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It was allready 6.
I have a date with Leonel today.
I was ready.
I wore a lovely grey dress, it was "YG" designs.
Leonel told me this the only one in the world, how expensive.
I was ready, my make over, purse, my hair on a ponytail.
I was looking way stunning.

I arrived at the hotel he said he arranged we should meet.
This date looks special, he is not going to propose the second time, right?
'Cause he has proposed allready.

The ring was perfect, it was made with real diamonds, every part of it glitters, it was "UBeautiful" jewelry designs the leading jewelry designs in the world, a jewelry cost a fortune, its located is in CityD.

I arrived at the hotel, I parked my car.
It was a date.
I was looking stunning as always,
I could feel the hot gazes on me allready.

I got to the hotel, all eyes on me.
I saw a waitress, she was waiting for me.
She looked at me, she smiled blissfully, she asked if I was Arabella Park, politely.
I answered, she told me to follow her which I did, I walked behind her till we reached a box.
She knocked and opened the door for me and bow and left.

It was a romantic dinner, a candle lit, romantic dinner.

He was allready here waiting for me.

I looked to him, smiling brightly, I loved this date, he was thoughtful.

He was smiling brightly at me.
I know his identity now, he was the king in the business industry.
His almighty presence, he was respected highly, he was unreachable and ruthless and I'm his bottom line.

I looked to his face, his eyes... I haven't seen him on a hand made grey suit before, looking like someone who walked out of a painting. Looking at the grey hand made suit you will know it cost fortunes.

Those pair of eyes, they hade colors of flames, fire, it looked dangerous.

He stood up walking to me, his steps, those straight long legs, tall, broad shouldered.
Those strong arms around me.
He was perfect, really.

Then he moved a chair for me so I could sit, I moved closer and sat, I then remembered how to talk.

▪︎Arabella: Thanks Leonel.

He grinned and went to sit, facing eachother.

▪︎Leonel: Tell me you like it?
▪︎Arabella: No way! (a glint of light passed his eyes, he was disappointed)
I love it. (he smiled wholeheartedly)
Thanks Leonel.
▪︎Leonel: You are welcome, I must say bella.
You look great!
▪︎Arabella: Thanks. You too Leonel, you look good. I haven't seen you on a grey suit before.
▪︎Leonel: Really. Let's order something...

▪︎Leonel:...(both laughing) I heard that in Switzerland.
▪︎Arabella: Really it's hilarious.(brushing back the hair that fell on her shoulder)
▪︎Leonel:Arabella you look good today,(passing the steaks he had cut to her) really!
The makeover suits you, you're a woman now.
▪︎Arabella: Thanks leonel! You look great too.
(let out a calm laugh)
▪︎Leonel:What now? (cutting his steak)
▪︎Arabella: Nothing. It's just that thing you said, the first guy that said that to me, got a slap, you are lucky I love you.
▪︎Leonel: Really. As if you could slap me. That reminds me, bella could you come to my house today.
▪︎Arabella: Why? What for? (on a curious look)
▪︎Leonel:(smirked) I have somany dirty underwear could you come and help me wash them.
▪︎Arabella:(she dropped her fork and knife, he cheeks burning, she looked to him, he was on his food, she couldn't laugh) Leonel you really need to work on your EQ nobody says that out loud.
▪︎Leonel:... So tell me when are you getting rid of that boy? (drinking his red wine, a glint of light passed through her eyes)

She thought in her heart: Looking at you and hearing your logic... Why don't you like him?
What has he really done? You don't want to have a step son, don't you?

She gathered up courage, heaved her chest up and down and aired out her thoughts...

At this time they just finished having their deserts and were having red wine.
She siped her wine, dropped the cup on the crystal like table and looked to him seriously.

▪︎Arabella: Leonel.

◇ Looking into those flames like eyes calmly. He heard his name he held his cup looking at her, on a normal look

Why do you want me to get rid or him?
Why dont you like him? What..?

▪︎Leonel: Arabella stop!

◇His voice was cold, it was deadly, but Arabella remained unfazed, even if this was the first time he spoke to her coldly. She was kind of of use to it she heard how he spoke to his staffs.

▪︎Arabella: Stop? It's not like I'm saying anything wrong. Tell me why..?
▪︎Leonel: It's simple. 'Cause I don't want it.
(he took back his wine and siped it)

▪︎Arabella: (she looked to him in riddle)
Are you jealous?
(he furrowed his brows, looked at her and pointed to his chest, his legs still crossed)
Me? Jealous? Come on bella don't make me laugh.
You said it yourself, didn't you?
It's kids thing to be jealous... and why would I jealous of a kid, a kid I barely know. Listen here bella.
I just want to keep the slate clean, I just want to keep the past far away from you, I don't want my family to suspect a thing and be more curious about your true and deep past... I really want to present you to my family, my mom and most especially my grandma as a daughter of a socialite family, a heiress...

- They are all becoming to make sense now right?
His reasons kind of makes sense don't they?
His reasons were not really stupid after all, that was what Arabella thought.

◇She thought deep into his reasons for doing all this, it made sense, but her son...?
How could she just leave?
Just like that?
What kind of mother would she then become?
What should she do??

...After some minutes, she broke the silence

▪︎Arabella: I'll do it Leonel. I'll get rid of Leon.
▪︎Leonel:(He smirked) Leon? That was his name Leon?
Leonel, Leon. Similar
(he grinned evily, he was cute)
▪︎Arabella:(she sneered) And another thing, I have a condition.
▪︎Leonel: What is it now?
▪︎Arabella:I won't be needing any help from your men. I want to do it on my own. Don't make anyone follow me. Trust me.
▪︎Leonel:(he shrugged hi shoulders) Okay. I trust you.

Leonel's reasons were after all unreasonable, but let's look at it in this light

He simply wanted to avoid gossip, 'cause he has always been a ruthless and unreachable king.
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