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He came right back after changing into another shirt.

Some buttons opened still.

She knew quite well he just entered, she tried so hard to ignore him.

His presence was really strong.

Nobody noticed him yet.

She concentrated on her job taking orders and delivering with the bright smile plastered on her lips.

At the entrance he stood still, looking at the beautiful lady he met few minutes ago.

She was in her little world as she concentrated on her customers with those smiles that could kill a person automatically.

Then he noticed so many customers weren't there to only buy.
But, to also admire the master piece too, looking at those bright smile on her face as she held on to a tray serving her customers that tray was sure lucky.

He came out of his daze, he noticed he had been at the entrance for a long time now he looked around if anybody noticed.

They were all staring at the beautiful waitress and some were browsing on their phones.

While, some were discussing on serious topics, you could see it in their eyes.

Woah! Thank goodness non of his employees and staffs were here to see this it would have turned out to be the reigning gossip: their aloof Almighty CEO was staring at the beautiful waitress in the coffee shop.
The king in the business world...!

Of course they won't dare say it out, outside the office.
Dare say their thoughts out to even a friend.
It could reach the media.
They signed confidentiality agreement. So, They can't share any news concerning the office outside the world. They won't dear breach their contract, the compensation is high(1 million) no one has that kind of money to just throw away. They say, "money solves all problems", everybody do have problems to solve with money or do you think we dont ?

They thought he liked men because he never showed any emotion to his pretty female employees/staffs he treated them like men no matter how attractive they looked he didn't care that was what started the rumors he was always seen with his assistant and bodyguards.

Then they believed the assistant will definitely be the one he will be seeing considering how close they were or if it wasn't him it would definitely be an outsider they didn't know who yet.
But they just predicted in their hearts and said within themselves.

He was every girl dream guy even if he was aloof and liked men more he will definitely look so stunning and sexy in bed.

Plus, he's rich, very attractive and powerful too.

They had nothing to loose and who doesn't want to be the first lady in the business world?

The aloof businessman and well known as the devil who only cared about money and his mother's happiness.

Then what was he doing here standing like a complete loser?

Was the devil finally in love?

He didn't believe he would find love and definitely not like this way.

He didn't believe in love at first sight, he really didn't believe in love. His father left his mother and him for his other family when he was eight, if he really loved her like he always said he did he wouldn't have left that way without turning back.

He remembered all his mother had to pass through in the high society they lived in, he wasn't this powerful then.

All the gossips she tried so hard to get rid of.

They didn't suffer financially his mother was a the CEO of the multibillion jewelry company.

Then if he didn't believe in love, what was he doing here standing like a complete idiot?

Now what was this thing he was feeling? Why was his heart racing all of a sudden? Was he really in love?
He steeped out to think.
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