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I can't believe he hasn't dated anyone before, it was kind of hard to believe.
But, looking at his personality,
l believed him when he firs told me "he was, a highly eligible bachelor".

I was the first girl he ever dated?
That is huge!
From the age of one to thirty....

My brother started receiving love letters and poems from seven, eight, nine, ten years.

As for me I started dating from fifteen years old, my first boyfriend was "Narajo" a famous K-pop idol.
He was popular for his stunning looks and talent.
He was a composer, singer and a instrumentalist.
His boys band was really one of a kind, his looks was one of a kind, his blue hair, diamond earrings at his left ear, height, his eyes and he was always calm.

Nobody knew we were dating really, except from his band members.

I hate scandals, there is no way I wanted to be involve in it.

There was no need to create hype too I was allready popular.

Plus, the entrainment industry is a dirty place, that was also one of the reasons we broke up.

He didn't wanted to end things, but I wanted to.

He was really one of a kind.

Even if I dated much, I remained a virgin till I met Luca.

After he left, my clit haven't invited anybody.

I'm I ready for my wedding night?

Since it has been a long time, won't I feel tight?

Thinking about this stuff send shivers to my spine.

My Thin lips, my rosey lips, my sweet lips.
No one tested it except from Narajo, Luca and! Leonel.

I understand Leonel to be green-eyed and I understand his reasons...

He had no friends, family or even any relatives here in Sancity.
Except from his Assistant, Joseph.
Joseph was really talented, smart, he did know how to do his job well (Leonel trained him).

Thinking about Luca sometimes changes my mood, I kinda miss him, but I have Leonel now.

Every free time I get, I called her.
Even though her appartment was high class secured, I couldn't still help but worry about her at times.
Every time i find my self free i find myself missing her like crazy.

She was so beautiful, her thin rosy lips, her long beautiful light brown hair, he puffy cheeks that always flush pink.
Her face,
He curvy body, her full breast and
perfect button.
She was the definition of perfect!

After hearing her story about her parents and brother, his heart ached, there he decided he would protect and continue loving her.

He also kept guards on the shadows for her, he was careful he knew she was way sensitive and smart.
So he did it so well that she couldn't find out.

I haven't seen that her friend Annabelle yet, the fact that he took her in and took care of him all those years till she found a job, that was what made him wanted to see her in person to thank her and bought somany expensive presents for her too.
He was really grateful.

As for Arabella, he gave her the best, like her parents.
He gave her more that what she asked for, he wanted her to be happy, he loved her dearly.
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