we won’t be seeing each other again.”

I stood from my seat, took Mama’s hand and strode out of the café, leaving the man who was my father sitting in shock. When we got outside, Mama hugged me so tight I thought she would crush me. She was laughing and crying at the same time.

“Amber, baby I’m so proud of you!” she sniffed. “I don’t know why I was so worried. You handled your father like a boss!” she giggled. She looked inside for Stephen and Brock. Stephen had Brock by a strong grip on his shoulder, steering him to the door.

“Aw come on, man I just want to talk to the guy,” Brock nearly whined. Stephen just shook his head then released him into my arms. Brock was pouting, looking so adorable I couldn’t help but giggle. Stephen scooped my mama up in a toe curling passionate kiss, leaving her breathless when he set her down. The door opened just as he set her down. My father stood on the sidewalk, thunder in his eyes and a mirthless smile on his face.

“I’ll be seeing you girls very soon,” he said as he walked away, winking at Mama. He had the confident swagger of a man who was used to getting his way. Well not this time, Emil Stone. I was in charge. Stephen rolled his eyes and kissed Mama again.

“So I’m a Rolls am I?” he chuckled. Mama smiled and linked her arms around his neck.

“Top of the line, handsome,” she purred, pulling him into another kiss. Oh my gosh they were just precious! I was secretly hoping Emil was eating his heart out somewhere.

“So if he’s a Rolls, what does that make me?” He wiggled his eyebrows while cupping my rear. I giggled as I laced my fingers through his silky hair.

“I’d say that makes you a Ferrari, sugah.”Today could have gone a lot worse than it did. I was prepared to meet Emil and I was proud of myself for holding it together. Mama did too. She didn’t give in to his charm and even rubbed Stephen in his face without looking like a vindictive bitch. I took my strength from her and was glad we decided to face him together. Now, I could put Emil Stone where he belongs. Behind me.


As I sat in the café with Stephen, I tried my best to remain inconspicuous. It was hard though once her father came walking in like he owned the place. I couldn’t really see what was so special about him or why Addy had thought so but to each her own. The only thing Amber seems to have gotten from her father was her glorious red hair. His was the same shade, just a bit duller with age.

I could see the uncomfortable grimace on Amber’s face as Emil pulled her into a hug. I was just about to jump up when I felt Stephen’s hand on my shoulder. He shook his head slightly, telling me to settle down. I decided it would be a good idea not to react so I followed his unspoken advice. As we watched the conversation unfold I could tell he was getting more agitated as he watched Emil flirt with Addy. Addy wasn’t falling for it though. Stephen had nothing to worry about there. I knew Addy was in love with him because I could see it in her eyes when she looked at him. They shone just like Amber’s when she looked at me.

I had to hand it to the guy. He was slick. But he must have lost his touch because neither woman was under his spell. I could see it was unsettling him but the changes were so subtle that unless you looked for them, you’d never see them. I was there to protect my angel but she was showing me once more she didn’t need my protection. She could damn sure protect herself and she was doing an admirable job.

The conversation didn’t go on for much longer before the women were up and walking out, leaving a stunned Emil behind. The man blew out his breath and ran a hand through his perfectly gelled hair, loosing a stray curl across his forehead. Stephen and I stood to follow the girls out the door. I couldn’t help but slap Stephen on the chest and repeat what Addy had said. “Damn man she called you a Rolls!” Stephen chuckled and pulled me out the door.

I made sure to look Emil right in the eyes. I wanted him to know we were the important men in the Stone girls’ lives, not him. I gave him a wink and enjoyed watching his eyes flash with anger. When we got outside, Stephen immediately swung Addy up in his arms for a deep kiss. Damn! Doc got skills! I followed suit because I never can keep my hands off my gorgeous girlfriend.

I kissed her hot and hard, grabbing handfuls of her luscious ass not caring who was watching. I kind of hoped her asshole father was watching because I was staking my claim for the whole world to see. Amber Stone was mine and nobody would fuck with her on my watch.

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