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Book 4 of The Bad Boys of East Point series Roman DeAngelo is the son of rock drumming legend Paulie Danger with no desire for anything beyond a quick tryst. He’s had too many girls want to get close to him because of his dad’s fame. He keeps his heart under lock and key. Until he meets the sexy and sarcastic Greer McPherson. She challenges him at every turn until he falls head over heels in love with her. Even though he wants her, he still wonders in the back of his mind when she will betray him, like all the others. Greer McPherson is a beautiful nerd with the figure of a goddess and the mouth of a sailor. She’s intrigued by Roman’s lone bachelor persona. It conflicts heavily with his bad boy antics. But she’s always been able to see through to the heart of a person and what she sees when she looks at Roman is a man who’s been wounded deeply by the fairer sex. It makes her want to fix what’s broken but is it enough to let him into her own wounded heart?

Romance / Drama
Jade Castle
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Chapter 1

ROMAN – Flashback, The Disastrous Dinner

Sabrina Del Monaco. Long, tall and beautiful. I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her. She was sexy, sultry and sang like an angel. The first time she flashed her ocean blue eyes at me I was hooked. When she smiled, I swear my heart stopped. Every. Damn. Time. She was perfect in my eyes, everything I’d ever wanted in a woman. And now she’s my girlfriend.

She’s drop dead gorgeous with long blond hair and even longer legs. Her ass is my favorite part. Ok so I’m an ass man. I can’t help it. She’s def got junk in her trunk and I love getting my hands on it every chance I can get. She loves to wear short skirts and tight jeans, just for me. She’s got curves and knows how to dress to show them off without looking like a slut. She gives me just enough to keep my imagination going. I know what’s under those clothes and it’s all mine.

Sabrina was looking extra fine tonight. I was taking her to meet my dad. We’d been dating for almost six months and she’d passed all my little tests. I was so in love with this girl! She was amazing. I really hoped Dad liked her because I planned to keep her for…well forever. Yeah I know I’m only sixteen but when you know, you know. She’s it for me. Her tight blue dress brought out her gorgeous eyes and accentuated her curves in all the right places. I couldn’t wait to get her back home.

We pulled up to the restaurant and got out. I took her by the arm and led her inside to my dad’s table. This was our favorite place to eat, one of the physical memories of Mom we could visit whenever we wanted. My Pops is a music producer and co-owner of Olympus Recordings but he was also the drummer of one of the hottest rock bands to ever live, Deviant. I was raised around music and never thought I would ever come to hate it. I had no idea what my night would become.

“There’s my boy!” Pops stood and hugged me tight. With his panty melting smile, which I inherited, he turned to Sabrina. “Oh she’s lovely, son. Nice to meet you, Sabrina. I’m Paulie.” Sabrina took his hand and gave him a beautiful smile. I didn’t pay attention of the fact that she licked her lips seductively as she stared at my father. For a man in his late thirties, my old man still had what it took to turn a woman’s head. Long black hair and intense blue eyes with classic Italian features made him every woman’s wet dream. That apparently included my girlfriend.

Dinner started out well and we were having a wonderful time. Pops really seemed to like Sabrina. They talked music and the fact she was a phenomenal singer. Pops bragged on me, making me embarrassed but what do you do? It’s his fatherly prerogative, he’s always said. He can’t help himself. He loves me and takes any chance he gets to make that known. I dig it but I have to keep that on the down low. Can’t let him know how much his pride in me means.

We were now down to dessert. The night had gone smashingly and I was stoked. Honestly, it didn’t matter how I felt about a girl if Pops didn’t like her she was gone. He would always mean way more to me than some chick. I was counting my lucky stars I got to keep Sabrina. I excused myself to go to the restroom. Doing my business I couldn’t help but smile at how well the night had gone. Washing my hands, I couldn’t keep the goofy grin off my face thinking about how Sabrina just fit with us.

I walked out, heading back to the table. I sought out my beautiful girlfriend…and stopped dead in my tracks. Her hand was on my dad’s thigh making its way to his dick. She had something in her hand but I couldn’t tell what it was from where I was standing. Pops was furious. I could feel his anger rolling off him as he snatched her hand away from his thigh and jerked her up from the table. I moved then. I needed to know what the fuck happened between the time I went to the restroom and came back.

“Pops, what the fuck?” I was confused. He was pissed. She was scared.

“Roman, I’m going to escort Sabrina to the door. Call her a cab. It’s time for her to go home.” His eyes were blue steel and his jaw was set in a hard line. I did what he asked with no further questions, watching as he dragged Sabrina to the front door. I followed out, standing behind him.

“Pops, what’s going on?” He didn’t say anything until the cab pulled up to the curb. Sabrina was in tears, pleading with her eyes for me to help her. I was frozen in my spot, unsure of what the hell was going on. Well, I kinda had an idea but I didn’t want to admit it. I just looked at her, my heart doing its best not to shatter.

“Brina, why?” She closed her eyes and shook her head. Her countenance changed in the blink of an eye. She was no longer crying and sobbing, begging Pops to let her go. She straightened her shoulders and looked me in the eye.

“You are Paulie Danger’s son, Roman. Why do you think? If anyone can get my career off the ground, it’s your dear old daddy.” Her words slammed into me with the force of a warhammer. I was devastated.

“So what…you get me to fall in love with you so you can go after my dad?” The words barely made it past my lips.

“Yes you fucking idiot! Of course! I mean, you’re hot and all but look at your father. Getting him to fuck me would definitely put me on the top of the charts!” Pops just shook his head and shoved her into the cab. He gave the guy a couple hundred dollar bills and walked me back into the restaurant.

“Come on son. Let’s go home. I’ll have someone come get your car. We need to talk.” I could only nod and allow him to gently lead me out again after he settled the bill. He tucked me into his car and pulled out. The drive home was silent until we pulled into the driveway. Pops killed the engine and just sat, thinking. “FUCK!” he shouted, pounding his fists on the dashboard. We got out and walked inside the house. To tell you the truth, I was numb.

He took us into his office and poured a couple fingers of whiskey for both of us. He handed me a glass and motioned for me to sit down. He downed his whiskey, raking his fingers through his long hair. “I am so sorry, son. I should have recognized that look in her eyes. God knows I’ve seen it enough in my career to know a wannabe when I see one.” He sighed. “She at least had the decency to wait until you were gone before she started trying to feel me up.”

“She used me, Pops,” I whispered, the tears I’d desperately been trying to hold back coursed down my cheeks. “She made me believe she was different, that she loved me for me but it was all an act.”

“Roman, don’t you dare let that little slut ruin you. She’s one girl. I know you love her but you cannot let her get into your head. I can see the wheels already turning in that big brain of yours. You’re too smart and too fucking talented to let her bring you down. She is not worthy of your sorrow.” Pops was right. I knew that. But fuck! It hurt! “I want you to know I didn’t encourage her in any way. She did this all on her own. I would never hurt you like that. I love you.”

“I know Pops,” I said quietly. “I’m sorry she groped you. That wasn’t ok on any level. I think I just need to go on to bed and try to sleep this off.” I stood and hugged my dad. He hugged me hard back. “I never thought you would ever do anything like that, Pops. I love you too.” I went to bed that night, destroyed. I couldn’t believe it. I laid in my bed, my heart in pieces wondering what the fuck happened. I went back over the last six months and started to see little things I’d overlooked.

Fuck, I was stupid. I was so blinded by her beauty I missed all the warning signs. I let my dick do more talking than my brain. She was my first and I thought I meant something to her. Shaking my head, I headed off to the shower. Well one thing’s for sure. Ain’t no bitch gonna get to me like that again.

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