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Arabella bomtez a poor widow lives in Sancity with her baby she just had earlier this year. Her husband 'LUCAS' died three years ago while she was still pregnant for her son 'LEON'. Everything about Arabella bomtez redefined perfection, she was also sexually attractive and well-endowed. She was also smart, multitalented, brave and strong. She was well educated(management) in her early twenties, she finished in Zoe's and later joined Harvard with an excellent result she was the daughter and a heiress of a socialite family Sancity. Then she fell in love with a low life and eloped with him because her parents didn't like him and she later found out they were arranging a marriage for her with the son of the Somali family Sancity. Top three richest families in the Sancity. The Bomtez were the wealthiest back then in Sancity. But, then she fell in love with her young handsome driver who was employed for her, he had terminal cancer that he or the girl falling for him didn't know about,he looked healthy and strong so nobody were convinced that he was sick. After Luca died it looked like the whole world was on her shoulders she decided to shamelessly return to her family and didn't know she was pregnant at that time. The next day on her way to the bomtez mansion she saw on the news; that the family together with her younger brother who she loved dearly (she couldn't b...

Romance / Humor
David Afeye Yama
Age Rating:


Ocean waves slap against the the rocky shore.

Arabella admired the the beauty as she looks to the ocean,

at the same time thinking about Mr.leonel proposal(a marriage proposal).

She recalled how she met him.


On that beautiful Wednesday morning, she left leon with her friend step aunt he cried when she was about leaving.

She played with him till he finally let her go.

She was late and she knew it,

she ran as fast as she could to her part-time.

She finally learnt how it was done it was fun.

Leonel in Sancity to oversee his business here he then finally came out of his hotel room to a coffee bay to have coffee or something sour, savor or bitter maybe.

Arabella has been working non stop to please her kind hearted boss after explaining the side of her story.

Her boss fond of little leon, he was cute, playful and adorable, he loved him.

She was so engrossed on the orders and didn't see the hard rock body on the way.

She bumped into him and spilled fruit juice on his white shirt.

Thank God it wasn't hot coffee.

He wanted to be devil he has always been, his guard wasn't here but, he will do this himself.

He saw the long pretty neutrals hair, she smelled great too, she smelled like fresh lavender.

While, she still stood at her position still she knew that this shirt cost a fortune, she has helped her dad arrange his stuffs before, so she could allready tell.

She has seen this quality of shirt before. She didn't know how to act, what to say, what kind of guy will he be?

She haven't even seen his face yet. When she was about to look at his face, he pushed her away looking at his shirt.

This have never happened all his life he was mad.

She stood with her tray looking at his eyes she could see how angry he was, the broken cup on the floor.

She saw his stunning face. She stood rooted in a spot.

The man was wearing a simple white shirt a part now stained with juice, with a few buttons of his shirt open.

He had that appearance that made him stand out in a crowd.
His unfathomable cynical eyes contrasted exceptionally with his well- built face, he was very cute, stunning, handsome!!!!

His eyes were deep and expressive covered with a transparent glass which made him looks more erotic, he had those eyes which someone could get lost in if they stared for too long.
Only his icy gaze could send shivers to you spine, he looked like a devil, a handsome devil!!

"I'm sorry", a mellow voice said in front of leonel, cleaning the the shirt knowing fully well it won't clean she just wanted to do something that will make her stop looking at his face like an idiot.

"He also looked familiar in a way have she maybe met him before?", she asked herself.

Raising his head, he sucked in a deep breath as he stared at the woman in front of him he was lost he looked at her face as she cleaned his shirt, her boss went on taking the orders leaving the the love birds to themselves.

"I'm sorry"a sweet mellow voice said in front of leonel again.

He still stared at the woman In front of him still, everything about her redefined perfection.
She was more than beautiful, she was a ten, bonny, erotic...
She also has a full chest and perfect buttoms, he guled at the sight, she was too erotic and stunning.

She wasn't wearing a sexy or short dress at all, like she alway wore before; She was wearing the exact opposite, he never knew a dress like this could make a woman this beautiful and sexy.

Arabella felt self-conscious again as he stared at her without blinking an eye in his transparent glasses.

She raised her eye brows as she looked at him, he didn't responded to her sorry words and he was no longer angry she couldn't dectate the feeling in his eyes now it had so complex expressions now.
She couldn't look at the eyes for too long and closely... his aura...this guy who was he really? She asked herself

He was so handsome really.

He had this appearance and his commanding presence made it very difficult for her to just ignore him. I couldn't look to his eyes for so long...

"Beautiful" he whispered to himself looking amazed still as if she wasn't human, he himself couldn't believe he just said that.

He didn't believe in love at first sight.

But for the first time he felt a woman attractive.

Can that be that his hormones are acting up, he couldn't pick point really what was happening to him allready his chest...

It seems there was now a little crack in the rocky heart.

She might be a witch casting a spell on him.

He shook his head to snap out of it he just couldn't snap out of it, it was weird.

"Pardon?" Arabella asked confusingly about the 'beautiful' he said earlier.

"Why was this man behaving this way he was behaving strange?" she thought.

Realizing that his actions were weird, even to himself, Leonel awkwardly laughed, he was the one stained and he was the one laughing this new he was so stupid.

If it was an ordinary girl, she would have been on her kneel crying begging by now.

"I was asking if you were okay?," he asked.

"I'm so sorry you are the one stained", she replied.

"Even so you were the one bumped into", he said and flashed her a smile.

Her heart melted, those smiles, those set of teeth...

He couldn't believe he just smiled an aloof business man, King of the business world just smiled? He was also mesmerised by those tiny pink thing on her cheeks... she was too beautiful, what or who is this girl really, there is no way a socialite daughter will be around this kind of place.
Who was she really? She looked like a girl in the upper class and she kinda look familiar too hmmmm...
She was really a witch, a beautiful witch now my heart is racing , he thought.

"Omo! What do I do now um...uh...?"

A befuddled look adjacent on her face.

"Don't worry my hotel is just there across the street", he said to her with a smile on his face.

"Oh thank God! Why dont you go get changed and come back I'm really sorry", she said.

"Its okay and when I come back you will attend to me I will use a VIP room",he said to her strolling away.

"What?"she asked.
He stopped on his track and turned back to her, saying;

"I'll be back jus get the place ready" he said to her leaving the coffee bay excited all of a sudden this was a new feeling he had never experienced about anyone in decades till he came of age, this girl... he has never talked much all his life, he was a man of little words.

Now he decided to have that woman.
It was also a good thing his assistant didn't join him to the coffee bay this time.
He will look like a 'normal man' today

Is that even possible, won't he be recognized?
Will those transparent glasses disguise really work out?


AUTHOR THOUGHTS: Arabella or the rest of the people in that shop, didn't have the slightest idea of the person that was in the mist of them there in the coffee shop.

It was the King in the Business world, that mere hearing of his name, people trembled.

You dont want to offend him, you will surely know what could happen next.

He could stop your business functioning without lifting a finger.
Words alone could bring you to grass, his assistant was way efficent, he was the big boss of the business world.

He was a really ruthless businessman that cared about nothing than money and his mother's happiness.

Was the disguise he used really working? Maybe.
Had been they looked closely at the man, they would have definitely noticed who he was.

His looks, appearance, presence and status can't really be hidden, unless you are blind.
Were they blind or busy?

Plus, his Assistant wasn't with him at that time so that was why they didn't look closely still, had been they saw his assistant still, the would have looked at the man.

Apart from being a multibillionaire businessman, he was also a king in the business world, the big boss.

"Amoli: name is respected allover the world: the family were wealthy and Leonel was...
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