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◇Arabella thoughts:

This had been a long journey so far.
She recalled all the dates they went to so far, she grinned, she found out that he had the aura of aloofness around him and how powerful he was.
He had no friends or family members around here in Sancity that she could ask about him, it sucks! It was annoying!

They both had different personalities which they knew quite well.

He wasn't pure and innocent like her he was different "evil".
A devil that she fell in love with, but sometimes really he can also be cute too. She was the only one he looked gently on and pampered. She blushed.

He didn't like to talk about my son Leon and hate when I tried to talk about Luca, he's gets extremely jealous and regrets why he didn't come to San city, to meet me all of those his wasted years, days and months.

He also don't talk about his Dad maybe he's dead.
I dont want to bring back painful memories that had long been buried.
I can't be that cruel.

She knew he couldn't accept Leon that was another man's son, but she needed him(Leonel) for her revenge she plans to have soon.

Plus, she was allready so in love with the devil's son, REALLY?!!

He had spent so much on her and her friend also for accommodating and taking care of her this years too.

Annabelle haven't seen the cute Leonel yet, because of her work and the cold annoying boss, she was too busy and occupied making money.

I loved his hotel, it was her dream place before even knowing he was the owner.

Everyday before she entered for her
part- time, she will first stand at the front of the 5star hotel, admire the place then dream being it's manager.
She will then smile warmly at her thoughts and walk in to her part-time.

She knew still her mom's hotel was way better and cooler than his on the scale of 1 to 10 he's was on 8 and her mom's 10 perfect!

Both having slight differences.

She hasn't met his mom yet, but you could see those smiles in his eyes when he talked about her, he truly loved her.

She haven't seen her face to face yet because she stays at CityD where the(his)family house was, focusing on work.

She(Leonel's mom) really loved her job it made her happy, she calls her son everyday and every slight opportunity she gets just to check up on him, to hear him laugh too 'cause he did it more often now, she was shocked and happy and blessed the person behind this achievement.

She really loved her son, this made her remember her parents her eyes were then heavy her facial expression changed as she sniffed and tucked her hair behind her ears.

Because the wind has allready blew and kissed her exposed skin, she tucked her hands to her sides folding her arms.

She recalled how her mom will always call to check up on the both of them every little time she gets, at times at school.

When they were back, it was a little annoying anyways back then little did she know they would one day stop calling forever,

if she knew this would happen she would have spent more quality time with them, the one she spent with them wasn't enough she really thought now she needed more time that she can never get.

She loved her dad more while, her brother Arion loved the both of them equally.

Her Father played with them most times he gets, he cuddled, they go out most times, he spoils them with presents, icecream...kisses her, He was way fun.

She loves it when he's free so he could stay at home, but because he is a surgeon/medical doctor,
Who owned "Bomtez's medical center".
Which is no longer function like it used to.
The building was the talk of the town, the rich was treated there, celebrities were also treated there, presidents, government officials were treated there, it was a famous hospital. Not only because of the skyscraper building or because of the most influential people that were administer there, he was a warm doctor, his smiles was enticing, he administer with a heart, he was kind hearted. Never to forget, he was handsome and a wealthy tycoon.

She heard the Hospital administrator was now the CEO taking her Dad's position.

She loved her Mom too, but she was way strict, always on the look out even being a busy woman she always knew.
She was smart.

Arabella is so much like her mother.

Her mother doesn't spare, she disciplines when she catches you in the act after warning you multiple times, she loves the house arrest punishment, but if your sins are extreme she cuts your pocket money and allowances and sometimes disconnects you from the wifi atimes seize your phones, laptops... Wa! Her mom...

Her husband loved her so much so he always stood by her decision, he never had a mother when growing up so he really didn't know how to really raise a child well, but he knew how to make a child happy and so in love with him.

He was perfect to me, so he let his wife do the discipline and he stood by her decision most times.

They never fought, she has never seen them fight they were indeed a perfect couple.

But maybe if they had fought before, it would have been when the kids weren't born yet or when they were still in her womb,

but when they were out, they have definitely not seen them exchange harsh words before.

They accepted the fact their Dad was a mom when it came to discipline and their mom was their dad, because of what they heard from friends at school made them...

Her Mom was also way funny and playful in a way too, she taught her how to wear dresses to her knee, but she loved it when it reached to her thighs.

Her mother knew she was sensitive, smart and conscious so she will do so well with the dresses she got even if heavy winds blew.

She also taught her dresses and jewelry to wear to different occasions,

she also taught her how to shop for quality things and to know quality stuff,

she taught her somany things she will never forget. She will miss her dearly.

(When you read further in the future you will see those lot of things she taught her).

She also remembered when she(Audria, Arabella mom) was at home and Arabella and Araon argue over stuff, their mom would come stay at the door frame and interrupt: "Aren't you guys done yet?", she will say.

"Oh I see you aren't done or did i interrupt? When you guys are really done you could explain yourself to me later, don't pull down my husband's roof 'cause definitely I won't allow it and you are disturbing your nani's and domestic workers, be nice", then they would both laugh and make up.

My Dad's: When he was at home or preparing for work then hear them argue he would come to the room they were, relaxed his shoulders on the door frame, folding his arms atop his chest till they were done or noticed his presence by that time he had listened to the bone of contention, he was patient, quiet, calm and a gentle man like Araon.

But he had more attributes added too(Araon)he was also talkative,sweet and bold he acted more than his age he sometimes acted older.

...He will then sigh heavily and drop his hands and walk up to us, we would then keep calm looking at him, then he would look at the person who was at fault and crouched down to the person.

Araon to apologize, then he would and would make up, her brother was always at fault, he was also a trouble maker, a cute trouble maker.

She wondered how his crushes and admirers at school still love him they are blinded by facial looks which killed them.

She recalled how she read the love letters his crushes and admirers at school sneaked into his bag pack,

he was really cute, he had those perfect looks that could drive you insane, his lips were tempting, those face were perfect.

He loved his sister so much and his sister loved him more.

They played and say jokes and school's triumphs and trials and the fun stuff in the car on their way home.

Her past, those times were memorable.

She loves the weekends more too when they visit their mom's hotel together with her brother and a times their dad would come along.

She will have so much fun taking icecream, cheese, fortune cookies, pizza, do some shopping.

Woah! That was life, but on the other hand little Araon always tried to spoil the fun, he and his father doesn't like sweets, Leonel was also like them.

She prayed her son won't be like them, even if his showing signs allready, but he can be extremely cute like them like he is allready.
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