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In the Future



“And the award for Sexiest Wife on the Planet goes to Amber Landry!” I mimic the roar of the crowd in my wife’s ear. She giggles and leans back against me while she tries to choose a dress from her ever expanding wardrobe. Damn but she gets sexier every year we’re together. Oof! How’s a guy supposed to resist curves like hers? We’ve been together ten years now. She’s won several awards, her albums have gone platinum and she’s still rocking my world. She’s given me so much. Two beautiful kids and a third on the way. Her bump has just started to show and I think she’s even more beautiful when she’s carrying my baby.

“Daddy! Daddy!” No sweeter words have been spoken than that one right there. Especially when it falls from the lips of my children. Our daughter Jewel Adeline comes barreling into our bedroom. She’s seven now, going on seventeen. “Oh Daddeeee!! We are going to be late if you don’t let Mama get dressed!” She stands there looking at me with her mother’s green eyes and fire red hair, her hands on her tiny hips.

“Fine!” I grump, releasing Amber and leaving her to her task. Our son Bennett Pierre strolls in trying to whistle through his missing front teeth. He’s five and is my pint sized twin. The only thing he got from Amber was his sweetness. His chestnut hair is sticking every which way and I can’t help but chuckle. “Come on son. Let’s go tame that wild mane of yours.” I kiss Jewel on the top of her head and lead Bennett into the bathroom.

Finally getting his hair combed into some semblance of order, we adjourn back to the bedroom to find Jewel brushing her mother’s hair. My girls are whispering and giggling and all I can do is stand there grinning like a fool.

“Hey Daddy?” Bennett asks, serious all of a sudden.

“Yeah buddy?” I answer, not taking my eyes off my beautiful wife.

“Am I too young for a girlfriend?” What?? How do you answer that?

“Well I guess that depends on the girl, son. Do you have one in mind?” Bennett smiles, his little cheeks flushing the cutest shade of pink.

“Yeah, I sure do,” he said dreamily. Little man is only five and already crazy over the girls.

“Anyone we know?” He nods enthusiastically.

“Yep!” He pops the P dramatically and shoves his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. Oh Lord. If he’s like this at five, what am I in for when he’s fifteen?!

“Well? Who is she?” Giggling his adorable baby giggle, he blushes again and scrunches his nose.

“It’s Kirsten, Daddy.” He rolled his eyes like it was obvious. Kirsten was Ryder and Thyra’s daughter. She was born a month after Bennett. Sighing, he cupped his chin in the way little boys do when they are thinking. “She’s so pretty, Daddy. I just love petting her soft hair.”

“You like her that much, huh?” I tease him. He giggles again.

“Uh huh. I love her, Daddy. I’m gonna marry her when I’m big enough.” Oh good. I had some time then to break the news to my buddy, Ryder. He was very protective of his little princess. I picked him up, planting a kiss on his chubby cheek.

“Well I think you have some time then, son. You know you’ll have to ask Uncle Ryder for his permission to marry her.” He nodded solemnly.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’m ready.” I laughed and hugged him tight. Lord, my five year old already thinking about marriage. I looked over at Amber and she just gave me that secret smile, which tells me she already knew about Bennett’s little crush. Looking at my family, I knew I struck gold in the luck department. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve them but I was sure glad they were mine.


Ten years and I’m still head over heels for this man. He is aging like a fine wine, time doing nothing to diminish his sex appeal. We were finally home from another awards ceremony. My latest album earned me another Billboard Music Award for best female solo artist. I lovingly placed it alongside the others in the cabinet Brock had specially ordered for me. Now that the munchkins were in bed, it was time to take advantage of my gorgeous husband.

He was already sprawled out on the bed, his shirt open and barefoot, while he scrolled through his phone. Damn but my man is fine, ladies. I dimmed the lights and sashayed over to the bed. His eyes were no longer on his phone but glued to my hips, just where I wanted them. I took his phone from his hand and lazily straddled him. Taking my time, I ran my hands up his chiseled chest, parting the fabric of his shirt until it was laid before me. With a devilish smile, I latched on to his neck nipping, licking and kissing my way down to his magnificent abs.

He didn’t say a word. His hazel eyes boring into me, heated with the fires of lust as I continued to have my way with him. . I loved the way he moaned when I touched him. It was a song he only sang for me. I pulled his cock free from the confines of his pants and wasted no time wrapping my hungry lips around it. “Fuck, Amber!” he hissed. I worked him fast and furious, reveling in the sexy groans and growls coming from his throat.

In the blink of an eye I was on my back with his head between my legs. Seems like he was just as hungry for me as I was for him. I was already trembling with just a few swipes of his tongue on my clit. Somehow I got my clothes off, all but the bit of nothing lace I called underwear. Brock made quick work of it, snapping the straps on my hips and tossing it over his shoulder.

We didn’t make love tonight. We fucked. Hot and hard, just the way I liked it. This man made me forget my name every single time. We found our release together, our names on each other’s lips. Breathing hard, he kissed me. “Ten years and you still blow my fucking mind, angel.” I returned his kiss, wrapping my legs around his trim waist.

“It only gets bettah, sugah,” I whispered.
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