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...Regarding her so call uncle's and family members, I will definitely show no mercy towards them.

They didn't show any mercy during her own time, they pushed out to the street as if I wasn't a 'Bomtez' as if I was nothing.

So why would I spare them?

They were really greedy, selfish.

I won't be surprised if they always prayed for our family to be no more.

Of course, they were praying for it, isn't it obvious?

After all the support, love and assistance my parents gave to them back then, all they could repay was doing this?

They weren't satisfied, they obviously wanted to be like my parents, be in their own shoes, leave like them, which was clearly impossible; There is no way a person could leave like his master or is was there any way?

Anyways let them enjoy that life while it last.

'Cause it definitely won't last long, they should definitely know that.

There she promised Leon: she would come back for him, once she has gotten back all she lost in the hands of her "Ex family members".

She was agreeing to Leonel's plan of getting rid of Leon now the Devil's child horn were finally out.

Had been her parents could see what their Arabella has become.
They believed she was fragile and soft, there weren't fully aware of her life in Zoe's.
She appeared like an angel, soft and fragile in the midst of her parents.
But, once she goes outside there, far from them...

Her parents did researchers of how she was coping there at school.
They heard so many good reports: "School's Goddess", "School model", "Best student", "Overall best"...
Then the people he sent gave the report of the rumors they heard: "Some called her a dark angel", "devil's little daughter", "Cute, little monster".
Of course, they didn't believe the rumors.

"Like he said its was a rumor, they are only jealous of her achievements so far and wishing to be like her," this was what they believed and then laughed at the rumor.

That was how Andrea, Arabella's mom was too, back in those days. Arabella looks so much like her so what was if the rumors were true?

At the ocean side she stood still, promising her poor Leon: she promised him she would come back for him definitely after she has gotten all she lost in the hands of her "Ex family members".

And if Leonel won't accept Leon, she would ask for an annulment, for the sake of her son's happiness, she would do that.

She won't lack financially, to take care of her, her child and Annabelle, she would allready have her Dad's and Mom's empire backing her.

She was allready structuring everything and it will definitely go as planned.

As for her Dad's Hospital she would manage it with her Father's best friend, "Dr. or godfather Jason".

His Devil side is finally manifesting,
He had allready seen she was desperate, she really needed this marriage and sensed she was in love with him too, so why would he still pretend he wanted to keep her child with another man?
There was noway a man could accept another man's son, being a stepfather.

He had a plan for her, to portray her before his family that leaves in CityD, as a young miss of the Bomtez's, leaves in the shadows, that nobody knew much about, that had no dark reports.

Of course, he had allready hidden few of her past life, that she tends finish soon...
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