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Book 3 of The Bad Boys of East Point series Aksel Gundersen is six foot six of Norwegian Viking badass, along with his twin brother Magnus. His long blond hair and piercing blue eyes, not to mention his tattooed muscles send the girls clammering to him. He meets Danica when his sister Thyra makes the cross country team. She’s funny, she’s cute and she’s got a banging body. Despite liking her from the get go, he holds himself back. His rock career is about to take off and he doesn’t want to be tied down yet. But seeing how badly he hurt her with his gruff rejection, he can’t help but wonder if he made the biggest mistake of his life. Danica Mirren is five foot eleven of sunny sass. She takes one look at Aksel and knows he’s the one for her. She just knows they could be good together. Now she just has to convince him. When he cruelly rejects her in front of their friends, she pulls away. She tries her hardest to bury her feelings but they won’t go away. When she’s invited to spend the summer with his extended family in Norway, specifically his twin cousins Sten and Jan, she sees a different side to him. But, he hurt her once. He’ll do it again. Can she forgive him?

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Chapter 1


“Leave me alone, Aksel! You’ve made your point! I’m giving you what you want! Why the fuck are you turning all stalker Ted Bundy on me??” God why won’t he stop?!? I’ve pretty much disappeared from his life. He said I needed to get over him and that’s what I’m doing. I’ve stopped calling him, texting him, emailing him, stalking him on social media…I see him hook up with random girls for random fucks and I do my best to ignore it. I don’t say anything. I’m not glued to his side like I was before. He made it crystal clear he didn’t want me so I made myself scarce.

I fell in love with that bastard the first time I laid eyes on his Viking hotness. I mean, what girl wouldn’t drown in those baby blues of his or long to run her fingers through his thick blond hair? I was just stupid, that’s all. For whatever reason I thought we would make a great couple and I was convinced we would end up together, a totally cheesy happily ever after playing out in my head. It was just a stupid dream. I should have known that I wouldn’t be enough to catch his eye on a permanent level. I’m still kicking myself in the ass over that one.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I’m ugly. I’ve got great hair and great skin. I’ve got long toned legs thanks to my years of running. I’ve got a few curves. Not as many as that cutie pie Amber but still enough to make a guy turn his head a bit. My boobs aren’t small but they aren’t overly large either. Let’s just say I can totally rock a bikini. I’ve caught Aks checking me out when he thought I wasn’t paying attention. I’ve seen the look in his eyes when we’ve all been hanging out and I didn’t miss his casual flirting. I just can’t believe I was naïve enough to think he meant any of it.

I know I can be…overwhelming. My mom says I’m too high maintenance and need to learn to calm down. She says I’ll never catch a man acting like a maniac on speed. I call bullshit. I’m just me. You can either handle me or you can’t. I seriously thought Aksel could handle me, that he wanted to handle me. I sure as hell can handle him. In the bed. On the floor. Against the wall…well shit. Now I need a cold shower. I think I gave myself the girl version of blue balls. Stupid heart.

“Danica! Damn it talk to me!” What the actual fuck?!? Is he standing outside my house?!? I rushed over to the large bay window in my bedroom and yep, he’s standing in the middle of my backyard screaming up at me. I threw open the window. Now I’m pissed.

“Fuck you, Aksel! You don’t deserve me to talk to you. As a matter of fact, you don’t deserve any part of me. The only reason you can’t stand this is because I stopped chasing your sorry ass! Do us both a fucking favor and FUCK OFF!” I slammed the window shut again and cringed as the glass rattled dangerously in the panes. As it settled back down, I sighed loudly. Ok so no more slamming my windows shut. That was close! Mom would have literally killed me!

“I’m sorry, woman!” he shouted. Dumb bastard hadn’t moved from his spot. “How many times do I have to apologize??” Uh until you actually fucking mean it asshole, that’s how many times. I sank to the floor at the foot of my bed, running my hands through my hair. He was still yelling and I was still ignoring. I’ve cried over him enough. I’ve lost enough sleep over him. I’m moving on whether my heart wants me to or not!

Jan: Hey there gorgeous girl! Are you up?

Dani: Hey handsome! Yes I’m up. Your idiot cousin is outside my window howling again.

Jan: Again?? How many times does that make this week?

Dani: 5. I don’t know what to do.

Jan: Min kjære, are you sure you don’t want to talk to him?

Dani: Hell yeah I’m sure. He doesn’t deserve me.

Jan: That’s my girl! Sleep well, beautiful!

Dani: You too handsome!

Yeah, those two were good for my ego. Sten and Jan Gundersen. They are smoking hot. Like Chris Hemsworth times ten hot. And they have the hots for little ol’ me. They invited me to spend the summer with them at their home in Norway. They have a little house in Drammen. I know what accepting that invitation would mean. I’d be right smack in the middle of a Thor sandwich. Whoa. I’m tempted. So fucking tempted! I just wish I could push the reincarnation of Loki out of my heart.

The twins share their women. They let me in on their plan during a video call we had about a month ago. I was stunned at first, then mostly curious. They are very open about it. I’ve seriously thought about taking them up on their offer to be their plaything for the summer. The thought of two very hot, very passionate men with bodies that put the Greek statues to shame wanting to do very shameful and naughty things to me? Now there’s enough material to write a dozen smut books right there!

Aksel knows the twins want me. I have a sneaking suspicion that’s why he’s ramped up his stalker behavior. I don’t get it though. He doesn’t want me so why the hell should it matter to him that his cousins do?? He’s getting laid on the regular so why can’t I? And who I choose to sleep with is really none of his fucking business. Here’s the part that sucks. I…don’t want anyone else. I’ve tried. Believe me I’ve tried to want someone else. I really really want to want someone else.

Since the fiasco after Hammerfall’s first day in Olympic Records recording studio, I’ve gotten pretty close with Roman. He’s incredibly sweet. Although he’s gorgeous, sexy in all kinds of sinful ways and has the most amazing smile he’s become like a brother to me. I’ve spent a lot of time with him and Aaron, to be honest. They’re pretty cool and treat me like a fucking queen even though I’m not their girlfriend. They were pretty furious with dickface and I was glad I had them in my corner. Aaron’s been trying to get me to agree to go stay with the twins, saying I’ll regret it if I don’t. I don’t know.

You know they say out of sight, out of mind. I can’t expect to get over Aksel if he’s right under my ass. I’m thinking I’m going to take Aaron’s advice. Pulling my phone back out, I send a quick text to my boys.

D: The offer still stand for the summer?

J: Hell yes it is!

S: Fuck yes!

D: book my flight boys! I’m headed to Norway!

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