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I loved Fangirling something Leonel dosen't even know about yet.

It was really fun, back then.

She then prayed she might have another chance to fangirl again.

My Dad and Mom didn't try to stop me when I fangirl back then, they wanted us to be happy, they did everything for our happiness.

My mom's friends were the celebrities mums that I loved and some stayed in our hotels too, so it was way easy to gain access or even get their contacts details.

I was stunning still they loved me, but I was still in high school and an undergraduate back then so they couldn't help but love me like a little sister.

Even though they played with the words, "Father Arabella is mine I'll get married to her okay?"

"Dont marry her off to any body else",

the others would then argue that I was theirs not his.

Some said, "Woah don't think of getting married Arabella,I'll get married to you",

Gryffindor sometimes called my little brother in law it was funny, stupid and annoying. Celebrities?!

Woah I was blessed and definitely lucky.

When they said that my dad would laugh at times, He was kidding, it was funny.

For my mom, she would immediately object saying,

"Oh my (his name) can't you see she's still a kid", they would then reply,

"I was just kidding mother".

They called my parents mom and dad like their own parents, I don't know why anyways, but I liked it.

My brother hated this stuff, he will just scoff and ignore the words flying around the room, they loved little Araon he was very cute and smart, he acted mature too, the girls loved him too they wanted to use us in movies too we had all the stuff needed we were cute,smart, could memorize, but we were way busy with school stuff and my mom knowing the kind of girl I was; I could just take film and television as a major in college and would loose intrest in hotel management, truly I would have.

Our mansion then became their
(the celebrities)beach, amusement park and cinema when they were free from work and had nothing to do at that time.

I can't forget the naked abs in front of me when they swam, how I helped them dried their hair because they only told me to.

How they saw themselves on TV act, asking me if they were cute and repeat the words and said the next actions that would take place.

It was annoying I loved being suspended when I see movies.

Gryffindor always cuddled me to himself when we sat on the couch in the middle of the other boys too.
Yeah I loved him more too, he was way hotter.

My brother sat at the couch in the middle of the girls because they forced him to, my mom wasn't comfortable with it, she didn't wanted her cute son to become a play boy.

I wasn't only a VIP fan to them any longer I was also a good friend, a very good friend! A little sister tooo.

I got access to other celebrities outside the country too and the upcoming cutr ones.

I knew recent dramas and kdramas because of them too.

I was a successful fangirl!

I supplied the fan groups with recent posts, info, pictures and videos and news right from the mouth of the celebrities we loved.

I didn't brag I knew them nobody knew I know them so well, I didn't tell anybody at all even my girls at high school and college, except from Annabelle, who saw the caller's id on my phone Gryffindor oppa and his photo, I couldn't deny it any longer, she was thrilled that day and didn't believe she directly heard his voice she scolded me and thanked me.

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