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She knew for for sure her useless uncles won't let Uncle Jason manage the family business, even if they were no good at all they would still hold onto the CEO'S position, how foolish!

They know godfather Jason is one of a kind, but...
They couldn't trust him and give him that position, they knew how close, he was with my dad, they were afraid they could be back bitten.
Yeah! That's the reason.

l know Uncle Jason will be looking everywhere for me, right now.
He will also be looking for ways to take back the family empires from them and give it back.
I know what uncle Jason is capable of doing.

I just stayed in shadows, I had my reason.
I hope he would understand.

Leonel gave me everything, he also insisted I should stop working allready, he provided me a big beautiful appartment for I and Annabelle, he is one of a kind.
He insisted I stayed at home, and i shouldn't work.

When he was in Sancity I stayed at the hotel with him, but when he was out of the country, I returned back to my apartment, he wanted me to stay at the hotel, it was safe I know, it just made me so uncomfortable staying alone at that big place.
I couldn't stay there alone.

He only wanted me to only stay in doors
Was he scared?
Was he jealous?
Was he hiding me from those eyes always on me?

I couldn't just stay indoors, I felt dearly for my boss, I couldn't just leave like that, I didn't know why I felt guilty...

Leonel gave me money, spoilt me with expensive presents, he gave me everything, I looked good again like before, I now suited Leonel Amoli girlfriend.

Since I started dating Leonel, Annabelle haven't set eyes on him talk more his back, she didn't fell the almighty presence I always told her about.
She only witnessed his unique fragrance that hovered around the house, and on me, when we hugged and cuddled anytime he came visiting, I loved his smell.

Annabelle was busy working, she was glued to her boss. I won't deny the fact though he was cute, but calm and always serious.
After all my boss did for me I couldn't just leave like that, it didn't look good. Of course! It wasn't good at all.
I found it really hard to quit, I found my self sometimes going against my boyfriend wishes.
I just wanted to help him for sometime, till he finds another person to replace me.

I sense Leonel was jealous, he was furious.
He just couldn't bear to see those eyes on perfect me.

I allready told him times without number, "Being jealous are only for kids, you are no kid, Leonel. Let them look all they want, I belong to someone now".

▪︎Leonel: "Hey! Watch it, I'm no kid.
I'm just being cautious about what's mine, I'm only protecting what is mine.
I haven't dated anyone before, I'm new here.
If you feel that I'm loving you too much remember, I have lost so many years of loving you before I met you I'm just compensating.

I will laugh out loudly and tell him to relax.
I knew fully well he took this words from love, romantic movies or books.

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