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Bringing back her old life won't really be any hard task at all.

She don't mind leaving her old life at Zoe's, once she gets married to Leonel,

it would be like a movie, she was has always wished to be the Heroine, protagonist, a lead character.

But now she would behave like an Antagonist, a villain.

She won't appear playful, cute and sweet as always to the world, but at home she could behave like her real self, changing Leonel Amoli to also a better person.

Definitely all this thing will happen soon let's look forward to it.

She can't forget her middle school, high school, then college.

At middle and high school, I remember what I heard from my classmates, the school, words like:

• Hey, it's Arabella bomtez

• Woah its really her(you could see the astonishment in their eyes).

• It's Arabella, the prettiest girl in our school.

• Just in our school?
• No way, she is the prettiest in the region.

• Why are you so pretty?(they sometimes had the nerve to ask me).

• She is so pretty, really pretty.
• I know, right?

It made me remember my best Korea movie "CELEBRITY LIFE", that movie was my life, the lead lady was in my shoes too and she hated that life, she prayed to be a normal girl.

For me back then, when I heard those words, I felt uncomfortable, not because of my movie, but because of me, I didn't like those eyes on me, I didn't like being the main subject, my teachers, all, I was smart, rich.

Teachers loved us, the seniors loved us, I and my brother, we got great grades, we were untouchable.

I remember girls being jealous and the guys nice to me, 'cause of my appearance, my curvy body and full breast.

Life was was easy for me allready. Don't they say that: "A woman being pretty is equivalent to being successful".

So life was allready successful and easy for me plus I had everything I needed in life. Being pretty was like power for women, it made people respect you plus you are rich, curvy bodied, full breast and all.

At high school I was the only girl that wore leather boots to school with my skirt that only reached to my thighs, some of the other girls wore that kind of skirts too.

Then I got to college, I remember when I walked out of school, how the boys started, at my body, my legs, my face, my chest.
The cars lined for me, so they could ride me home.

So I thought life would go the way I wanted.
I was confident I could succeed in both work and love.

My lecture, Mr. Shuster, he came to me when we were having an oral practical, he asked me:

▪︎ Professor Shuster: Ms. Bomtez.

◇As I heard my name and recognized the voice I immediately stopped what I was doing so as the others, to hear what he wanted to say to me.

Do you have a boyfriend?

◇He asked, that was out of the blue I was caught off guard, i wasn't expecting that kind of question I thought it was something school related.
I was then about to respond then I heard one of my course mate answering talking, I knew it wasn't Annabelle she wasn't nosey.

▪︎Course mate: She has so many Sir, there is a line of men waiting for her.

▪︎Mr. Shuster: I will tell you ms. Bomtez, this guy is very capable, good looking and is from a great family too.

▪︎Arabella: Sir, I'm curious, please what's his name (she furrowed her brows).

▪︎Mr. Shuster: Raymond Somali.

▪︎Arabella: (she slumped her shoulders in defeat and heaved her chest heavily. He definitely didn't know she was sensitive too and smart, she knew quite well it was her mom's doing)
My mom sent you, right?

▪︎Mr. Shuster: No way. But, if you don't want to see...

▪︎Arabella: No I'll go see him, he is my friend, he's in Cambridge, MA, USA now, right?

▪︎Mr. Shuster: Yes, I guess, he would give you a call.

▪︎Arabella: I see (bows) Thank you .


They sat facing each other, in a VIP room.

She was well dressed as always, so as Raymond. He wore a brown hand made suit, his hair well done as always, he was hot tonight. But....

He had the best qualifications, calm, quiet, cute, a sweet talker and his family really was impressive too.

I remember when he used these words:
"If women are flowers, then you're the the most beautiful flower I've ever seen".

We were childhood friends, but those words he haven't said them before, when he said that I didn't say a word, but offered a close mouthed smile appearing highly seductive and took my ice cream to my lips, then to my throat, my tummy then became extremely excited.

Looking into his eyes, I remember my thoughts: "A beautiful flower? those words...
It could imprison a person, I can't be imprison by him, he is not the right person, I just knew it.

Those words were funny I didn't want to laugh, he would feel awkward, embarrassed, I didn't want to make him feel that way.

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