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Those days were fun.

She remembered seeing her driver cute at first and later she then started falling for those charms.

l Arabella Bomtez fell for a low life like Luca, but really he was cute, really cute!

His smiles, his eyes, his face, he looked like a celebrity, he was too cool to be a driver.
He was very handsome, his sexy face...
his abs, he was like Leonel, but Leonel was more hotter.

I'm sure what happened to me now, happened to him(Luca).
Or was his story different?
Did his family business fail?
Did they go bankrupt?
Did they?

I didn't ask him, I didn't like bringing back old and painful memories.

I bet he was rich before.

His face, he was absolutely stunning.

I didn't bother to check his background result with my mum; 'cause my mom always run a background check on every staff.

But, when she employed this guy, she just made him my personal driver out of the blue, it was rear she did that, making any person our personal driver like that; our protection was everything.

I'm certain she saw his background and felt for him and then made him my personal driver.
I remember my mom instructing him not to do any other thing than to drive me to my destination and bring me back home.

She paid him so well than the others, she treated the other well too, but treated him so well than the others.
She treated him nicely, she was sympathetic towards him.

He was absolutely cute, he had all the qualities of a model, an actor.
Woah!! He was dashing, but Leonel was more stunning though.
His eyes, his face, his body.
What a shame, it's a pity that those erotic body and stunning face is now alone in the cold ground deteriorating.

I remembered when he(Leonel)took off his shirt in front of me in the hotel room we stayed when he wanted to change into another shirt.
His naked upper body in front of me, he was so perfect, those masculine body, his thick skin, he was so strong.

Thank God he didn't take off his trousers and underpants I definitely would have lost all sanity...
who knows what would have happened to me? Us? Woah!

I was talking about my prohibited love(the first prohibited love) Then I fell deeply for him(Luca) and he had fallen for me too long ago, but he didn't make too much moves, he knew his place he couldn't do much.

He had a disease then that nobody or even him knew about, it showed no sign, he looked healthy, he ate well maybe that was why, he was happy, it just ate him inside, he was dying slowly and quietly.

He and nobody knew he had terminal cancer, it was killing him quietly, but if I remember correctly, there was a time his eyes stoped moving and stayed open, I told him to go for a check up, he told me; "Don't worry I'm fine now, there is no need to go anymore".
I insisted then he promised me he will visit the hospital if it happens again.

Had been he knew, he wouldn't have loved me then, he wouldn't have made me fall for him, he would have stopped me from falling for him, he wouldn't have let me love him, he wouldn't have been able to watch me suffer because of him, he would have kept a low profile in my heart.
But he didn't know, he made me love him and I just loved him.

Then my parents didn't want him for me, they wanted someone better, wealthy, who would take care of me like my parents did, they didn't wanted the wife as husband and husband as a wife relationship for me it was crazy and absurd, what would the society say?

What would her friends say?

They will definitely laugh at us, of course she cared for our reputation too, my reputation, my dad's, hers too,
had been I understood better then.

I later eloped with him, I truly loved him, it was stupid, I was crazy back then really.
After I found out my parents were arranging a wedding for me with the young master of the Somali family my mom's idea.

They were wealthy too, they were among of the top richest in Sancity then, the came right after the Bomtez.

Raymond Somali was also cute, calm, a sweet talker, hilarious, I knew him from middle school we were childhood friends and i went on several dates with him, I just only went out with him 'cause he was a nice guy, l felt sympathetic towards him I didn't know why, I didn't like him romantically only as a friend.

I was being hard headed, after all they did the house arrest, all, I still chose him I was stupid in love it was a prohibited love, but I went for it still, I was really blind.

They then wanted me to get married to Raymond he was better of than that Luca, that was the only way I could come back to my lost senses, I found out about the arrange marriage, then Luca encouraged me we should run away together, to some where calm, beautiful and where it would be only us, that idea was great and that was the only chance I had and I was in love with him too, I wanted to be with him.

A student that just graduated from Zoe's and Harvard with first class the top, expensive college then and now, was broken because of a prohibited love?!

I was crazy, really!

My parents wanted to teach me a little lesson, they seized my cars, froze my credit card and traveled to the place I wanted to go half my life(south-Korea).

They knew news would get to me and I would be definitely hurt by it, I know it was my mom's idea still.

And while I was doing all those I was doing I didn't know my dad's heart was crushing, he was hurting, I didn't know back then I was so....!!!

I know my brother was affected by it even my mom too.
They went to Korea with the plane my Dad bought recently, little did they know they won't make it back alive, had been he did know he would have made it clear to his siblings his plans, that he was still proud of me and I was definitely still the heiress of Bomtez's worldwide.

He knew his siblings were Jealous of his and his wife's achievements, even the huge supports he gave them, they still didn't appreciate it with all their heart they wanted to be like us which was impossible, my dad knew and protected us from them, we didn't associate much with them, but only said hi and take family pictures together in parties.

She knew quite well his will and testament wasn't written to his wife, but to his children, so as her mother's too she knew it.

She didn't believe what her uncles said, she knew their family lawyer Attorney Montanez must have been bribed, l couldn't fight then, I was weak.

But definitely when the time comes he would suffer along with them, he won't be spared at all.

Regardless of all this, she knew her dad was definitely proud of her still, they always said: "they were their(Arabella&Araon)greatest achievements and couldn't trade them with anything", she didn't know he knew where they were staying back then her and Luca.

Her dad was powerful he trained alot of investigators that worked for him.

He just didn't want to disturb us yet he was calm and patient, he just wanted her to stay there for days, he knew she couldn't stay without her family for too long, her brother, him, my mother, he also knew she couldn't stay without her real life for too long, she couldn't stay without her phone, Fangirling, her room, her credit card, her cars, her house, the hotel, she would definitely miss all that, "she would be back soon", he thought.

He(Arabella Dad)promised himself he would also teach that young man that eloped with his daughter a great lesson he won't forget, he didn't know he won't make it back from Seoul,South Korea alive in one piece, he would have unfreeze her credit card and maybe called her home, she wouldn't say no, there was no way she could reject her Dad.

He just wanted her to be the one to come by herself, to accept defeat and to experience a life outside the world a little, he didn't know that would be her life forever.

She caused all this for herself, so marrying the new 'love of her life' Leonel will make her stand on her feet again and get back all she has lost, her revenge, even if it won't bring back her family she will still go for her revenge.
She will be happy, rich and successful again too.

Let them not think they have won and that I'm totally defeated and can't do anything, let them just enjoy themselves and watch their backs, she will try to keep a low profile and live in the shadows getting her job done, she will do it in a way that it would surprise them greatly, they would definitely be caught off guard, they would fall one by one, eventhough they lives would be included she dont care and besides they also didn't care for her life back then, they wanted her dead, but they couldn't just kill me.

No mercy, she would show no mercy she would get her job done and definitely no one would stop her, she would get all she lost back again, she was going back to her kind of 'devilish' life she lived in Zoe's college.


Their love was something else really.
Reading every lines you could see how much they loved their daughter regardless all she did.

The young master of Solami family liked Arabella so much, since when they were in middle school, he tried somany times confessing his feelings, but she always rejected saying: "she was busy with school works and her assignments, she also has to go to learning center at home she didn't had time to love someone now" back then in middle school! She was tough.

Lucas and Arabella's love isn't the the book's main character's that loved prohibitedly, just the minor the real ones are in the ahead...

let's read further so we could find out...lolsss.

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