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A story of a young girl trying to live her dreams only to fall in love and capture the heart of her boss, Quinton. M. Zungu. Of Zungu.inc. she learns a secret that her parents kept from her. Will the secret destroy her, or actually help her get the one guy her heart desires?

Romance / Erotica
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I look myself in the mirror and I can’t help smiling, I did it, I’m graduating today, I can’t believe that I did it. After four years of hard work, I finally did it, I deprived myself of the college life for this, education is a really important thing one must have, I can literally lack anything but not education. At just 21, I achieved my biggest goal ever.
“Baby, come before you get late” that’s my mother, Patricia, ‘Yeah, I’m coming mom” I take one last look at myself on the mirror, “you did it fifi, you did it girl” I take my gown and hat and walk out, I find my parents waiting for me at the door, my dad embraces me in a hug and we walk out, all three of us.
We get in the car and drive off to school, my apartment is just fifteen minutes away from school so we made it just in time. We went to the auditorium, while they took their seats, I walked up to the other graduates, I find a seat and everyone gets quiet, I see some of our lectures and deans approaching the podium, everyone seats down, one chair left. “ladies and gentleman, apologies but it seems like our guest is running late” the lady on the mic says, “without further ado, please welcome the dean of the students, Mr. Michael Adze” everybody applauds as he takes the stage, Mr. Adze is a very yummy man. He’s Caucasian, has a very nicely shaven beard with a bold head, he’s a buff guy very appealing to the eyes.
“thank you, thank you, as the dean of students, I” I zone out from everything that he says because suddenly I became hungry, I was too nervous to eat breakfast, I don’t normally eat it, but now I’m super hungry.

“Anzo mawela, cum laude” everybody applauds, “katlego mphela” … now I’m getting scared because im up next, “Remofilwe Azania Nkoana” I walk up, “cum laude” I see my mother standing up and clapping hands, now im all smiles, I get handed my degree. “congratulations” Mr Adze says when I shake his hand. “thank you, sir” the next person gets called and we continue. Once the ceremony is finished, I walk up to my parents and hug them, my mother has tears in her eyes, my father, he has on the biggest smile ever. “im so proud of you my baby” I’ve always been dads’ little princess, it doesn’t matter how old I get, I guess it’s because im their only child.
We go and take pictures, after that, my father decides to take us out for lunch, he already made reservations at a restaurant, talk about a man who knows what he wants. Once ushered to our table, I feel the hunger coming in full force.

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