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...I also remember when my mom forced me to go to medical school back then, which wasn't my type of thing at all.

I wanted to study management, hotel management and continue where her mom would have left off.

Her mom knew her daughter was way smart and knew she could handle any course and capable to handle anything,

so going to medical school would have been the best option for her, but sturbbon she...

Her brother was way smart too but, she just wanted them to continue the Bomtez's legacy, but sturbbon she...

She left it only for her brother.

She recalled her Dad talking to his wife to "let me do what I wanted to do and besides Thank God it wasn't the both of them, our troublesome Aaron will do",they laughed and she then listened to her husband.

He was really Calm, Quiet, Funny, Playful, Loving and Sweet, Perfect!

Just like Araon they were just slightly different too.

I also heard from grandpa that dad was a troublemaker too when he was a kid definitely that was where Araon took it from, like father like son.

The opposite was the ladies of the Bomtez's: playful, talkative, loved the parties, energetic, classy and always a top of everything, sensitive, smart, big problem solvers, extremely beautiful.

She remembered when she went to Zoe's university New York the best at that time to study Hotel management and went on to join Harvard later at her finals.

Her father fully supported and encouraged her, called everyday to see how I was coping there, he introduced me to college life and adviced me.

My brother cried when I was leaving for the first time I was heart broken and started missing allready I cried too and left with my Dad's third plane he bought at that time.

School life wasn't stressful at all as I expected I had my guards with me, i had a driver and i stayed at my mom's hotel there, school work wasn't back-breaking physically and mentally of course I was smart, as they say always on top of everything.

The slight problem was the eyes always on me I had suitors allready at my first year Woah! You won't believe it, the president son James was also among of those suitors.

I didn't accept his proposal still he wasn't the right guy, I just knew it.

l was loved all over the school, I was way smart and extremely beautiful and rich too, some girls were jealous too and gossiped I didn't just pay too much attention on them. But I was a vengeful person.

Then that was the time to flirt with their boyfriends and dress more hot, woah! Those days were great.

I made them stop gossiping the hard way without saying a word to them, I was perfect anyways HELLO!!

I made them suffer physically still if they didn't listen, I was a Star student.

Plus, I had my guards with me I could do anything and go scot free, their boyfriends loved me, teachers loved me I was smart and successful allready, the Dean loved me

WOAH!! I was really loved.

I was also cute and innocent too you definitely won't suspect a thing.

Do you want to throw raw eggs, tomatoes or flour on me?
My guard will take that for me and shade me from danger even the boys would have done it too to get attention, once you do save me from something, I will purposely move away from you bow my head say thank you and walked away with my guards no matter how cute they were, they would definitely be exited they got to touch me, Wa! Those boys...

I had the perfect fragrance, a perfect figure, full breast, right buttom, sexy legs, came the school with the best cars anyone could have, I had perfect clothes to my thighs and my skinny jeans, my stunning blouse, my stunning purse that cost fortunes.

My mom spoilt me she only bought way expensive and quality stuff she taught me that.

I only carried a bag pack to school only if I had presentations.

I heard a gist from my girls: 'the boys were warth, how could I be this conscious and sensitive.'

I wore dresses to my thighs at most times, but when the cool wind would come and they would look to me, my dress, it was always well kept exposing nothing, when she also sat in class her legs were always together and sometimes a towel will lie on her thighs, there was nothing to see, and there was nothing to use to destroy her reputation, for her haters.

She sensed it though and her girls confirmed it.

She knew quite well why those girls always sticks to her, they wanted to learn more, her assets, fashion, to be popular too.

Plus Her Daddy got the money, she carried only the reigning and expressive stuff, she was pretty they wanted to also know the cosmetics she uses too.

The Dean and everybody loved her so they wanted to stick to find out and be like her which was impossible, she was careful around them, she didn't drink with them when she goes clubbing with them, she didn't eat stuff they gave to her, she was smart she found suitable and reasonable excuses.

She didn't escape on her guard she knew she might one day be in trouble and they would be the only one to help her out like always.

She saw Annabelle at their year3 at Zoe's, a scholarship student, she was pretty and smart too, but poor and was always bullied, I was moved and felt pity on her and helped her out in a woah way:

She was being bullied by some girls, so I sent my guard to call her and talked to her in the powder room and invited her to dinner at Bomtez Hotel, America.

That evening when she came they talked
on a plan to get back on those bullies it was perfect.

The next day at school that morning Arabella came in for the first time way early to see her plan in action to help the poor girl.

Few seconds later, A limited edition sports car that only the young miss of the Bomtez's could have or maybe visitor, Dean or teacher, but the unbelievable came out of the car.

Once one of the guards opened the car door for her, she wore sunglasses and a dress to her knees, a high heel and held onto a new brand of purse made by Davis fashion one of the leading designers in the world.

They looked to her astonished they didn't know she was this pretty, that Arabella saw on the cloths she wore before still.

They didn't know she was 'rich' too they wouldn't have treated her that way, "was she new money?" They asked themselves admiring.

The boys loved her allready, but still loved the young miss of the Bomtez's family more.

Her guards, her dress they were the Bomtez's if they could only look closely: The young miss will always be at the middle of them, the four guards, they were huge and didn't concentrate on anything other than their pretty young miss.

But those one with Annabelle was her mother's hotel staff, she arranged for this plan.

They were just normal men on black suit.

Back to Annabelle, she walked in calmly, majestically and Gorgeously just like how Arabella taught her.

And then when the time came, with her hands she dealt with her bullies.
They didn't react she had guards.
She wasn't a low scholarship kid as they thought too.

Then after that day she went back to her normal life the two became best friends.

The guards were returned back to her normal position.

Arabella didn't take back the clothes, purse, shoes, jewelry she bought for her for that purpose.

They became besties, she was smart too, pretty, but Arabella was still more stunning.

She became popular too, had boys on her tail allready after they saw her that day.

She was respected too, all happened because of Arabella bomtez.

They taught she was new money that hid in normal clothes not to show off,

Arabella bought her clothes too.

She(Arabella) then stooped Cheer leading, she just joined in to see how it really feels like 'cause she always see it in movies too.

She left after dancing, shouting, cheering in two, three sports, she was everything her presence really motivated the players and the crowd to cheer. But once she left...

Then she got rid of her so call friends calmly no need in pretending any longer.

She spent 4 years in Zoe's and later joined Harvard together with Annabelle she was responsible for her fees the girls allready grew so close.

My parents spoilt me they gave me only the best Zoe's and Harvard were the top and wealthy school around only the rich attended it and the way smart students that came in with scholarship like Annabelle.

I was also a successful happy fangirl I met most of the celebrities I loved, some on social media's and I had some contacts, I loved Fangirling. I loved the cute guys.

Will a time come again for me to go back doing that again???


Arabella past was one kind of an interesting ride too.

Looking closely, reading every line you could also see, she was like her boyfriend too like a little

She was really that little devil before so she could really be that little devil again if she wanted to.

Really she just did all that to try out a new self in her, she wanted to be different from her cute, normal, innocent, playful self, like she sees in movies. then she was enjoying that life and decided to live that life.

Then after she met Annabelle who was another version of her real self and had similar names, she stopped acting high and mighty to her normal self,

she got rid of what she tolerated and what she didn't like Leader of the Cheer leaders, her friends the girls and Annabelle then became her only friend, her true friend she relied on to.

Arabella treated her out to nice places she has never been to, bought stuffs for her and then Annabelle showed her poor food that were also delicious too the two had so much fun together, She also showed Arabella to the slums that was really the first time she saw houses like this, she hasn't been to places like this,but only see them in movies.
Her only fear was let the roof not fall and hit her on the head 'cause it looked like it was about to in no

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