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After she gave the killer sly smile which made her appeared highly seductive.
He moved from a smirk and offered her a highly seductive closed-mouthed smile, stunned this girl was toooooo bonny.

This was unbelievable a devil, a king smiled that it appeared highly seductive
woah! Had been his employees/staffs and friends were here to see these things he just did they would have been shocked to their bones. They will gape wide eye, mouth and nose opened.

Their devilish, aloof friend and the powerful big boss smiled not smirked to a beautiful coffee shop waitress he had a very difficult personality which they knew.

But, he was the best candidate for her so far.

Leonel noticed he just smiled, he knew right there
he had sold his heart to the devil, the higher devil, but oh my! He definitely got nothing to lose.
He had no regrets looking at the young lady almond eyes in front of him that showed all her expression he smirked within him he knew he could conquer.

Could he? Was she that easy?

Arabella looked at the man she just spilled juice on some minutes ago and smirked within herself too.

She saw the desire to conquer in his eyes and she felt good about it.

For the first time in her life, who was this guy really? What was yanking her to him really?
Behind those glasses lay a beautiful face, she blushed, maybe that was what.

She was smart so she could tell it was disguise, but she didn't know the guy behind the disguise yet.
She could also tell he was from the a socialite family, how organized and erotic and well kept he looked.
Hmmmm....and his smell...he smell fresh mint.

Even though she had gotten tons of proposal from men back then when she was still a bomtez...

Before all this, back then after being humiliated by her so call 'Ex' uncle's and family members.

She changed her name to "Arabella park" she knew it was an embarrassment to still go by the name "Bomtez."

She knew the world was allready aware of the plane crash of the Bomtez's they also believed even the heiress of the Bomtez died in that plane crash.

So it will definitely be a shame that heiress was still alive, breathing, strong and healthy dwelling in the slums doing nothing.

She felt ashamed.

They won't understand she was waiting for the right time to strike.

It was better of this way still, they believed she was dead she didn't go to the funeral of her parents and brother she just stayed home all day at Annabelle's with a black dress hugging the family picture crying her eyes out she blamed herself. Maybe they believed she committed suicide 'cause she was devastated, depressed by the news and couldn't stay without her family, who do they think she was? She wasn't that weak!

Arabella don't cry, she believes it hurts her pride when she do so.
Only weak girls cry, her mom taught her.
She was definitely not weak, but it was too hard to bear it in back then her family was her sky and land.

It will definitely look like a movie when she arrives back alive healthy, strong and doing so well.

So now going by the name of her favorite Korea actor was way fun.

There'll definitely be a time again when she will go back fangirling like she use to.
The world now is harsh she would have to wait for the right time she was a single mother she has obligations...

Now was not the best time.

Looking at those eyes which were quite familiar with those expression she felt good about it and smirked she knew he only wanted her...

It was like as if he had finally seen the thing he was looking for and now he wanted it with all his might of course, she was the thing he was looking for.
She didn't know his own part of his story anyways. She dont care, she wants him too...

She watched with amusement as he approached her it was as if time stopped ah! That smell she smelled him when he finally came closer.

Thank God she was done with the customers orders allready.
Was she really done?

Now they were now busy drinking, eating, browsing on their phones,talking, the guys head bent to their table talking about her smile....

▪︎Arabella: Ah you are here.

(with the bright smile on her lips still)

Welcome again sir. Please follow me (leading the way, he followed he flushed his hand inside his trousers pocket).

Sir you do know the price, right?
(admiring her back smiling, she has a perfect bottom too, the sight of this girl almost makes his little brother erect, something that has never happened all his life since he came of age wow this girl... can he woo her successfully with this kind of personality?

Then he heard the question he looked up to her hair he liked the color of her hair, everything about her was just so perfect).

◇She asked this question because of the other guy that came the here the other day. He acted rich I almost fell for it.
He came with a really classy car which he wasn't his he might have borrowed it from a friend or someone.
He was kinda cute too but definitely not my type and he was foolish too.

Once he heard the price of the vip room he coughed at first and excused himself with a fake emergency call and never came back she knew it was fake she did it most times before to escape from some reporters, paparazzi and some fake friends and suitors too and she sees movies alot so she knew.

Too bad, he just wanted a private place to flirt with her and to ask her out tsk...tsk...too bad.

▪︎Leonel: Yes I saw it. why?

(his hand at his back looking at her long beautiful biscuit hair, she was neat and well kept and smelled really nice too).

▪︎Arabella:Ah its nothing Sir.

of course she knew he was rich those clothes, the way he smelled, appeared his presence... and moreover, he didn't excuse himself or stager once he saw the price.

She got to the VIP room. She opened the door and moved aside for him to walk in that was how she was treated back then too. Was opened door for, always guarded, little did she know she would turn out like this.
He entered looked around "not bad" then sat at the executive chair that was there and crossed his legs and arms looking at her attentively, he was gentle, only to her.

She felt slightly infuriated by this,
smiling still as she shut the door and asked him.

▪︎Arabella: Please what will you like to have Sir?

▪︎Leonel:(getting rid of him aloof and devilish self he answered her question with a normal facial expression)

Coffee. Coffee will do.
▪︎Arabella: Okay. right away, Sir. (she bows and left).

At the hallway mumbling to herself: "Wa! Who does he think he is? He requested for a vip room to only have coffee Wa! He is really something and his cute too. And why does he looks familiar. (She smiled going to get his coffee).

Few seconds later.

▪︎Arabella:(arrived with a tray, a sauce and the cup of coffee that stood on the tray, she served him and bow)

Sir? Will you need anything else?

▪︎Leonel:(siped his coffee) For now no.

▪︎Arabella: Okay then, please excuse me.

(bowed her head wanting to leave, his voice... she wanted to go out and melt)

▪︎Leonel: Bad service(he muttered and dropped the coffee cup on the sauce that was on the executive table in front of him and looked up to her, she heard something and turned around).

▪︎Arabella: Pardon?(her cheeks fluttering pink)
▪︎Leonel: It's nothing.

(looking into her eyes as he smiled).
▪︎Arabella: And stop looking looking at me like that wieirdo.
▪︎Leonel: "Wirdo"? Wow!

◇This was the first time, he was always referred as a devil, a powerful king.
It was also nice that the person he had fallen allready for doesn't think of him as a devil. let's act cute leonel let this slide and to think of it thos girl was sure brave, she was definitely a socialites daughter, but what was she doing her at this kind of place? Did she by chance run away from home? He won't ask or pry at others business"he thought".

▪︎Leonel: You can't blame me, right? It's not everyday I meet such a charming lady like you, love.

A smug smile spilled out from his lips as he winked at her, he was impressed he doing great, he took his coffee and sipped it.
She watched in amusement, she was stunned, those smile his dimples, she just noticed it now she loved guys with it, her brother had it too, he's was way deeper.
Her heart was melting.
She didn't expect this from him definitely not from him. She was shocked to her marrow was he flirting with her now? "she thought".

▪︎Arabella: (she rolled her eyes at him, ignoring his cheeky reply, masked the emotion) If you are done with your speech wieirdo will you please excuse me?

It was too much for her allready she wanted to go out and melt he was adorable, "she thought".

▪︎Leonel:WIEIRDO? (scoffs) This the second time I will just let it slide "I'm that nice" (he smiled) wow ah! ah! you dont go anywhere. You stay there.

He smirked and took his cup up to his lips and sipped his coffee from it, concealing his smirk.
She clenched her fingers inside her palms making it white he saw this and smirked and sipped his coffee still.
She bit her down lips so had that it almost bleed and glared at him.
If looks could kill Arabella would have definitely been a murderer by now, the multibillion companies he had would have stopped functioning allready because he would have been dead by now, there was no better leader than him.

She didn't know who he was, but she knew he was affluent, she didn't know he was a young multibillionaire, the king in the business world she has been hearing about.
She didn't know he was the CEO of the hotel she admired everyday before coming to work, she didn't know he was the key to her success, she didn't know all these things yet.

Arabella park didn't know much about him yet but, she was allready falling for him bit by bit allready.
He was really making a difference because of this girl woah!! Will they be a success...? Let's read to find

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