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Outside he stood, hands on his hips as the cool wind blew and kissed his skin.
He sigh. What a relief.

What was really happening to him all of a sudden??

Why the sudden change? He thought.

He knew quite well he was referred as a devil in skin.

"Hey Leonel Amoli man up okay? Damn it! Who the hell was that girl?(he exhale) let's do this for mama okay?(he inhale and exhale again)

Don't we want to make her happy? (he continued)

Let's do this and make her happy and there is no way I'm letting this girl slip from my palms.

Looking at all those eyes on her she's definitely not safe."

Looking back inside the coffee shop and back to the sky he could see the top of his grand hotel, he smirked and turned around to go back inside.

Just as he was about open the door of the coffee shop, believing his head was all cleared up.

He heard his phone ring in his left side pocket, he brought it out looking at the caller's ID, he groaned in annoyance.

He knew quite well his mother would complain to him about not bringing a wife or even a girlfriend home yet, to the Amoli mansion.
The elders were pressuring him allready but, he didn't seem to care at all.

Running a frustrated hand in his hair he smirked and ended the call he was too lazy to talk to her now, he put the phone back inside his left pocket he was too lazy to talk to anybody too.

He has never done this to his mom before, at this moment he was on a mission he smirked and went in.

This feelings...was this his hormones acting up or...Then

He thought once he sees other girls, his hormones would kick in.

But no, no girl has excited him like that buff color hair girl, with the lucky tray smiling brightly and blissfully to her customers, as if she had no problem.

"What be this kind of girl's back pain?"

"Can I solve it?" He smirked asking himself, the thought of "money could solve anything" popped into his head, he smirked.

Walking calmly to her, with majestic steps he took towards her.

Now he was bent to talk to her and have her through the VIP room he had requested for earlier, He smirked still.

His thoughts; he will put away his devilish and aloof self away for now.

This girl is definitely going to make an impact and change him.

Now the witch spell she casted on the devil were finally manifesting.

She tried so hard to ignore him, but she couldn't.
But, she was doing great earlier.

It was like there was something within her that wanted her to turn around and looked to his direction.
who was the guy really? With this commanding and strong aura?
Or was her body also interested? They wanted to see the walking god too!

She wanted to be the hard to get person like she has always been.

But, with this guy it was looking so impossible. Was he a wizard? oh! yes he was.

Not knowing he was a devil in human skin, she was allready close to who he was allready.

She wasn't aware he was the king in the business world, his presence alone could tell but because she wasn't fully concentrating so she couldn't tell or see it either.

After the serious battle with her mind and her body.
The body won.

She turned to where he stood looking at him she was amazed still looking at where he stood, she couldn't help it,

She raised her lips in a sly smile when she turned and him staring at her with a smirk on his lips. She looked to the tall figure heading her way.

She looked to the fitted white shirt, with the masculine body underneath it, the few buttons opened still, you could also see the shirt front pocket peering out as if the would tear any moment from now.

He had that perfect body, had been I could see it!

She looked to his legs, it was perfect, straight, his steps... his presence alone was strong.

She looked to his face again, the handsome man was staring at me, he had beautiful features, brown eyes, ink black hair and stubble and sharp jawline.

He had a cold aura, why? I looked to his eyes there was definitely no way I could read them they were dark and quiet, it was also like a diamond, a dazzling diamond. He was a handsome devil.

She didn't really realized the smirk but found his lips too sexy. She was too engrossed on his looks and saw the smirk like a cute smile little did she know he was a devil with his thoughts.
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