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I didn't belong to you: I didn't believe in us (Season 2)

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When Juliet first saw Travis, she was instantly attracted to him. He was everything she had ever wanted in a man and his tattoo on his body was a bonus on her list. He had one flaw, he was a player among the ladies. Every time she saw him, he was with a different woman in his arms. She knew she couldn't trust him with her heart. She finally found a man she could trust, but not all is as it appears. What will happen when she learns the truth?

Romance / Drama
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First Chapter:

I still remember that day I laid eyes on him. It was a sunny day at the beach. I was nineteen that year. Kristen had invited me to go with them to the beach. I decided to go over there in my car. I wanted to be able to leave at any time if necessary. I didn't want to depend on others.

As I got there, Kristen, Will and Finn were already there. I saw Will’s little sister sitting a little far from them. She was with her dog.

Kristen ran towards me to greet me. “Juliet, I’m so glad you could make it.” She wrapped her arms around me.

“I’m happy you invited me.” I returned her hug.

I weaved at the others. Looking at Finn, I couldn’t help myself and think how handsome he was. I can understand why Lauran was so infatuated with him. Whoever is going to end up with him, will be a lucky girl.

All of the sudden, my heart skipped a beat as my eyes landed on someone I never saw before.

Who the fuck was that? I wondered.

I couldn’t help myself but stare at him. He was shirtless for god sake! He had tattoos all over his body, but that wasn’t what attracted me the most. It was his eyes, his bright blue eyes. I could lose myself in them.

He smirked seeing me staring at him.


“Umm, Juliet, you have a little drool coming out of your mouth.” Kristen pointed the corner at her mouth.

I quickly wiped it off with the back of my hand.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

“Juliet! Hey girl.” Lauren, Kristen’s cousin, joined us.

I was grateful for the interruption. “Hey girl, how have you been?”

“Oh. My. God. Did you see Finn? He’s so handsome. I want him so bad!” Lauren looked at him as he was talking with some random girl.

Kristen shook her head and went to see Jamie.

I sighed. “Didn’t he make it pretty clear that he isn’t interesting?”

Ever since he was single again, all she wanted was to be in his arms. Now that he was sleeping with random cheeks, she dreamed he would change his mind about her. He always said no to Lauren, because he didn’t want to jeopardize the circle of our friends.

She shrugged. “He did, but I don’t care.” She readjusted her hair. “Finn!” Lauren shouted as she went to him.

That girl will never learn.

I jumped a little as I felt fur tickling my thighs. I looked down and I saw Jamie’s dog looking at me.

I kneeled at his size to pet him on his head. “Hello, handsome. What’s your name?”

“Shadow,” Kristen informed me. “Jamie went for a walk. She asked me to watch over him in the meantime.”

She told me how Jamie saved this dog's life about a year ago. He was a random dog and she didn’t hesitate to help him. She was an impressed young woman.

“Where’s Jamie?” Finn wondered as he interrupted my thoughts.

Poor Lauren, she was finally talking to him and all he cared about was Jamie. I thought as I let go of Shadow and stood on my own two feet.

“She went for a walk,” Kristen told him.

Finn looked at Will, “I’m going to see where she is. If that’s okay with you?”

Will nodded. “Sure and tell her to hurry up, I didn’t sign to take care of her dog. I told her so before we left.”

And just like that, Finn was gone to search for Jamie. Lauren wasn’t happy about that.

Finn has always been protective of Jamie. After all, he knew her since they were children. Will and he are best friends. He probably sees her as his responsibility to make sure nothing will happen to her.

I felt as if someone was staring at me. I looked around and my knees shook nervously as I saw the guy from earlier walking toward me.

“Hello, red. What’s your name?”

I wanted to answer him, but I was so nervous to say anything. His piercing blue eyes made me forget my name.

He chuckled. “Do I have to ask you again, red?”

“Uhm… what?” I couldn't even make a proper answer.

What was that? I snap at myself.

He smirked. As if that didn’t make him even hotter. “What’s your name, red?”

With stupidity, I cleared my throat. “Juliet Swimmer.”

He took my hand, kissing my knuckles. “Travis, Travis Johnson.”

As he touched my hand, I felt a spark travelling inside my body. I never felt something like this before.

"Sweetie, I’m back with our drinks.” A girl said behind him.

And just like that, he let go of my hand and turned around to take his drink. “Thank you, babe.” He turned his head to look at me. “It was nice meeting you J.”

I hated when people were giving me a nickname. I have a name and it’s Juliet, nothing else, but for some reason, I didn’t mind when it was him.

She giggled as Travis grabbed her but, kissing her full on the lips.

Why did I feel so envious all of a sudden, I just met the guy. Get a grip already. I growled at myself.

So wait, he’s here with another girl and he was hitting on me.

Guess that makes two of them. I was thinking about Finn as well. The only one who wasn't like them was Will. He and Kristen have been together for so long. They even succeeded in a distant relation. Nothing can break those two nothing. They are so in love with one another. I envy them sometimes.

I hope that one day, I can find a love like those two.

Travis may be handsome and all. He may be my kind of guy, but I don’t go for guys like him. I want someone that only wants me. Certainly not a womanizer like him.

I repeated this over and over in my head because when I look at him, all I want is to screw what I want and just go for it.

I only hope that I won’t regret my decision.
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