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He caught her as she glared at him, he smirked and said:

▪︎LEONEL: Woah scary

(he smirked he was enjoying him self allready teasing her) come here sit

◇She can't loose this customer she came closer and sat opposite him, facing him. He dropped his cup on the sauce that was on the table. And there is no way she would miss the opportunity to spend more time with this cutie, who knows today might be the last day they see each other.

▪︎Leonel: You are really obedient woah I like that.

◇He smiled, while she just started at him a little infuriated, she was quiet aware he was just teasing.

▪︎Arabella: Of course I'm.
▪︎Leonel: I see (nodding his head slowly). Do you have any desert?
▪︎Arabella: Yes we do cakes, icecream...

▪︎Leonel:(he creased his face in disgust) Yuk no! I dont like sweets. Something sour? savory? or bitter?
(shrugged his lips and shoulder taking his coffee and dropping it back in the sauce)
(a glint of light passed through her eyes as she remembered her father and brother they also liked this kind of things too).

▪︎Arabella:No sir we dont have those, sorry.(masking those sad feelings)

▪︎Leonel:(looked up to her and dropped his phone aside) so let's chat

(fold his hands across his chest, relaxing in the executive sofa looking to her).

▪︎Arabella:Chat...?(pointing to her nose in disbelief)
▪︎Leonel:Yeah. Do you leave around here? What's your name?
▪︎Arabella: No not really...

(after talking on so many things under the sun. Arabella forgot she was a waitress at that time having fun).

And again sorry about earlier, I didn't mean it. If you want I could wash it for you.

▪︎Leonel: You?(pointing to her with her chin,
he sat up raised his cup and smirked and sipped his coffee)
wash it for me hmm I stay at a hotel you know that, right?
▪︎Arabella: No. why? (creased her brows, she then sensed he wanted to tease again, she rolled her eyes at him).
▪︎Leonel: I stay at a hotel, if you like you can come and maybe you could later wash me up too because that juice stained my skin. Do you know that?

Of course you don't know that, and after washing all that you must later be tired then I'll wash you up too and have a good night sleep on my bed with walls around us and the duvet on us, the dim lights, who knows what might happen?

(He sipped his coffee with a smirk still, she froze her almond eyes wide open, woah! that was way too much for her, really never judge a book by it's cover, of course she wanted to laugh but, she couldn't, her face flushed red, he was too shameless, she never imagined she would meet anybody this shameless other than, Gryffindor or the rest of her 'older brothers').

▪︎Arabella: Woah! You are really something else Mr. leonel.
▪︎Leonel:I can wash yours for you if you also want me to.
I watched my nani's do the laundry so I can help you too.
▪︎Arabella: Wow! Hey!

◇it was too much for her allready, She knew how to suppress her laugh so it was nothing to her it was just remaining those tiny ting on her cheeks.
▪︎Arabella:watch it!
▪︎Leonel: Watch what it's not like it's a movie, what? Do you want to swear at me come on try it.

(he took his coffee up again and sipped it, smiling, he enjoyed seeing her this way, face flushed and all)

▪︎Arabella: Wa!(he left her miserable,she bit her lower lip, suppressing her emotions).

▪︎Leonel:(He just enjoyed teasing her it was fun,he sat comfortable his legs still crossed, he enjoyed seeing those looks on her face) so, what are you?
▪︎Arabella:What...? (creased her brows)
▪︎Leonel:I meant, how are you?
▪︎Arabella:l know(chuckled)

(Then she couldn't hold It any longer
laughing out loud she couldn't just hold in this one, he was about to sip his coffee but he heard her laugh and he stopped looking at her face it was as if time stopped as he stared at her he couldn't just remove his face, her face turned red it was as if she was laughing all the one for before and the one now, she was more stunning when she laughs, then the music slowly stopped, he cleaed his throat and masked the abrupt look on his face). What?
▪︎Leonel:Hey! I meant what I just said. That's what they say in Australia.
▪︎Arabella:(giggled)You liar, I've been to Australia before and I didn't hear that word from anybody. Nobody!
▪︎Leonel:(cleared his throat) Wow you have been there? Did you walk around?
▪︎Leonel:To the slums?
▪︎Arabella: No!
▪︎Arabella:I don't still believe you there is no way you went to the slums.
▪︎Leonel:(cleared his throat again)What? I did. So what are you?(she started laughing again)
▪︎Arabella:There is no way I'm going to believe that(laughing still) I'm not stupid to answer that.
▪︎Leonel: your lost "How is she this quick-witted, wait a minute she said she has been to... I knew it! I knew this girl wasn't an regular or ordinary girl, and she said she didn't go to the slums point two, woah who is this girl",he thought.
▪︎Arabella: Just stop I know you are just making that up, hey?

°She was really having fun with this person allready, he was definitely different from others he had the high IQ and for his EQ she haven't really found it out yet, oh no! he was shameless and thick-skinned, he has a low EQ.
He didn't say he like her but only flattered her, calling her pretty he was totally different from others.
She believed he was funny and fun to be with not knowing who he really was aloof and a devil like in skin, how lucky she was really chatting with the Powerful Leonel Amoli, who the others out there are even dying to see even his staffs don't see him often he had his own private elevator to the office. This girl was sure lucky.

▪︎Leonel: Yeah, yeah. You got me there, I never accept defeat, but I'll just let you have it.
▪︎Arabella:(chuckled) See? l told you. I'm not stupid (she gave the killer smile).
▪︎Leonel:(he froze, those smiles... this girl...) I was about to ask what were you doing here in a coffee shop with. Then as I was about to ask you my intellect answered the question. It was kind of a silly question of course you are here to earn money.
▪︎Arabella: Oh really your brain answers questions for you now, huh ? Woah! (smiling brightly)
▪︎Leonel:(chuckled)What do you mean?

◇He didn't believe he chuckled himself wow this young woman is definitely going to transform him totally into someone else.

▪︎Arabella: Wait! You mean your brain talk? wow! I suspected it for a long time.
▪︎Leonel:What? (raised his brows)
▪︎Arabella:That you are not human (he chuckled again)
°Leonel: silly. (feigning ignorance)
"She stared at him. He chuckled for the second time, he was very attractive, then how will he look like when he laughs then", she thought.
▪︎Leonel:What are you looking at? Do you want it? I'm I that attractive? You like me allready? (scoofs)
▪︎Arabella: yah!

(stood up glaring at him. Looking at her eyes you could see all the expression in her : embarrassment, amusement...).

▪︎Leonel:(he smirked and looked to her holding his sauce and cup) you are speechless, that means you really like me. I'm I that irresistible?
▪︎Arabella: Of course you are irresistible, you got nothing on me.
▪︎Leonel:Don't worry that didn't hurt(shrugs his shoulders and dropped his cup and sauce) 'cause I definitely know what what you girls think of me.
▪︎Arabella:Wow look at the pride, and of course I know the effect I have on you guys I'm irresistible, I know it. "this guy he is also annoying and proud really but he is cute still",she thought.

YAH (Korea) meaning HEY!
Wa(Korea) meaning Wow!

AUTHOR THOUGHTS: Arabella park didn't know much about him yet but, she's allready falling for him bit by bit, he was really making a difference because of this girl woah!! Will they be a success...? Let's read to find

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