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Chapter 6

I’m sorry, Amber. I didn’t bring you here for that. I know you aren’t that kind of girl and you don’t know how happy that makes me.” Without another word, I put the car in gear and drove out to the street. Turning into her driveway, I took her hand. “I’d like to get to know you better. Can we be friends?”

Smiling, she squeezed my hand gently. “Of course we can, Brock. I’d like that very much.” A figure appeared on the porch. “Oh! That’s mama. I better get inside. Thanks for the ride home…and for showing me your house.” She rushed out of the car and up the stairs to the modest house, hugging the woman on the porch. She turned and waved before disappearing inside. I returned home, thinking about the redheaded beauty I’d just kissed. Her lips were softer than I imagined and her passion was just waiting to be unleashed. I couldn’t be the one to unleash it. She deserved much better than me.

Sighing deeply, I walked in my dark house and plopped down on the couch in the living room. I pulled out my phone and went to dial Aaron’s number when I heard the ping telling me I had a message. It was from Parker, a girl in my Chemistry class. She’d sent a picture of her in a very short and revealing dress.

P: Hey handsome. I’m lonely.

B: I’m kinda tired tonight.

P: I’m really good at stress relief.

B: Sorry babe. Maybe another time.

Wait….did I just turn down a booty call from a hot girl?? I sat there sprawled in shock. After having Amber in my house and spending time with her, I found I wasn’t interested in Parker. Oh who was I kidding! After that mind blowing kiss in my car, I didn’t want anyone but the little fire haired fairy with the voice of an angel and a body made for sin.

“Amber Stone, what the fuck have you done to me!” I said to no one but myself. I quickly dialed Aaron.

“Brock my man! To what do I owe this pleasure?” I could hear Aaron’s shit eating grin. “I bet it has something to do with a certain red headed bombshell.”

“I will never know how you do that, dude,” I chuckled. “I think I’m in serious trouble. I just turned down Parker Lee for a booty call.” Aaron’s hysterical laughter could probably be heard in the next neighborhood.

“I knew it!” he hooted. “I fucking knew it! Our little songbird has gotten under your skin, bro. Did you kiss her when you took her home?”

“Well I did a little more than that,” I sighed. “I gave her a tour of the house and THEN I kissed her. I had her all up in my room, right where I wanted her but I couldn’t go through with it. She’s so fucking beautiful and so fucking innocent! She trusted me to be a gentleman and the thought of hurting her in any way made me sick, man. What the ever loving fuck am I going to do?” I ran my hands nervously through my hair.

“Do you really wanna know what I think?” Aaron waited for me to answer.

“Yeah dude that’s why I called you duh!” Aaron chuckled.

“Look I know you don’t want a long term relationship because of your parents. I don’t blame you. BUT,” he stalled, “girls like Amber are rare. You find one like her you hold on to her. She’s worth keeping. You just have to decide if you can live without her in your life or not. If you can, then move along for someone else to snatch her up. If you can’t then you know what you have to do.”

“Yeah I know,” I sighed. “Dude I asked if we could be friends like we’re in kindergarten! Who does that?!” Aaron dissolved into laughter again.

“You are too much, Brock!”


The next few weeks were filled with constant rehearsals. Ryder had recorded the piano track for me to practice my piece for the competition. My voice instructor was amazed and determined I didn’t need further instruction. I was getting excited the closer to the competition I got. Unfortunately, my anxiety was going next level too. I had asked for Mr. Tanaka’s opinion on my performance and I was scheduled to meet with him after school today.

“Hey beautiful, you ready for this afternoon?” Brock slung his arm over my shoulder as we made our way to Chemistry together.

“Yes and no. I’ve come close to throwing up a couple times already.” Brock chuckled and squeezed my shoulder.

“Amber you are going to knock him on his ass with that song,” he said. “You are a petite powerhouse! Own it, girl!” He did his best impression of Ru Paul, causing me to snort before bursting out laughing.

“Brock stop!” I giggled. “You’re gonna make me pee!” Giving me a big fat kiss on the cheek, he squeezed me again.

“That’s my girl!” he said as he headed to his seat. “I’ll come with you for moral support if you want.” My eyes widened in surprise as a blinding smile broke over my face.

“Would you, seriously? Oh Brock that would be fantastic! I would owe you big time if you did that for me!” I was bouncing on my toes with my hands clasped in front of me.

“Of course! Now stop being so damn adorable! I can’t concentrate!” I giggled and sat down, feeling much better about my performance critique with Mr. Tanaka. I should have known something was going to rain on my parade. The storm came in the form of one Bridgette LaChance.

“Oh look the little troll is happy!” She stopped in front of my desk, glaring down at me. I threw up my hand.

“Not today, Cruella! Not even you can ruin my good mood right now.” Bridgette took that as a personal challenge.

“Oh I’m sure I can, troll,” she said sweetly. She spoke loud and clear. “Does Brock know you’re still a virgin?” I dropped my pencil, my face as red as my hair. “He prefers his women with experience, you know. I’m not sure how you expect to please him when you’ve never had sex.” There was a hushed silence in the classroom.

“Bridgette that’s enough!” Brock stood and made his way to my desk. “That was Amber’s private business and you had no right to tell it.” Getting closer to her face, he sneered. “And how would you know what I like? I wouldn’t let my dick anywhere near Mount Crazy.” I placed a hand on his thigh and stood with my shoulders squared and my head high. I busted out with Madonna’s Like a Virgin, giving one heck of a performance if I do say so myself.

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